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February 22, 2007, 05:56 PM
Author's Note:w00t finally my turn!
No those aren't porno magz in his cabinet
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"Sheesh," Zeran muttered. "That bastard Lione, I definetly can't forgive him for making me run like that. I should kill him"
An image of Shia flashes into Zeran's head. "You can't do that you know," The image of Shia scolded him.
"yeah, Yeah, I know," Zeran sighed.
"Talking to yourself so early in the morning?" a girl walked up behind him.
"It's you!" Zeran exclaimed. "The Healer called.... Ying right?"
"I see you remembered me," Ying's facial expression never wavered.
"What are you doing sneaking behind people's backs?" Zeran interrogated her.
"I went to fetch some medical supplies for the patient," she replied in a monotone.
"Knock yourself out," Zeran stepped aside to let her through but all she did was stare at him. "Aren't you going?"
"Yes," with one last stare the healer kept walking towards the infirmary.

Zeran walked into his room and opened his sacred cabinet. He took out a small container and put it into his pocket and made his way into the infirmary.

*4 years ago*
"Ouch," Zeran wined as he tripped against a sharp rock and scrapped his leg.
"Zeran-kun, you're tripping again?" Shia looked at him with those kind round eyes. "Are you okay?"
"SHUT UP! I didn't ask for your evaluation about my physical conditions!" Zeran yelled sharply and then winced as the pain got to him. The wound was slowly bleeding.
Shia took out a smalll container and opened it. She took some foul smelling cream and dabbed it against Zeran's wound.
"HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????" Zeran yelled.
Shia smiled brightly. "This cream was made my by grandmother, she's dead now but it still works. It heals any flesh wound withing 3 minutes!"
"Hey..." Zeran felt his leg. "You're right, the bleeding has stopped."
"I told you so" Shia smiled brightly. "I can teach you how to make it too! So you can have some handy the next time you trip."
"Oh... thanks..." Zeran said slowly.
Maybe this girl... Am I mistaken? This is the first time I felt like I wanted to be wit someone. Can I stand losing her? It doesn't matter now. ALL I want is ot stay by her side forever.

*the present*
*knock knock* Zeran knocked on the door.
"Come in," Stephanie's voice shouted.
Zeran went in, and was greeted by a pillow to the face.
"So it's you huh? What did you come to do now??? After dying my hair green and drugging me WHAT THE HELL DID A BASTARD LIKE YOU COME HERE FOR???" Stephanie yelled.
"Miss exorcist please calm down!!!!!" a nearby helaer grabbed her from mauling Zeran. Ying simply watched half with curiosity half with amusement.
"I WANT TO KILL THIS BASTARD!!!!!" Stephanie yelled.
"Here," Zeran handed her a container. "This is for whatever wounds you have left. It heals it in less than 3 minutes. Even though it is a bit foul smelling, I can gurantee it works."
"Oh," Stephanie stopped in amazement. "Thank... you?"
"I had nothing to do with whatever you said earlier by the way," Zeran said before leaving. "Just thought you should know."

Zeran had an urge to kill Tabitha too, but he restrained it for the moment.
Today is the day I have to be nice no matter what
He walked passed the research lab and his eyes widened in shock when he saw who was inside. It can't be... Shia????
HE knocked on the door, just to make sure. "Who are you?" he asked to the girl who looked almost like a grown up Shia.
"My name is Shima! Nice to meet you!" Shima smiled the same way Shia did.
"Do you know about a girl named Shia?" Zeran struggled to ask.
"Ah, you mena my little sister?" Shima said in amazement. "She's in Japan at the moment. How do you know of her?"
"You... haven't heard any news about her at all?" Zeran whispered.
"Well. I left the poor girl with our grandmother. I wanted to study science, and I wound up here. What do you know about Shia?" she asked questiongly.
Zeran looked away and started to leave. "I see."
"Hey wait come back! Tell me about my sister!" Shima gabbed Zeran's shoulder.
"Jigoku... Makai no En..." Zeran whispered. A wall of flame seperared Shima and Zeran.
"Your sister... was the best friend I ever had... She was always kind... Hoping that her kindness would bring her older sister back to her...." Zeran said slowly. "If you want to know more ask Lione... or maybe the bookman knows something about me as well..."
Zeran left quickly and the flames eventually died away.

"LIONE!!!!" Shima stormed across to the leader's room. "What relationship does that exorcist with a bad attitude have with my sister????"
"Your sister?" Lione looked up from his conversation with Legno. "Who is that?"
"My sister SHIA!" Shima yelled.
Lione's eyes widened. "With Zeran...? Ah I see... So you're..."
"What... happened?" Shima asked slowly.
Lione quickly explained the situation. "I didn't even know about this until 2 years ago on this exact date. Zeran was acting oddly nice. And he left HQ to do something. This was in Europe by the way. I followed him and he was talking to a picture of someone. When I asked him what he was doing. He said he was saying a few greetings ot his friend. 'It's her birthday' he said to me. 'And the day she died.'"
Shima stood in shock. "Zeran... I can't forgive a guy like him... My sister... is dead... I'LL NEVER FORGIVE HIM!!!!!" Shima ran off to find Zeran. Lione scracthed his head. "Ah I'm sorry Legno, can we continue later?"
Legno shrugged, "I think it'd be best to discuss when this exorcist named Flames returns. We need the whole team to hear it anways."

Rinvak took a stroll outside and sighed. Damn that Lione... making us run... She looked up and noticed Zeran sitting nearby a tree. What's that guy up to now?
".... I know! It's so weird!!!! I don't get those guys at all!" Zeran said in exasperation. "But you know what? I think they make good companions."
Who's he talking to? Rinvak thought quietly.
"I know I said this every year since that day 3 years ago," Zeran smiled sadly to something at the foot of the tree. "But I'm sorry. It's my fault you died. I know it. I've always known it. There's no redemption for something like this. Forgive me Shia..." Zeran smiled and a tear fell from his eyes.
Rinvak watched in horror. WHO IS THIS GUY??? IS IT A NOAH IN DISGUISE??? *recieves mental image of daily Zeran and compares it with the current Zeran* NO MATTER HOW YOU LOOK AT IT... THEY'RE DIFFERENT PEOPLE!!!!
"I'm crying less and less each year," Zeran sighed. "Soon I won't eb able to cry at all."
"Now you understand, don't you, Shima?" Lione's voice came from behind Rinvak.
Rinvak turned and saw a strange woman who wore a lab coat with Lione. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she yelled out in surprise. "When did you guys get behind me??????"
Zeran got up and looked at Shima. "You can hate me all you want. But, my greatest regret was not being able to grant Shia's most valuable wish. To see her dearest older sister again. You've forgotten her birthday, and didn't even know she died. You've left her alone for more than 5 years... Before you hate me, think about it... Do you have a right to hate me after you urself left your own sister for dead?"
Shima backed away and tears formed in her eyes. "I know... It's my fault too... I hate myself for it... I hate you and I hate myself... When will it stop???" SHima kneeled down and cried.
"Let's go back inside okay Rinvak?" Lione said quietly. "You guys get a break tomorrow. Excpet Tabitha. If I spoil her too much she'll become fat and useless." The two quickly retreated back inside HQ.
"What Shia wants right now, more than anything is for her sister to be happy," Zeran said quietly. "So be happy for her sake."
"How can I?"
"You can start by remembering what she would want for you."
"She would... want me to live on as best as I could."
"I'll protect that wish, and in doing so protect you with everything I have," Zeran said. "Say your condolences and then come back. I'll be going on ahead."
Shima looked at the picture of her dead sister lying at the foot of the tree. It was covered by some flowers which Zeran had brought earlier.
"Thank you Shia, for believing in a wretched sister like me. And... Happy Birthday...." Shima wiped her tears away and went back to the Science Department.

"The next bookman on the list is here right?" Jacques pointed at NA HQ.
"Yes I believe he is." Magier grinned sadistically.
"Hm?" Jacques noticed the picture of Shia next to the tree. "What an ugly human girl."
"I think she's quite pretty," Magier objected.
"Che, you have bad tastes," Jacques crushed the picture in his hands.
"I could've saved that you know," Magier complained.
"Shut it..." Jacques said. "We have a job to do." He quickly did the cross sign from his forehead to chest and across his chest. "Forgive us God for we are about to kill more of your children." Jacques and Magier grinned sadistically. "Here we come..."

SPECIAL EDITION: Shia's corner!!! Hi everyone my name is Shia! ^_- I did a dumb thing and got myself kllled... My sister and Zeran-kun are suffering a lot because of me aren't they??? I know it's all my fault *cries in a cute way (not on purpose)* *wipes tears* anyways in Shia's corner. We learn about my medicine which smells bad and can cure any flesh injury within 3 minutes! Zeran gave some to Stephanie but what Zeran didn't know was that after applying it your skin will turn blue for a few hours. When I used it on Zeran he was wearing long pants and he never noticed. However........

"ZERAN!!!!!!!! I'M GOING TO KILLLLLLLL YOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Stephaine's yell echoed throughout the entire HQ.
Zeran: oops.... -_-;;;

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OH if ppl don't like encounters then, you can say something like Legno runs off to get their attention but it's actually a robotic copy or soemthing and when the Noahs catch up with it they're alreayd on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

My favorite part is the Shia's corner part

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OH if ppl don't like encounters then, you can say something like Legno runs off to get their attention but it's actually a robotic copy or soemthing and when the Noahs catch up with it they're alreayd on the other side of the atlantic ocean.

Or maybe Flame returns back on time and activates the protection artifact in time before they arrive? Or maybe it'll be a short battle? There's a lot of ways to handle the situation.

My favorite part is the Shia's corner part

That was cute though turning my skin blue wouldn't help improve our characters' relationship :xp

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Or maybe Flame returns back on time and activates the protection artifact in time before they arrive? Or maybe it'll be a short battle? There's a lot of ways to handle the situation.

You are my muse snoog thanks for the idea !

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For those of you interested here's a list of thingsin Zeran's cabinet: (Like I said b4 porn magz aren't one of them)

A few tiny vials of akuma blood
A lot of containers with medicine which turns ur skin blue
A picture of his parents
A picture of Kanda with drawings all over it (Zeran isn't as mature as u think he is)
There used to be a picture of Shia(which he put at the foot of the tree)
And there's a hidden picture of.................................. Rinali
A sword sharpening stone
Weights(attachable) (these r the light ones the heavy ones he always wear at all times)
And.... a picture of Lione, Tabitha, Rinvak and Stephanie. For what purpose? So he can put one of these on his punching bag when he trains. He uses Tabitha and Lione most often tho XP

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And there's a hidden picture of.................................. Rinali

~~and we have something to blackmail zeran about now :D

*notes a dart-board for zeran's birthday present :)*

the vials of akuma blood are interesting....

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There isn't a guy from the ages of 25 and below who ISN'T in love with Rinali (aside from Kanda and Crowley since Kanda hates everyone and Crowley already likes someone) XPXPXPXPXPXPXPXPXP
And u can't blackmail him since I secretly released this information and none of the characters actually know about ANY of this.

Oh and the Akuma blood has a HUGE secret