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February 27, 2007, 10:46 AM
- HQ, in the garden against a tree -
"Whooottt, I must have fallen asleep for several hours. I wonder about what Lione wanted to talk me. Better to go to him... But first Let us tease some excorsist girlies..." was the idea where legno came up with. Ready for teasing steph, Thabby, and others; Legno walked in an empty HQ.
"It is so quiet in here. Maybe shouting will help. Thaby Steph, Rinvie (I like to call her rinvie) where are youuuu" shouted Legno. Legno - aticipating on a reaction - was dissapointed because of no reaction. "Man so boring, maybe I should give a try in the women´s bathroom.

-somwhere else in HQ-
"Did you hear that? It seems we are not alone yet. I assume we still have a prey": said jacques. "We? I!!! It is my prey" replied magier. Jacques and I.A. did not reply. They just accepted what magier said. Arguing with magier was a pain in their ass.

-somewhere at a door-
"Uhmmmm, man with skirt. Ahhh, this must be it. The women´s bathroom" Legno always asked himself why the skirts. Weren´t the boobs of women not better to make a distinction between those rooms. Slowly Legno entered the room. He prepared himself for several attacks of women by holding his stick. But again, "Nobody? What is this? No girls, no women?" Legno dissapointed in the beginning, soon smiled. "Now I have time to set up a huge practical joke."

-minutes later at the same door-
"This is it. This is it. This is the place where the last sound came of. Time to enter" said magier. Jacques interrupted her: "Let me op the door for you, mylady". Magier answered: "Back of. He is my prey". As soon as magier opened the door, the upcoming attack was fatal. A bucket a water fell on magier´s head. (author´s note: is this that the huge practical joke you came up with. Legno?)

Hidden in a closet, Legno couldn´t keep up his laughing untill he saw it were a noah. "Three noah? Why are they here? Damned it seems my joke will be my dead" Legno became white and feared his death. His presence certainly was announced openly to the noah.
"What´s so funny, you two? You wanna die?" asked magier to Jacques and and I.A. Normally people are saved by the bell, but for one time legno was saved by the two noahs whose laughing was louder then legnos one. "Quiet. Nobody it seems. Better to check the lockers." Magier checked each locker for that clown she wanted to kill. "Clothes, clothes, clothes and... again clothes". There she was standing before the locker where Legno was hidden in. While opening the locker, magier read the name of person using it. "Hmmm Stephanie. Let us open this one. Clothes................... and boots, and towels, and a make up case, a wooden stick,... What a mess." It was some of the most things of the mess she saw in stephianies locker. Angry she smacked the door, closing the locker.

"Nothing. It seems we have mistaken us." said Jacques who was carefully wtaching the whole scene. "Still I thought, I heard shouting. But what does it matter we have a job to finish" said I.A. "Yeah, let us hunt down bookmen and kill them together with the excorists that left here" smiled magier, thinking about the killings they would do. The noah left the bathroom.

-Four hours later-
"Wooottt. Dark? Dark? Where am I?" Legno afraid of black dark with no light found light, sticked his head out of the mess in Stephies locker. "I must have fallen asleep again."
(Author´s note: don´t be kidding. Legno morron. Falling asleep on such a critical moment)

"Thanks Noah for the information. It seems I have to go on a mission"
(Author´s note: Lucky. I am not a morron.... And it seems I was saved by snoogen´s mess :D

rhapsody blue
February 27, 2007, 02:46 PM
Hehe... I must admit that when I'm stressed out I do create a mess. :eyeroll

Question though: I was given the impression that the Noahs were kicked out of HQ so how did they get in? Or is this chapter an omake, meaning that it's not supposed to be based off the previous chapters?

Good chapter :thumbs Guess I should go posting mine soon... Hope it lives up to the hype ::cross fingers::

February 27, 2007, 03:26 PM
how the heck did the Noah get back in? The protection keeps them OUT. .......I'm sorry, but ya just lost me @_@;;;;; I mean, the Noah left anyway. To find another bookman to hunt down.

February 27, 2007, 06:28 PM
if he was in the bloody locker why didn't they see him?
My god is the mess THAT huge it can hide a realtively tall person?

February 27, 2007, 08:18 PM
guys, this was only an comical chapter. It was to make it funny... But whatever

February 27, 2007, 08:57 PM
Don't get me wrong, the locker thing was hilarious, I hope for Steph's sake she didn't have any unmentionables in there.........XD

February 28, 2007, 05:44 AM
legno is a tall guy isn't he? steph's mess must be...locker full house :D
same thing: how'd the noahs get in?...

February 28, 2007, 08:08 AM
Just a comical chaper, does it mean, the chapter was just written out of fun, it's really funny indeed, the water-bucket-thingy xD (how cool)...and that it doesn't really have something to do with the fanstory...when it is a real chapter....then, I have the same question: How did they get in the HQ? O.O

March 02, 2007, 01:34 PM
Just a comical chaper, does it mean, the chapter was just written out of fun, it's really funny indeed, the water-bucket-thingy xD (how cool)...and that it doesn't really have something to do with the fanstory...when it is a real chapter....then, I have the same question: How did they get in the HQ? O.O

How they got in. Simple reason: because sometime, imo people write to much + The english is sometimes difficult I get lost in the pace. So I was lost and couldn't get into the story back (so see new topic on review) and I thought if I can't get into that story, I thought of getting to make a funny sidestory. And for me it doesn't matter to how they got in or how legno was left out. Making this chapter was for several reasons:

1. Confused about the whole part - sometimes too busy with other stuff and lazy to read imo too HUGE chapters (no hard feelings to you or others) - http://mangahelpers.com/forum/index.php?topic=15846.0 -> wouldn't it be better to make some rules abou length, doing reviews, etc... (because reading the post of everyones seems people all are confused)
2. Making some more funny stuff in it
3. Getting myself in the story a bit, to outline myself not as the boring character of the previous flash back chapter.

March 02, 2007, 02:10 PM
hm...should it really be limited how much to write? I guess not. I don't wanna limit people in their ideas and how much they can write in the chapter of them.
And I don't think your chara is just "there" and boring ^_^. Don't worry. And it's totally okay just to write about yourself (aka your character) in your chapter. It's what I am doing most of time xD.

The idea with a summary about the most important things in the volumes is a good one. Let me see if I can gather some infos and write them down.

Funny stuff is always good. Weneed people who are writting funny stuff cause me f.e. is totally unable to write funny things. I am good in writting dramatic stuff but funny...haha, I'll pass.