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February 28, 2007, 01:03 AM
Plz specify what way of fighting zanjutsu(cutting) kidou(demon arts) hakuda (bare-hand) or hohou (walking) and elemental type:fire,water.earth,wind etc., (if any)you can describe your shikai or bankai etc. :ulq :ulq :ulq :burnkk :burnkk :burnkk

March 01, 2007, 11:55 AM
to give it a start :)

type: elemental kidou zanpakuto

fighting style: Zanjutsu + kidou

Unreleased state: Dōtanuki
a fully brown zanpakatou the sword itself is shinig gray/brown

shikai: furui daichi (ancient earth) (command:yabureme wakarewakareni (Tear apart))
the form of this zanpakuto will have an brown hilt with an earth enchanced gaurd the blade
itself will turn brown (the edge will be very dark nearly black), it has the normal size
of an zanpakuto.
shikai ability: attacks will leave small to big amounts of earth (depending the power) on hit.
special ability: gosunkugi daichi (spiked earth) the earth on youre foe or on the ground
will become hard like rock and spike through the flesh leaving small or big holes to give
maximum damage.

Bankai:kusari ofu daichi (Chain of the solid earth)
the zanpakuto will hilt will stay normal but turns brown/black, the gaurd will will become
solid earth around the wielders hand and spread to the shoulder leaving 1 arm totaly coverd
with earth. the blade lenght will decrease and add numerous chains witch can stretch to any size
wanted numbers can be also increased if wanted. (its possible to fight long and mid range now)
bankai ability: the shikai ability from Furui daichi is now a normal effect without decreasing youre reiatsu when leaving earth amrks, only adding the zanpakuto has chains on it will make it able to maximize the ability increasing the amount of earth
transferd on foe.
additional ability; (seichuu ofu sono daichi) (control of the earth) the user will be able to control the sand and is able to make a solid object of dense earth

March 01, 2007, 01:10 PM
Zanpakuto type: Kidou-based Wind Element

Fighting Style: Hakuda (hand-to-hand) and Houhou (footwork); almost no use of Kidou spells and fencing w/o release

Zanpakuto’s Name/Shikai: Grace of Ares

- Form : Blade of Zanpakuto becomes lined with holes; black-and-red steel gauntlets form on arms, with chain connecting hilt with wielding arm.
- Powers : Wind laced with reiatsu can be used for long range attacks (either blunt or cutting), and rapid movement while standing on air; weak at close range offense due to wind-up time of offensive wind manipulation.

Bankai: Divine Wrath of Mars

- Form : Full black-and-red suit of demonic-looking Medieval armor; dual scimitars; and black gossamer wings.
- Powers : Increased power, speed and range in attacks; faster movement in air; cross-current wind manipulation possible

July 16, 2007, 01:26 AM
Zanpakuto Type:Explosive

Fighting Style:Hakuda,Flash Steps (shunpo), No Kidō,and Zanjutsu as last

Fighting Style:I'm a Kenpachi

Zanpakuto’s Name/Shikai:Blast away! TNT

- Form : Tiny spiked balls of metal.
- Powers : I can make them explode when thy touch the enemy or when I want to(they can float) I contol them with my mind...

Bankai:Let those Who Cross Me Be Blown To Pieces, Omega!

- Form : My shinigami clothes starts glowing gold
- Powers : I can blast the power of an atomic bomb from anywhere my body,increase speed,explosive punches,I can also blow myself up with the power of 10 atomic bomb...but I'll die

July 16, 2007, 05:13 AM
Zanpakutou type: kidou based

Zanpakutou Elemntal type: Wind

Fighting style: Zanjutsu/kidou

Name/Shikai: Mutilate!! Makaze(The Devil's Storm)

Form: When in Shikai Makaze's hilt sprouts wings and the Bladeresembles a glass clear wind torrent when on the offensive releases a powerful gust of 1,000 wind blades instantaneously mutilating the opponent. Unfortunately Makaze is only active for 5 minutes after which she hibernates for 1 day to revitalize her strengths.

Bankai: Warugi no Makaze (Devious Intent of the Devil's storm)

After sixteen days of Hibernation Makaze awakens her full power, Warugi no Makaze. Once Bankai is activated Makuze Relinquishes all her ability to me and reverts to shikai form albeit still in Bankai. In This the destructive Nature of this Bankai is unlike any other. Six rings of pure dense wind surround Makaze transforming the blade into her true form, a Giant Falcoln with a crown of cyclones. THe six rings are time limits. Each ring lasting only one minute as she decipates. Warugi no Makaze will disable the target's movments negating any further attacks. A Large torrent of wind spikes will then bombard the opponent in nothing flat and if the opponent is lucky thier lungs will still be intact. This move is called Kichigai Gakidou (Mad Famished Devil). This move can be manuvered as many times as possible within the time limit.

April 03, 2008, 01:13 PM
here's mine :D

keep in mind that my shinigami would look more or less like zakk wylde to go with the norse god theme...

Type: Kidou, Electricity
Style: Kidou, Houhou

Shikai: name-"Thor's Axe", shikai command- "Scream and Wail!". portrayed by an axe shaped electric guitar (a cross between http://www.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2007/october/trollbane.jpg and http://www.penmachine.com/musicpages/musicimages/peavey_wolfgang.jpg color: chrome, black, and red. chrome blade edges, black body with red lines, maple neck with black inlays, a black headstock with red lines, and chrome hardware)

Shikai attack: strumming/picking/plucking the guitar causes bolts of lighting to fall from the sky to attack the enemy (or directly from the headstock). using the tremolo bar allows fast footwork for dodging attacks. the down side is that thunder always comes before lightning, so smarter opponents will know if an attack is coming.

Clothes: normal shinigami robes

Bankai: name "Thundergod's Wrath", bankai command- "Encore".
portrayed by a guitar made out of lightning (same shape as the shikai, but completely made out of lightning), 5 giant speakers bolt down from the sky landing around me, they levitate and move to where i go and they also move around me, like funnels/drones/probes/sattelites.

Bankai attack: each strum/ pick/ pluck/ tap can cause massive soundwaves that attack the target(s). the targets gain temporary deafness (some times permanent) which prevent them from hearing the thunder before the lightning attack of the zanpakuto reaches them. the amplifiers serve as shields that block attacks. using the tremolo bar allows me to fire sonic booms (sonic booms are real....wiki concorde jets to find out more)

Clothes: black boots, black leather pants, topless, spiked bracers, a bear pelt for my back (along with the bears head as my helmet. like the orc in this pic: http://img.qj.net/uploads/articles_module/98219/wow_comic_samwise_didier_qjgenth.jpg), and lastly aviator shades

additional skills on both forms: sustaining a note lets the bolt(s) channel longer. using a glass/steel/bone slide allows the bolt(s) to bend and contort according to my will (but i can only have up to six sustained bolts at a time for both attacks, and i can only use the six bolts if all six srings have a note thats being sustained). lastly, if all else fails, the "guitaxe" can be used as a melee weapon....lol...

April 03, 2008, 05:23 PM
Wow! What an old thread! Nice find, level4paperboy! :hbunny Here's mine:

Zanpakutou type: Kidou-type, Non-elemental (unless Aizen's has an element, since I think it would be of the same element, moon maybe?)

Fighting Style: primarily kidou-oriented; zanjutsu as in use of shikai and bankai, almost no use of unreleased sword; average hoho; no hakuda

Zanpakutou Name: Heavenly Moon Goddess

Unreleased Form: A nodachi

Release Command: Grant my moonlight desire/wish

Released Form: A golden shakujo with circular top ring of approximately 8 inches in diameter and six smaller rings in this top ring loop with three on either side of the base, at the end tip of staff and top of the ring there is sharp diamond tip, at base of top ring connecting to the staff is a blue spherical jewel

Shikai: The blue jewel glows and ethereal butterflies are released from the center of the top ring. The butterflies move slowly but cannot be destroyed, as they are intangible. The butterflies seek out opponents. Upon making contact with the opponent, the opponent falls into an eternal slumber (can be released from sleep by my will) in which I have complete control over their dreams. In their sleep, not only can I control their dreams but also view their memories. To control their dreams, I would have to enter a meditative state, leaving me vulnerable. Multiple separate opponents' dreamscapes can be controlled simultaneously upon mastery of shikai.

Additionally, the shikai can be used send me into a trance-like state, in which I am receptive to having precognitive dreams. Again, while in this state, I am immobile.

Bankai: Pure Land of the Heavenly Moon Goddess

An uncountable number of ethereal butterflies swarm around in spherical formation with a radius of about 100 meters from me. Once in spherical formation, the butterflies create a sphere. Those on the outside cannot enter into the sphere's interior. The inside of the sphere has seemingly infinite volume (though it truly is only 200 meters in diameter), and the space inside the sphere's interior behaves however I wish it, allowing me to create a world inside the sphere to my liking.

Although I can manipulate the microcosm of the sphere, I cannot directly affect the people in the sphere without their consent (e.g., I can't turn them into stone or make cuts instanteously appear but I can change the scenery to a world consumed with flames, cause lightning to strike my opponents, or create beings to fight for me). I am somewhere within the sphere immobile. I would have to make getting to me difficult and protect myself through my reality manipulation.

April 03, 2008, 08:46 PM
Zanpakutou type: Kidou-type, Uses all elements to attack enemy

Fighting Style: primarily kidou-oriented; Combinations of elements to attack the enemy with combination of kido with the added extreme speed, flash-step

Zanpakutou Name: Seraphim

Unreleased Form: A regular sword

Release Command: Cast Your JUDGEMENT!!!

Released Form: A silver twin blade that each contains a jewel and each posses a wings at the hilt

Shikai: The jewels serve as another eyes to see the opponent. The wings slowly cause illusion and paralyzes the enemy. The sword has 4 main attacks along with the regular ones
1. Water envelopes the blades and each swing send a tsunami of ice towards the opponent. Then if the opponent manages to dodge, the first blade send wind to break the ice sending it at the enemy. Then after the ice blades attack, the second swords transform the ice to water and combine them into a force typhoon that rips the opponent.

2. Wind engulfs the arms and become an extension of the arm. Also the swing of the swords can whip up tornadoes and serve as both offense and defense

3. Use the swords to set crest marking on the ground each symbolizing an element. One the marks have been set regardles off shape or how many crest, by stabbling the sword on the ground within the perimeter, a combination of blast occurs that annihilate the enemy with the strength of a nuke or stronger. The more crest marked into the ground the bigger the perimeter. Three is the least amount of crest marked.

4. Raise the sword to the sky and lightning is absorbed into the first blade, the second blade is raise outwards in a line and wherever it is pointed lightning will strike . After each strike a mark of light appears from the cloud and they act as a wall. If the enemy survives the lightning, they can still be trapped by the wall of light, once they are a huge bolt is sent down splitting the enemy in half lol. Kidding but zap them to total paralysis.

i also use my shikai in sword combat. Attacking flawlessly in completmentary attacks destroying the enemy.

Bankai: Celestic Guardian Seal!!

The swords dissipate and pieces of it surround me and I transform in an angel with a white kimono like ichigo and I sprout wings.

These wings act as both shield and give me speed and extensive flight. In this form I attack with powerful spell and magic but I also like hand-to-hand combat.

I can also summon sword, the heaven blade, that can cut anything. Also each cut can send a beam of light that stun the body and trap the enemies spiritual powers. As for my ultimate attack my wings scatter and the surround the blade focusing a huge amount of spiritual pressure and fires it like a cannon that will decimate the area!!

April 03, 2008, 11:12 PM
zanpakutuo's name - Cerberus

appearance unrealeased- normal zanpakutuo but on the hilt fur coming around the guard(kinda like tenseiga, oh ino its not super original so yeah but fuck it)

release command- Eradicate

shikai form- the released form is similar to epyon's arm whip thing but like on both arms and the whips are something out of hellraiser

bankai- whips break in to shards(similar to senbonzakura)with a immense heat comming from each shard, also my out fit goes from shinigami getup to a red cloak over a skin tight black kimono oh and i have a cigarette in my mouth

oh and no kidou shit, its all about the fire,( enter beavis saying fire)

April 04, 2008, 12:43 AM
I would have two swords like ukitake. And i would be the captain of the 9th division.
shikai: Two machete's.
names: Thunder And Lighting
power type: Kidou
Elements: Wind and Metal
Main technique: lighting Bolts rapidly out the front of the machete's with lighting speed.
Bankai:The two swords mix together to form one sword with an on going hurricane from the start of the tsuba that expands as long as i want it to when the sword is swung. And a defense mechanism of hurricane proportions.
My basic attacks with ought my sword would be ninja skills and kidou attacks.

April 04, 2008, 12:49 AM
omg lol, i resurrected the thread! i am jeebus!

April 04, 2008, 02:54 AM
i also use my shikai in sword combat. Attacking flawlessly in completmentary attacks destroying the enemy.

I know you're a Shunsui/Ukitake fan; so that is probably what influenced your choice of using twin swords, but what do you mean by complimentary attacks? Shunsui and Ukitake's attacks are complimentary, because it is the two od them working together. When you say complimentary, are you working with someone else or are you working in compliment with yourself somehow?

April 04, 2008, 07:47 AM
Name: Tempest
Fighting style:Zanjustu in syn with kidou
Unreleased appearance: A normal looking sword with a slightly sharp hillt. Strap by my side like Isshin's
Release command: Blow away
Appearance:Sword turns white and with a elagant hilt. Swords lenghten and thins out a bit.
Characteristics: Increased speed
Attacks: Cutting wind: Wind is gathered at my blade's tip and launched at the opponent
Bankai incantation: The greatest storm, rage on, tempest
Bankai name: Tempest Storm
Appearance: Sword is non-existent. the surrounding air pressure increased as the ground cracked, the wind is now my blade
Power-ups: Increased speed(again to somewhat of Ichigo's)
Attacks: Summon a hurricane, taking the shape of a dragon.

April 04, 2008, 08:46 AM
Name- possessor
Type- kido
Element none
Fighting style- zanjutsu and kidou
Release command- leech on to all life
Unreleased mode- a normal katana with a square tsuba and a purple sheath
Released mode- slightly longer than before it will also have a swirl like pattern that glows purple in time of the users heart beat.
Shikai ability- it will be able to take control over all separate reiatsu from the body e.g. cero or kido (not other zanpaktou). all the user has to do is wave the sword over the oncoming attack it will then simply float above the users head as if awaiting there command. And it also halves the reiatsu used in kidou spell and has a projectile attack that takes the from of a human sized fox (purple) which tracks onto the reiatsu of the opponent, the onley way to overcome this attack would be to oppose it with a greater force as you will not be able to dodge it.

Bankai- cant think of name, like the shikai before but on a much bigger scale, the bankai will be activated by slamming the sword into the ground the purple pattern that is on the sword will begin to cover the entire space the user wishes.
Ability- a bit like the Quincy all spirit particles and reiatsu In the area “as long as it is separated from the person” will become under possessors control making any projectile attacks useless, the user will also be able to manipulate the spirit particles into what ever form they like e.g. making exploding clones of themselves to trick their opponent

April 04, 2008, 09:30 AM
Name: Sakuya
Type: Combinations of rapid strikes and skills from the zampakutou
Element: Light
Zampak name: Luna
Release command: ''Shine and guide me to victory''
Shikai form: something like Jewel of Gardios, from tales of the abyss, a katana with a transparent blue blade
Shikai hability: dont know yet
Bankai form: the katana just increase its size, like Cloud's ultima weapon, but not double edged

April 04, 2008, 09:50 AM
Name: Sakuya
Type: Combinations of rapid strikes and skills from the zampakutou
Element: Light
Zampak name: Luna
Release command: ''Shine and guide me to victory''
Shikai form: something like Jewel of Gardios, from tales of the abyss, a katana with a transparent blue blade
Shikai hability: dont know yet
Bankai form: the katana just increase its size, like Cloud's ultima weapon, but not double edged

If "Sakuya" isn't the name of your zanpakutou, whose name is it? Your name as a shinigami?

April 04, 2008, 09:53 AM
name: NUNING
type: hakuda (bare hand)
element: bubbles
unreleased appearance: wooden board
clothes: house attire
activation: "wash thy clothes!" CHAY NUNING
released appearance: wooden board with brush
clothes: house attire with apron
attacks: horizontal scrub

April 04, 2008, 11:06 AM
Type: Kidou zanpakuto

Fighting style: basically, all disciplines with an affection to kidou, explanation below

Unreleased: Typical zanpakuto

Shikai: Dark Mirror (command: "Show them their reflection, ")
By using this words, the hilt of the zanpakuto will chance its color into a deep, strong red. The blade will turn into a metallic Dark colored one (not so weak like bankai form of Zangetsu).
No change in size or form.

Shikai ability: Here comes the explanation for the "hybrid" fighting style.
In Shikai, Dark Mirror itself (I'm not sure if it's a she or he ... ) will detect the next enemy and chance itself into another weapon. Which one? No one knows! The result is based on Dark Mirror's mood, most of time it will change into something to taunt the opponent. Like turn into a two handed sword if fighting against a dagger. Therefore, I have to adapt to my zanpakuto's mood and judgement.
There are no restrictions in form, weight, or function. I consider that "hard to use", but that's exactly how I like it.
If there is no enemy, Dark Mirror will turn itself back into sword form.
And oh yes, in shikai, Dark Mirror is a real tightwad and drains my reiatsu for turning itself into a weapon.

Bankai: Universe's Dark Mirror
Ok, this is a bit wicked.

Activation: This bankai basically isn't just a mere cut off of restrictions. It is, but it's a bit more complex.
Basically, there is no room for a powerup, if your sword adapts to enemys. Therefore this activation is different. I force Dark Mirror to reflect ... itself. Doing this has both advantages and disadvantages.

Appearance: In bankai mode, Dark Mirror's blade deforms and finally turns into a scrach - a scratch in our 3 dimenional space. Basically, it just looks like a long, dark scratch with a hilt, nothing special, really ...
I get gloves, with a weird pattern on them, colored dark red and black.

Bankai ability: As my advantage, I may decide which weapon Universe's Dark Mirror turns into. I also gain the ability to use that weapon like an expert just by changing Universe's Dark Mirror into it. Oh yes, and finally, Universe's Dark Mirror uses its own reiatsu to change itself into weapons.

Bankai drawback: Well, this would be too awesome, wouldn't it? To be more precise, it actually IS a crack in space. Lucky as I am, Universe's Dark Mirror shields our reality from this crack - for a certain amount of time. Since neither I nor my zanpakuto want to be drawn into this crack we made ourself, my bankai will deactivate itself before that happens.
The amount of time it lasts depends on my own mental condition, as well as on our current environment.

Well, there would be a sacrificial mode too, but who the hell is interested in sacrificing himself? Me not :)

April 04, 2008, 12:47 PM
I know you're a Shunsui/Ukitake fan; so that is probably what influenced your choice of using twin swords, but what do you mean by complimentary attacks? Shunsui and Ukitake's attacks are complimentary, because it is the two od them working together. When you say complimentary, are you working with someone else or are you working in compliment with yourself somehow?
I meant like in the show Return of the Condor Heroes where Guor and Long attack together each with a sword making their combination attack deadly and almost impossible to block. But later Long learns to use her arms distinctively like being able to draw a circle with one hand while drawing a square with another. With the new skills she was able to execute the combo without Gour because she utilizes two swords in the same manners.

That is what I am talking about. I'll try to find a clip to show you. I don't know if I explained it that well!! :)

April 04, 2008, 01:12 PM
I meant like in the show Return of the Condor Heroes where Guor and Long attack together each with a sword making their combination attack deadly and almost impossible to block. But later Long learns to use her arms distinctively like being able to draw a circle with one hand while drawing a square with another. With the new skills she was able to execute the combo without Gour because she utilizes two swords in the same manners.

That is what I am talking about. I'll try to find a clip to show you. I don't know if I explained it that well!! :)

I think that I understand (though if you have the clip, I'd love to watch it :hbunny). I suppose, though, if you are doing it by yourself, then "compliment" just isn't the best choice of words, as it tends to give the impression of there being another person, or at least in your original wording it was unclear as what was complimenting.

April 04, 2008, 02:19 PM

Name: Arrow Jigen.

Style of Combat: Primarily Zanjutsu although highly proficient with Kidou.

Rank: Head Shingami Accademy Instructor/ Former 9th Division Captain.


Name: Swooping Hawk.

Type: Kidou based.

Sealed: Wooden Bokken with scabbard.


Release: “Spread your Wings”

Appearance: Twin Tai Chi swords.

Ability: Teleportation. Arrow may teleport himself to which ever of the two blades he chooses. He may also teleport to any point of the blade he wishes. It will only teleport himself along with inanimate objects on his person.


Name: Scattered Feathers of the Swooping Hawk.

Release: Arrow holds the two blades outwards from his side. Upon the Bankai command the two blades glow white and explode into hundreds of feathers. A number of feathers form a sword shape in his hands before glowing white once again and transforming into a blade.

Appearance: A medieval sword with a gold hilt.

Ability: Arrow may now teleport to whichever feather he wishes. He also has the ability to lightly guide them with the motions of his sword.

April 04, 2008, 03:52 PM
If "Sakuya" isn't the name of your zanpakutou, whose name is it? Your name as a shinigami?

yes, my name as shinigami
luna is my zampak

April 04, 2008, 08:08 PM
I think that I understand (though if you have the clip, I'd love to watch it :hbunny). I suppose, though, if you are doing it by yourself, then "compliment" just isn't the best choice of words, as it tends to give the impression of there being another person, or at least in your original wording it was unclear as what was complimenting.
This scene is when Long and Guor combine their attack together to create the Jade Maiden Sword Play. One of my favorite scenes in the show. I like it when they held each other's hand and attack perfectly. Here is the link:

The next clip is when she fight the monk with 2 swords after she master being able to use her 2 hands conciously?? She was able to draw a square with one hand while drawing a circle with another. Here is the scene where she fights w/o Guor

April 04, 2008, 08:43 PM
This scene is when Long and Guor combine their attack together to create the Jade Maiden Sword Play. One of my favorite scenes in the show. I like it when they held each other's hand and attack perfectly. Here is the link:

The next clip is when she fight the monk with 2 swords after she master being able to use her 2 hands conciously?? She was able to draw a square with one hand while drawing a circle with another. Here is the scene where she fights w/o Guor

Wonderful clips, a very cool show. :hbunny Again, if the second clip is to what you're referring, I would not have phrased it as "complimenting" so much as fighting with dual swords.

April 07, 2008, 01:56 PM
I love this kind of topic: let us to exercise our mind!!!

-Zanpakutou's name: Supreme Judgement from Heaven and Hell( still figure how to translate it to japanese!)

-Zanpakutou's type: Zanjutsu and Kidou;

-Zanpakutou's elemental: Holy and Dark;

-Unreleased State: Twin swords, a black one and a white one;

-Shikai's command: "Divine power of the Heaven, come forth and destroy all the damned";

-Shikai's description: The black sword will fuse with the white sword, and then they'll combine into a light spear;

Shikai's attacks:

-Flash of Zeus: The light spear will unleash a barrier of continuous stabs embebbed in Holy Elemental;

-Secret Technique: Ultimate Cut from Heavens: The light spear will transform in a Holy light and then will unleash the ultimate cut;

Bankai's Command: "Powers of Hell, eliminate all the things and engulf the world into the deepest Darkness";

Bankai's description: The white sword will fuse with the black sword, then the Hell itself appear after the fusion, and then a supreme dark scythe comes;

Bankai's attacks:

-Nightmare from the ninth circles of Hell: Demons and low spirits will surround the enemy, using powerful kidous based in dark elemental;

-Catastrophe: the enemy will be thrown in a maze, with countless scythes will be pursuing him;

-Secret Technique: Last trip to the Hell: The most powerful attack; the Scythe will absorb all the powers from the darkness and then a omnipotent Dark ball will be created, destroying everything in a 5 km radius, and finally destroying even the soul of the opponent; this Ougi is the most powerful, but he could destroy the user in the process, because for a moment, the user will be the own Darkness itself.

Aizen, fight with it, your bastard!

April 07, 2008, 06:19 PM
from begining to me now who's are the top five bankais? or most original?

Anime Head 101
April 07, 2008, 08:59 PM

Dual Katanas
Appearance: ( One w/white hilt, One w/red hilt, both with cloth hanging from the hilts)

Zanpakuto Name: Destruction and Creation of the World(Don't know how to translate)

Fighting Style:Zanjutsu, Kidou, Hakuda


release: "show your love for this world"

Name: Fabrication of the World

Appearance: Katanas combine to form one almost clear Katana, but has a sentence engraved the length of the blade throught the center of the blade

Element: wind

Attacks: Wind Swords(create multiple swords formed from wind the cut/tear instead of peirce the enemy)
Also able to control the wind to a certain extent(Tornadoes etc.)


release: "release all of the hate/anger in this world"

Name: Obliteration of the World

Appearance: Katanas combine form one all black broadsword w/a sentance engraved along the edges of the blade

Element: Fire

Attacks: Lava Slash(heats the blade up to 6000 degrees F allowing the blade to slice & dice with ease)
Magma Slice(release's magma at a swing of the arm both hands required)

April 07, 2008, 10:02 PM
Name: Gossamer Wraith

Unreleased Appearance: It would look like a normal katana with a black hilt. The blade would be transparent with only the edges of it visible.

Release Command: "Vanish"

Shikai Appearance: The blade turn invisible. The hilt would stay the same.

Shikai Ability: Like I said above the blade would become completely invisible. The length could increase to double or decrease to half at will. Also the blade could go out of phase allowing anything pass through it.

Bankai Ability: All the Shikai abilities, but now the wielder would be able to go out of phase as well.

April 08, 2008, 02:12 AM
from begining to me now who's are the top five bankais? or most original?

i'd have to say that one of them would be mine....:jbya

April 08, 2008, 04:52 AM
from begining to me now who's are the top five bankais? or most original?

I think everyone would be a bit biased in their answer as to whose bankai is best or most original. Most likely everyone who submitted a suggested zanpakutou will choose their own to be in the top 5.

April 08, 2008, 05:01 AM
^hells yes! :D thats just how it goes...after all everyone wants to be a winner! :D

April 08, 2008, 05:15 AM
斬魄刀/zanpakutō ? i would like to have a 斬魄盾(Shield) instead! xD And i'll name it named 暴風の盾.
It will not have any active abilities, but it will passively absorb any impact that it manages to block, effectively reducing any damage or effects to zero.
Bankai-wise? Increasing the user's(me) action and reaction speed would be nice and would work well with it's "Shikai" abilties. =D

And i would prefer to fight more based on Kidou, choosing and using the right Kidou at the right time, incoporating strategy and tactics into my fighting, while making use of my shield's defensive abilities.

April 12, 2008, 02:44 AM
Second zanpakuto entry! :D

So... Instead of having a shinigami/zanpakuto combination with the standard shikai and ban-kai modes i thought of changing it up a bit by removing ban-kai and replacing it with three different shikai.

Before release: Basic un-released zanpakuto handle with three orbs imbedded down the handle.

Zanpakuto's name: Triumvurate

Shikai Release 1: Command- "Charge!"
Type: Kidou, Hakuda, Hohou
Style: Kidou, Hakuda, Hohou

Shikai: Portrayed by twin tonfas http://indianama.com/osCommerce/images/tonfa1.jpg held in each hand. The three orbs now glow and circle the shinigami in random patterns.

Shikai ability: The shinigami fights offensively using the tonfa while the three orbs provide support fire or do melee attacks by ramming themselves onto the opponent.

Shikai Release 2: Command- "Come now!"
Type: Kidou, Hakuda, Hohou
Style: Hakuda, Hohou

Shikai: This time portrayed by two maces. The orbs still glow and circle the shinigami in an irregular pattern.

Shikai ability: The three orbs provide three separate "buffs" to the shinigami. The first orb increases physical strength, the second increases speed (just like shunpo, but without the use of shunpo), and the last one sharpens the six senses grealy.

Shikai Release 3: "Aid them!"
Type: Kidou, Hohou
Style: Kidou, Hohou

Shikai: The three orbs shatter, leaving the wielder weaponless and defenseless. The shards of the three orbs then spread out to the shinigami's allies and circle them in irregular patterns.

Shikai ability: The first two orbs increase the physical strenght and speed of the affected allies, while the shards of the third orb surround the wielder, making him invisible, but otherwise vulnerable to attack.

April 13, 2008, 02:59 AM
my second attempt for a shinigami:

sword type: Uchigatana
name: anei kozumikku (Cosmic Gloom)
fighting style: hohō, Kidō
fighting style: Using mainly hohō in combination with a Uhcigatana to quickly deliver mortal wounds while using binding Kidō, is the signature of this shinigami. While being adept at zanjutus a combination of hohō and Kidō is best way to fight.

unreleased state:
a Uhcigatana, a black hilt, black gaurd with silver stars on it.

shikai: shakou sono seken, Anei Kozumikku (darken the world, Cosmic gloom)
The blade of the zanpaktou disapears (only the gaurd and hilt remain), it wil get replaced by nearby shadows and get compressed in the form a blade.
Special ability: (infinite until out of reiatsu)
This shadow blade can be manipulated in any form possible (aslong there are shadows nearbij to fuel the extention of the blade).

Bankai: Shadow Star (Anei etowa-ru)
the bankai creates a shadow star right in fron of the sun, this absorbs all light in a particular area around its user (15-20 feet), creating a shadow prison where as only the user is able to see in this shadow prison. The borders of the dark prison arent visible (although you can walk out off it without a problem aslong as you move 15-20 feet out of the users range).
While in bankai the abilities of Anei Kozumikku gets amplified due to the shadow prison off the user.
Special ability: kuroi tenpi (Black Sunlight)
Bankai absorbs all the light from the sun in a limited area, and is able to store inside the shadow star created by the bankai. The user is able to mix this with the darknes and shadows to create a powerfull attacked that looks like a burst of black sunlight (this attack gets fired from the shadow star in a smal beam or a large beam hitting the whole are, although the difference of power in the variants are noteable).

Zanpakatou spirit: anei ozumikku
appearance: Tall and slim. His whole body is covered in a black robe, wich covers everything besides his face. His face has a very bright white/grey glow.]
Inside world: A non functioning volcano with on the top edge a burned house with only 1 chamber totaly untouched by the volcano. The Volcano is filled with water wich reflects the sky in the lake. Its always night with a grey shimmering "moon" lighting the dark place. The sky holds many "stars", wich change positions to display the mood of the residents.

third attempt:
Name: kurimuzon ro-tasu (crimson lotus)
zanpaktou type: wakizashi
Fighting style: hakuda, hohō

Shikai: sukuracchi, kurimuzon ro-tasu (Scratch, Crimson lotus)
The zanpakatou seperates into 2 katars with 3 small blades on each katar.
Special ability:
By englufing youre katars with reiatsu it will extend the range of youre claws making it able to cut greater wounds in youre enemy (this also makes it impossible for a hollow to auto regenerate his flesh instantly)

Bankai: kurimuzon kassen ro-tasu (Crimson Battle Lotus)
Bankai will add blades to youre: Ellbows and feet. The katars you are wielding will turn into a Pata with a 10 inch long blade (the protecting armor of the pata will go up to the ellbows.
Special ability:
All youre blades are engulfed with a poison wich multiplies the adrenaline of youre opponent on every hitevery hit, this will eventuely lead to a heart attack (this will also work on yourself to give yourself a cutting edge in battle with no pain).

February 11, 2009, 10:51 PM

Despite the cheesiness of the title, it is as stated. I searched throughout the entire Bleach section and didn't find this, so I figured it could go here. Anyway, include name, release command, Shikai form and abilities. Bankai form and abilities are completely optional. Though this thread will probably fail anyway, I'll start off:D

Zanpaktou: Kazejin

Command: Pierce the heavens, Kazejin

Shikai: Transforms into a Chinese broadsword (dao) with a diamond edge, capable of cutting through any substance: A purely attack-based Zanpaktou

Bankai: Dai Kazejin: Takes on the form of a wide, constantly spinning tornado within which the user can control the very weather itself. Wind can be shaped into any weapon the user wishes, as well as launching wind-based attacks, defending against attacks, and even withdrawing all the oxygen within said space, though this requires a large amount of energy to perform and risks the users life as well

All right. Use your imagination, and don't let me be the only person who posts here:wtf

February 12, 2009, 01:08 AM
Well, here is my zampakuto:
Name: Havent thought of a cool one lol. My japanesse is extremely limited.
Command: Strike everything in your path

Sealed state: Slightly longer than a regular katana.
Shikai: Turns into an slightly longer katana than before but more ornate and it is completely blue. Has the power to emit electricity on everything it touches.

bankai: Turns into a giant double sword (one hilt with a blade on each side). The hilt and blade are highly ornated. It maintains the same powers as in shikai but more extreme. It also gains a long range ability which allows the user to strike the oponent with thunder.

February 12, 2009, 02:29 AM
Name: Sirocco
Command: "Sear"

Sirroco is one of the rarer double weapons, coming from outside the bounds of Seireitei. It takes the form of twin scimitars in its sealed state, elegant and polished to a mirror, almost silvered, sheen. About a third of the way up the blades from their hilts, the width increases slightly, providing a larger cutting edge. The gold-embossed hilts curve down opposite the curve of the blades, forming the S-shape that personifies the weapons.

Powers: Sirocco is a fire- and wind-type zanpakutou. During combat, the blades can be superheated. The red-hot blades lose no strength from the process as a zanpakutou is not a physical steel weapon bound by physical laws.

Shikai: Sirocco takes the form of a pair of war fans inscribed with arabic phrases painted on either side. Those phrases are ambiguous and can be translated as either prayers or blasphemies. The metal tines of the fans end in wickedly sharp edges. In this form, the wielder gains more control over the wind aspect of the weapon, being able to evoke blasts of superheated air with a swing of a fan. These gusts can be just that, gusts, or can be razor-thin to slash at its enemies.

Misc: Sirocco's spirit takes the form of a robed and veiled bedouin woman wearing a kukhri at her side. She is a very proud spirit and does not care much for her past wielders. This goes rather further into borderline rebellion against her current wielder, as she does not care for the nature of his usual activities (covert operations, including assassinations, based out of Urbis Vigilorum, the City of Vigilance, coterminous to the Vatican in Europe). To her eyes he is hardly a warrior worthy of carrying her into battle, instead hiding in shadows and striking the unwary. Because of this, Sirocco often refuses to give any more than a token display of her loyalty. As a result, she withdraws, reforming the blades into little more than simple, straight single-edged blades much like a ninja-to. The blades will still heat, but this is due to her wielder's mastery of spiritual sorcery compelling her to do so.

http://img297.imageshack.us/img297/2530/casesina1ar3.th.gif (http://img297.imageshack.us/my.php?image=casesina1ar3.gif)

March 19, 2009, 12:19 PM
Fighting style: footwork and hand-to-hand Iron fist style
Zanpakuto Name: Karasu
Element: none
unreleased state: A Short katana in a black sheath.
Release command: shatter and grow
Shikai: It cracks and then the pieces start to move around stretching out and becoming a black and silver halberd with winglike blades at the top of it. anything it's blades hits becomes immoble within a sphere of 12 inches.
Bankai command: Be still and be cleansed BAN KAI! Black Crows perched on Highwires
Bankai : The halberd behomes twice as long and moves according to the will of the owner. wires hang lose from the tip of the highest blade behind the user dangling like maypole ribbons into black holes. the user then becomes the main focus. Attacking directly everytime the opponent dodges the wires are there to catch them. It gives off large amounts off electricity at this point and has paralyzing effects. If the user is unable to catch their oppenent they can use the halberd directly and through the strings.
using all of their spirit energy the user can then stand the halberd directly up and create a raining flow of feathers that explode on contact the user is protected by their ssprit energy signature that the halberd recognizes as itself.

March 19, 2009, 04:58 PM
I would like to have a balanced stile and combine the four diferent elements of shinigami fighting to be lethal at all ranges. Sort of what byakuya does; he constantly uses shunpo to strike swiftly, he uses kido when he is at close range or his sword cannot reach his enemy and decent swordmanship. I would add some kicks to his stile though, you dont have to use your legs for shunpo only.

As for the type of zampakuto, I would like an elemental kido type. Fire type would be my first option but one with abilities similar to uraharas would also be great since it has very well rounded attack and defence. I would like to see what other elemental swords are capable of though; who knows, a wind type might be great too.

@Navarr0Newton: There is no such thing as a bankai command though. Characters just usually generically say or scream "bankai" and then proceed to say the name of the bankai.

February 15, 2010, 10:54 PM
Hey, is there a thread where you can list your dream Zanapakuto and state what you would like its Shikai and Bankai to be?

Else, can we have it in this thread?

Dark God Zeus
February 15, 2010, 11:39 PM
Name: Sui Hebi (Water serpent)
Command: Maku (coil)
Shikai: Katana transforms into pure water. The owner can alter it's water pressure so it can grasp any object, or have cutting force greater than the katana. In addition it's shape can be changed, such to that of a whip (limited by how much you can "stretch out" the water). Finally, you can increase it's length if you have another source of water, as long as you can see it's final destination.

Bankai: Dai sui hebi (Great water serpent)
To perform you have to first be in shikai (no straight katana<bankai). The water "pops" and appears to disappear, but it's binding to the atmosphere and taking moisture/H2O from the air to make more water, so this process does take some time. But eventually more water is created, and the owner is left with a huge amount of water to control in the same way as his shikai. Owner can create huge whips, blast pressurized water, and use it as a shield. Signature form is a huge dome of water with 8 whips (ala octopus).

February 16, 2010, 03:17 AM
Shinigami Name: Himura Kazuki

Zanpakutou Name: Tennyo ('Celestial Maiden')

Appearance: A normal-looking katana with dark blue hilt wrappings with a guard in the shape of a golden, radiant sun.

Release Command: "Kagayake, Tennyo!" - "Shine, Tennyo!"

Shikai: Upon releasing, Tennyo does not really alter it's appearance; instead, the blade only shines with a bright white glow. Tennyo is a remarkable Zanpakutou: rather than have a specific special ability, it is the bond between it and it's wielder that's special. When Kazuki activates Tennyo's shikai, not only does Tennyo guide him and encourage him, she increases his own abilities. Normally, Kazuki's strength, speed and reiatsu are only slightly enhanced by Tennyo's shikai, but as Kazuki suffers more wounds, Tennyo's power increases. In other words, the weaker Kazuki's lifeforce, the stronger he becomes. As a result, when he is near-death, Tennyo can briefly render Kazuki all but unstoppable. As Tennyo grows more powerful, the 8 'rays of light' on the hilt start to glow aswell. When all 8 are active, when Kazuki is at death's door, a direct impact from Tennyo could be a one-hit kill. Because of this trait, Tennyo is a rather dangerous zanpakutou and opponents must take care not to let a serious fight with Kazuki drag on for too long: the longer it lasts and the more wounds he suffers, the more lethal he becomes.

Bankai: Senken Tennyo: 'Thousand Swords of the Celestial Maiden'. When activating Tennyo's Bankai, the sword glows with an incredibly bright light before disappearing altogether. Instead, the light soars upwards and becomes almost a miniature sun, spreading the light all around and rendering everything outside of it's range dark. If you can't avoid Senken Tennyo's initial release, you'll be trapped in the light. Once the light has spread, none can enter and neither Kazuki or his opponent will be able to leave the area it's rays shine upon: leaving it would result in instant death. With Senken Tennyo, Kazuki can generate weapons of light for him to use, such as swords and small blades but also bow and arrows, which can cause massive damage when they hit their target. Just as in shikai, his abilities increase when he is wounded, but this time, he grows a lot more powerful, a lot quicker. Kazuki's ultimate technique in Bankai is 'Joushoumusha' ('Invincible Warrior'): all the light is channelled into one small sword and shield and Kazuki himself takes on several traits of his Zanpakutou's spirit. With this technique, he and Tennyo nearly merge and his raw power and fighting abilities are raised to the ultimate level. Tennyo guides Kazuki's every move and his swordplay in particular becomes exceptionally deadly. However, in this state, further wounds will not increase his strength.

Zanpakutou Spirit: Tennyo takes the form of a lithe, blonde girl that looks about 20 years of age. She wears a white-and-blue dress, but also leggings, small boots, steel shoulder pads and gloves and carries a short sword and a small, round shield. All this gives Tennyo the appearance of a Valkyrie or Shield-Maiden. Tennyo is a very vivacious girl: she often scolds Kazuki for being such a softy and wants him to stand up for himself. Tennyo is very active, bossy and usually takes the initiative; she's not afraid of anything and enjoys competition, making her a bit of a tomboy. While she and Kazuki often bicker, the two actually care a lot for each other - Kazuki and Tennyo have an exceptionally powerful bond, even by the standards of a Shinigami and a Zanpakutou. Tennyo angers quickly, but laughs easily aswell. She is willful and impulsive and gets frustrated with Kazuki's meek attitude and for being too relaxed and calm, eventhough she herself can get quite lazy from time to time. But despite all their differences, Tennyo, deep down, has enormous faith in Kazuki and is always there to help him, even if the entire world were to be against them.

Inner World: Kazuki's Inner World is normally a peaceful-looking place. Kazuki usually stands on the water of a vast, calm lake, with an island a few hundred yards ahead and the shores further in the distance. It's a green and lush world, with tall mountains capped with snow visible from many miles away. Curiously enough, Kazuki's Inner World is always at or near dawn and the skies clear with the rising sun. The most important trait of this place, however, is the lake itself - often, the water does not reflect what's in it, but shows totally different things. A different sky, a different world, memories or people or things that Kazuki is thinking a lot about at that moment. When Kazuki's mind is tranquil and serene, so is his Inner World; however, if he's suffering from great internal turmoil, his world changes aswell. When Kazuki is sorrowful or depressed, the skies become dark and clouded: a world where dawn never comes. When he's angry or confused, storm winds ravage the world and great waves flow over the lake. And when Kazuki doubts himself he cannot stand on the water and sinks into it: down into endless, shadowy depths. But Kazuki is very rarely in such a state and it remains the beautiful, hopeful Inner World that reflects the nature of his soul.

February 16, 2010, 04:43 AM
My Zanpakuto is:

Kurobane (Black Feather)

its release command is: Maiagare! (Soar!)

Shikai: My Zanpakuto turns into a pair of Black-plumed wings with red hues that enable me to fly... I can take a feather from either wing and it can materialize into the unreleased form of my Zanpakuto for obvious uses.

I do not yet have a Bankai for I am not even a seated officer, i belong to the 9th division...


My unreleased Zanpakutou is a Tachi with a length of 3.7 feet...

Its Tsuba is Black and in the shape of Wings forming a circular letter M with a black handle and trimmings inside like Tensa Zangetsu. its sheath is also black.


My spirit appears in the form of a Crow with red streaks behind its red eyes and a red beak. He holds a sharp twig in his beak.

February 18, 2010, 05:22 PM
Sword Name: Kaku-katta (Angle cutter)
type: fighting type
Description:long Katana with white sheath

release word: cut the heavens
Description: The blade turns White, there is a long white cloth wrapped around the hilt it extends to the lower parts of the blade and hands off the hilt. the gard is also a white gold.
specialty: Stores spiritual energy and with enough time the blades striking power increases dramatically. The longer the battle goes on the powerful the the sword gets. Kaku-katta can steal spiritual energy. Also can absorb spiritual particles. The energy from the previous shekai is present
Power: shirosuto (White strike) Stored energy can be released into a large dense blast

Name: shiro Kaku-katta (white Angle cutter)
Description:The cloth extends to the shinigami uniform and is attached to half armor all is white. The blade disappears and there is nothing but white spirit energy some what like a Seele Schneider. Also comes with wings made of spirit energy
Specialty:With the power of a Bankai all the power stored in the blade is increased The absorption abilities is increased by x10. All the energy from the previous bankai is present
Power:Tensa shirosuto (heavenly White strike) Once a strike during a strike the stored energy explodes creating a super explosion on to the target and some backlash to the user or the attack can be used the same way as the shekai.

Appearance: She is a young mature woman with a long white cloth robe that looks as if evaporating into the air at the tip of it. With long white hair and partial armor on.
She lives in a world where there are lots of clouds, and is always sunny

Lunatic Scream
February 19, 2010, 10:56 PM
Well there are some creative ones in here, a lot of these are terribly... terribly broken. Ah well, that's the fun of it, right? And it's fun to imagine... so let's see.

Shikai: Instantly kills the opponent if they think about engaging the wielder in combat.

Heh, just kidding.

Zanpakuto: Some fancy Japanese words that ultimately mean "Heartbeat Soldier".

Shikai: Release command "Pulse". Turns into a sword, with a hilt and a blade. Except the blade is completely dull, it can't cut. So I guess like a training sword. Man, that sucks. User specializes in hand to hand combat or kido, so actually wielding the weapon is more of a hinderance.
Shikai ability: Teleports anything in contact with the "blade" to the location of the wielder's gaze (only functional within 10 meters). This teleportation happens automatically when anyone in contact with the hilt's heart beats. The teleportation is slightly disorienting, and an extremely high heart rate would compound this effect. Therefore, high emotion, or extreme physical exertion cause the teleports to be more rapid, but will incapacitate the wielder more quickly. Once the teleports become quick enough that the user can not focus his eye sight on a new location, his control of this shikai is lost until he can lower his heart rate.
In addition, ALL existing objects take precedence over the teleporting material. That is to say, if the user attempts to teleport into something, they will lose the intruding body part, or (if the intrustion is the weapon itself) the blade of the zanpakuto will break.
(Note, this is ACTUALLY teleportation. This is faster than Shunpo or Sonido because... ya know, it's teleportation.)

Bankai: "Caliber Heart", turns into gloves, or brass knuckles. They'd be fancy, it's a bankai after all. Definitely more convenient for the wielder.
Bankai Ability: Teleportation is no longer triggered by the user's heartbeat, instead anytime the two gloves/knuckles touch teleportation is usable. Same disorientation effect prevents rapid abuse (unless the user can learn to reorient themself hella fast, though to trigger it any faster than once a second would be impossibly painful for ANYONE). This bankai manipulates the user's reiatsu to peak and valley based on... you guessed it, their heartbeat. Attacks that land on the wielder close to their heartbeat are rendered less effective, and attacks they throw during the heartbeat are much stronger. Attacks that hit on the instant of their heartbeat are completely nullified (to the maximum their reaitsu can, anyway) defensively, or are at maximum power offensively. Likewise, the further away from their heartbeat an attack is, the weaker their offense or defense is. This bankai's rapid fluctuation of reiatsu is incredibly tiring.
Obviously, this zanpakuto has no active offensive abilities on its own. Its strength lies in the wielder's combat/kido skills, ability to manipulate their own biorhythm, and ability to work with or around the periodic time based attributes. It's pretty passive.

bleach fan 101
March 02, 2010, 05:12 PM
Name: Shingai
type: power & speed
element: Dark
Shikai name: Shingai (terror)
release: (overpower) appuku
Bankai name:(terror of the 3 worlds) Shingai mittsu seken
Shikai form: a shield that looks like a hollow mask with sharp exposed teeth
Abilities: shoots the teeth out and they regenerate instantly, makes the opponents feel pain of hollowfication.
Bankai abilities: makes a vasto lordes, others coming soon.

March 02, 2010, 10:15 PM
Plz specify what way of fighting zanjutsu(cutting) kidou(demon arts) hakuda (bare-hand) or hohou (walking) and elemental type:fire,water.earth,wind etc., (if any)you can describe your shikai or bankai etc. :ulq :ulq :ulq :burnkk :burnkk :burnkk

Actually this is a idea for a Fancition I have.:amuse
Please voice opinion on my ideas. I need feedback.

Shinigami Name: Rika

Setting Overview: Rika is a young girl, who lives in a post-apocalyptic spiritual system where the balance of souls between soul society, hueco mundo, and the "living world" have collapsed. The Gotei 13 have long since fallen over 100 years ago from a enemy whose name has long since been forgotten. In fact, Rika knows nothing of the gotei 13, soul society, or hueco mundo, only as the world in which hollows travel to in gargantuas, which she herself can't make, and has never bother following a hollow into one(will be explained later). With the gotei 13 gone, hollows poured into the living world, and ate souls unmercifully and destructively. The destruction in this mass murdering and eating, killed more humans and souls who happened to be in the vicinity of attacks. Those souls then turned into hollows, and continued the chain of eating a murdering until the rate increased exponentially. This also increased the amount of souls attached to things in the living world(like the one in the don kononji chapters at the hospital) which without shinigami, they along with other stray pluses turned into hollows. Eventually, the living world became another hueco mundo except with less desert. The same thing happened with soul society too after the gotei 13 fell.

The only people left to fight hollows are spiritually aware humans, who are now the only type of humans due to the hollow overflow and thus spiritual influence of the living world which caused humans to have thier spiritual side awakened like orihime and chad, powerful pluses, the hollows, arrancars, and even vaizards themselves who kill and eat one another, and zanpaktou weilders. They are called zanpaktou weilders because the term shinigami has died out and was more of a political, overgeneralized term to say you were a soldier of the soul society which isn't true for these people. It's overgeneralized because it was saying anyone with a zanpaktou was a shinigami while these are just fighters with zanpaktou. Just as some people in rukongai probrably were spiritually aware and had a zanpaktou, but had never gone to the sereitei, yet were still called shinigami.

Shinigami Overview: Young 100 year old Rika is powerful, like none have ever seen before. So much, that she is alone, and all are afraid of her. Being 100 years old essentially makes her 10 in human years(according to the scale set by Rukia in chapter one of Bleach). Her fits of rage don't help either in that in them she loses control of her reitsu and ends up "confirming" the suspicions of her fearers. She tries to help, but ends up hurting everybody in the end. She has been called evil and wicked all her life, and through her accidental hurting and killing of people, that she has begun to believe what others say of her. her mind phycologically twisted by others and by the actions of herself. This further confirmed peoples thoughts about her. Thus she has self-prophesized her own fate, and become what others call a monster. Her only friend.................. is her inner hollow, who has taken over her zanpaktou to become dominant(like how shirosaki has taken over zangetsu). However, since inner hollows are basically alter egos of their shinigami, Rika basically is still all alone with herself collectively.

In short, Rika's zanpaktou isn't neccesarily meant to kill, but to torture the opponet, mentally, physically, and even toy with their opponet's willpower. Her personality traits that stick out, are her irony, misleading, satire, subtle contradictories, and trickery, and these traits even reach into her zanpaktou and powers as a whole. H These traits hi-light her denial of being a monster, that she has almost created a split personality when it comes to ways of thought. One that denies her being a monster, and one the gives in to the thoughts. Her personality and conflict really reflects in her powers, from attack functions to attack names This will be explained throughout the post.

Zanpaktou Name: 幽霊吹雪 風刺的な吹雪の幽霊 "fūshi teki na fubuki no yūrei" ( Satirical Blizzard Phantom, or litterally Satirical Blizzard Ghost or Satirical ghost of the snowstorm)

Release Command: 浸透し、幽霊吹雪 風刺的な吹雪の幽霊, "shintō shi ,fūshi teki na fubuki no yūrei"
(“Permeate, Satirical Blizzard Phantom”, or litterally “Permeate, satirical ghost of a snowstorm”)

Style: Fighting style leans more towards the kidou side. However, Rika knows no kido at all.

Element: Element and power is reitsu wind

Shikai state and appearance: Has a silver-metallic western guard and hilt with a sapphire color sheen, with a cross for style that also has the same color, and a opaque-transparent ribbon wrap that comes off the bottom of the hilt and the cross almost like rukia and ichigo’s zanpaktou. The blade has the shape and cutting power of a katana and Damascus sword, but the texture is of a Damascus sword though. Blade is also dense like a diamond, but in the form of a long forded blade that is a strange clear, opaque, and an almost transparent crystal-like color.

In sealed/shikai state: The zanpaktou uses the shinigami’s pure reitsu as a weapon, but the spiritual pressure from the reitsu of shinigami can boost the effects of the zanpaktou itself to almost be used like a quincy except a quincy can use reishi too. However, spiritual pressure can sill be utilized in sealed form too, just without the combination with the released zanpaktou abilities and attacks. Here’s how spiritual pressure is used in general with sealed state and shikai. The reitsu has a chilling effect, much like yammamoto genryusai’s reitsu is hot. The zanpaktou uses the reitsu in attacks to literally freeze the opponents in shikai. The reitsu goes towards opponents in a chilling wind which compacts the reishi and or spiritrons that make up the spiritual body to have a mock freezing effect, to make it feel cold. The actual real chilling effect from spiritual pressure, combined with the mock freezing effect, make it even more formidable. Effected objects expand as water expands when it is frozen. This technique can be used on any energy-based attacks as well, but results will vary depending on attacks. However, this technique also numbs the effected parts, and can be used on the owner of the zanpaktou itself, to stop bleeding, etc. This also however makes any effected parts brittle and can easily be shattered even if they are on the owner.

All cuts made directly by the zanpaktou in both sealed or shikai freeze over in the actual freezing in sealed and mock freeze style in shikai respectively, to prolongue defeat and physically torture the opponet. Although of course the effect is greater in shikai. Even though they don't bleed because of the freezing, it seems that it would be a good thing, but it's not. Pain is neccesary at times, and taking it aways is bad. It tricks the body. The wound may become numb with mock freeze, but the edges of the cut or wound that still have feeling will have frostbite and you will feel it. Just like normal numbness and frostbite.

Shikai attacks:
• 空気呼吸 kūki kokyū, “Breathing Air” : A direct gust of concentrated wind that feels cold. If contact is made, mock-freezing may occur depending on reitsu levels.
• More attacks will be added later

The shikai is limited in attacks, so Rika, has to invent new styles and techniques based around her shikai technique to compensate. Such as using spiritual pressure in her fighting and everyday life. The following is an example of that, in the shikai notes where it is explained.

Shikai notes:
The name satirical blizzard ghost, is in the fact that, it's satire in the way that it's name is blizzard ghost ,yet, it's technique just makes it seem like a mock freeze rather than an a actual coldness. This irony is further shown, that her reitsu has a chilling effect, yet her zanpaktou has a mock freeze chilling effect. This goes back to Rika's personality traits reaching into her zanpaktou

The more spiritual pressure and the owner’s reitsu in the air, the more powerful the owner and the opponent is effected, since they are surrounded by both the owners spiritual pressure, which boosts the coldness effect, and reitsu which is used for attacks. This can also help mask the owner’s presence, since the reitsu would be everywhere, they would be harder to sense in a fight. Or, if she isn't in a fight, using this style of fighting of dispensing spiritual pressure and reitsu around the area Rikai is in, and spreading it in a way that all the reitsu feels that way, can be used on espionage or just missions in general.

For example, in the real world, or anywhere it would just feel like the weather it is getting colder if she dispensed it gradually, and thus Rika, could easily slip through as a normal person undetected.

The ribbon-wrap at the end of the hilt and cross I mentioned earlier, has no specialty, but if the owner is innovative with thier zanpaktou, they can fully unwrap, the string and swing the zanpaktou by the swing(kind of like shirosaki), and use that for long range swing attacks or even unleash the shikai attacks from a long distance. The string can be long and can stretch. An entire technique of fighting can be derived of this. So think of it as the unnoficial next stage of the shikai. If they happen to catch an opponet by the string and zanpaktou as it wraps around the opponet, then they can be swung around a bit, and the shiningami can channel the reitsu and spiritual pressure through the string to enhance fatique.

Hollow Relationship: Rika was born a natural hybrid vaizard, and thus, Rika's hollow managed to become dominant over satirical blizzard ghost(like shirosaki over zangetsu) before Rika ever met it. In this respect, Rika doesn't need a mask to activate or use her hollow powers, as she litterally IS a hollow and shinigami.

Unlike Ichigo however, whose hollow inhibits his shinigami side growth, Rika's hollow has "always been" her zanpaktou and thus she has no trouble using both hollow and shinigami techniques. Hollow techniques were taught to her alongside her shinigami ones to work perfectly in sync by her hollow. The two are the only friends they have, and thus rivals as well.

The two, Rika and her hollow, having zanpaktou co-existence has enabled them to use a technique greater than a mask. Since neither of them are fighting for dominance like a normal vaizard, and a shinigami and it's inner hollow are one in the same and alter egos of each other in the first place, Instead of using a mask which is a example of forced suppression, the two alter ego's fuse into one being as their trump card. However, when not using this form, the two of them can switch out dominance at will. This means Rika can switch out dominance with her inner hollow if she wants to. However, this is willfully and not forcefully, so it doesn't inhibit the relationship.

Hollow techniques:

Cero: Normal straight cero, but with Rika's chilling reitsu of course. This cero, like her zanpaktou, is an opaque color, EXCEPT almost that it looks like a stream of heat waves rather than just opaque.

Absolute Cero: In accordance with Rika's aforementioned traits, this technique name is a double-pun, in that it's a play on words of the term "Absolute Zero" which is zero degrees on the Kelvin scale. However, it is the name of her cero attack, and cero means zero in spanish.
This is a direct energized beam of Rika's reitsu which as said before has a chilling effect. However, this cero has the energized chilling reitsu so concentrated, that the chilling effect is the equivalent of the temperature absolute zero. It is the same color of her normal cero except it has more of a shiny sheen to it.
At the same time it's quite a oxymoronic technique. It, being a energized absolute zero technique.

Bala: (bala means bullet in spanish) A normal bala, but with Rika's cold reitsu.

Kōri balabara jū (means ice bullet machine gun)(氷balaバラ銃): The same as a her normal bala except more concentrated and fires a a rapid speed like Gatling gun. The name is misleading. It's not as rapid as a machine gun, but like a primitive form of one, that being a Gatling gun.

Sonido and all of it's applications: Sonido is the hollow versions of shunpo that shinigami use. Shunpo is otherwise known as flash step.

Inability to do gargantua techniques: Rika's lack of kido skills inhibit her in making gargantuas. This is one of the reasons why she has never left the living world. Both senkaimons(portal to and from soul society), and gargantuas(portals that hollow make) are kidou related or have required kidou energy to make. as urahara needed kidou energy and incantations to make both the senkeimon and gargantua, and there is an actual kidou spell to make a senkaimon that renji made when they retrieved rukia to take back to soul society.

so pretty much they need kidou energy, and rika basically sucks at anything kidou related, so she can't make a gargantua, nor do a senkaimon. As such she can't do the following gargantua techniques,




The inpenetrable shield made by the menos to save Aizen and co from SS, that i think is a gargantua based attack,

Gargantua windows:

This is the technique Ulquiorra used to show different areas through gargantuas to orihime shown here

Inner World:(the inner world design is inspired by mario galaxy, but i added some more concepts) Rika's inner world is almost like vacuum of free floating space. There are 2 different levels to it however like ichigo's inner world has and probrably like all inner worlds in general. The first level is as follows. There are planetary 3-d shapes that are mostly sphere-like of condensed reitsu with the mock freeze-effect, that look like balls and blocks of ice. There are some blocks and spheres that are so big that you can't tell it's a planet and the surface seems flat when it's really round(like earth), and some small enough to walk all the way around. Each sphere has it's own gravitational pull. However there are also black holes, and black holes take you into the second level, however, the second level is deep within the soul's soul sleep(the source of power for the soul), and going so far within yourself, you might not be able to come back. This is equivalent to when Ichigo's inner world broke apart when he first went there,


except for Rika, her world turns into a giant black hole instead of collapsing.
The thing with Rika however, is that there are always black holes in her inner world

The black holes in Rika's inner world are also kind of like the concept of rain in Ichigo's world and how Zangetsu doesn't like the rain, the black holes represent how Rika, is trying to just deny all the pain she has gone through and throw it away forever.

Inner world Techniques:

Sparring: Rika has great control over her inner world. She can enter it whenever she wants, and can talk to her hollow whenever she wants. Instead of always having to fight her hollow for control in her inner world, they often just talk or spar. However, the time passed in the inner world is much longer than the time passed in real life. Just like ichigo's and probably any inner world is:





Black Hole: A kido technique Rika is working on is called black hole, based on her actual inner world property, it is to forcefully actually bring people inside her own inner world to fight. However it will have to take the form of a bakudo kido, which Rika doesn't specialize in kido at all. She has been working on this one and only kido for years.


comments so far?

March 15, 2010, 05:44 AM
The story is quite amazing. However i dont agree on the vizard part, Rika should still summon a mask in order to use her hollow powers imo. On the Hollow dominance part I must disagree, since we can only use Ichigo for comparison on this part atm. With this I mean that until she has atleast mastered her Shikai her zanpakatou should remain dominant, because as we have seen already with Ichigo is that shirosaki doenst teach Ichigo anymore shinigami abilities (since its hard to believe that Ichigo his bankai is only his speed increase without anymore special powers, and the Getsuga Tenshou is the same as its shikai form).
On the shinigami power subject, if the hollow is currently dominant who would teach her to use bankai? As we all seen hollows tend to ignore shinigami powers and try to use their own primarily.
Also I am curious about her hollow form (full hollow transformation)

I details you included in youre story concerning her use of certain hollow traits instead of shinigami is quite a interesting feat. I suppose Rika doesnt know how to use shunpo and uses Sonido instead. Her inner world seems to be a dangerous place even for herself and her hollow.

All in all this is a very detailed and amazing character, the background story and the storyline after the whole destruction of Gotei 13. You should consider making a open source Fan fic about it and pple actualy creating their own character within this post apocalyptic bleach (reminds me of Gundam X wich i enjoyed).

March 21, 2010, 06:50 PM
The story is quite amazing. However i dont agree on the vizard part, Rika should still summon a mask in order to use her hollow powers imo. On the Hollow dominance part I must disagree, since we can only use Ichigo for comparison on this part atm. With this I mean that until she has atleast mastered her Shikai her zanpakatou should remain dominant, because as we have seen already with Ichigo is that shirosaki doenst teach Ichigo anymore shinigami abilities (since its hard to believe that Ichigo his bankai is only his speed increase without anymore special powers, and the Getsuga Tenshou is the same as its shikai form).
On the shinigami power subject, if the hollow is currently dominant who would teach her to use bankai? As we all seen hollows tend to ignore shinigami powers and try to use their own primarily.
Also I am curious about her hollow form (full hollow transformation)

I details you included in youre story concerning her use of certain hollow traits instead of shinigami is quite a interesting feat. I suppose Rika doesnt know how to use shunpo and uses Sonido instead. Her inner world seems to be a dangerous place even for herself and her hollow.

All in all this is a very detailed and amazing character, the background story and the storyline after the whole destruction of Gotei 13. You should consider making a open source Fan fic about it and pple actualy creating their own character within this post apocalyptic bleach (reminds me of Gundam X wich i enjoyed).
"Note: I'm always editing the main post about Rika above whenever i have some more ideas or want to explain things better or if i find mistakes"

I'm glad you brought the bolded up. As I explained before, her hollow isn't evil and wanting to take over for control like ichigo's hollow. Maybe it's the fact the Rika and her hollow are more symbiotic and the Rika doesn't think that the hollow wanting control is a bad thing, as they switch out regularly. The fact that Rika's hollow has taken over satirical blizzard ghost, means it IS satirical blizzard ghost, just like Shirosak IS zangetsu right now, and is the reason ichigo isn't getting any stronger. Though the situation with Rika is quite the opposite. Remember, Rika, has never met her original zanpaktou, she was born a vaizard, so her hollow took over her zanpaktou before she even awakened her powers, thus her hollow has taught her everything.

Rika also regularly eats hollows, all menos level hollows, arrancars, zanpaktou wielders, spiritually aware humans, the different types of pluses, and more

Evil is simply a matter of perspective. In fact, as explained in the characterization in my above post, Rika herself, by alot of the people in her world is considered a monster.

Also, thanks for responding. i thought i did all that thinking out, just to not get any critique. I actually first started reading Bleach, in fall of 2008, and was a expert by the end of Feburary.(i read it over fall break and at that time, Barragon was heading to confront Soi fon and ommaeda, it was like in the 320s). Actually i can't believe it's been that long o_0. In fact, i had at that time begun favoring bleach over naruto and got into the fanfiction, which actually let me understand character personalities more, which even though it's fanfiction, helped me look at the bleach characters in a more rounded instead of flat way.

At that time i read a story about Ichigo and Rukia's child coming from the future to teach everyone the third release of a zanpaktou. and after reading that it reminded me of dragonball z with trunks. and whenever i am making up new stories or scenaros in my head, or thinking of future arcs of stories for example. a dragonball z scenario comes in the story like a template of how things go. For example, the whole bout with frieza on namek and then blowing up, translates into another story in so many different ways without it seeming like it's from dragonball z. thats how i do with all of my stories. I get insporations from other stories, comics, real life, etc. At first, it seems like its directly from but with different characters and setting and plot and what not and eventually i mold it completely till it has a life of it's own.

Thats how I made the Rika character and plot basically. Using elements from Bleach about how the worlds need to be balanced, add in some apocolyptic future, and in some characterization, fantasize about plot, scenarios and fights for months and finnaly, so you don't forget everything, just try to compile every single thought in a create your own zanpaktou thread in mangahelpers, and add in some stuff that would make sense along the way.

I could make a fanfiction off of Rika and her world, just as I just typed up her character on mangahelpers. I'm type of person that can't stop once i start, but before i start, my mind i cluttered and i have absolutely no idea how to start. heh

well thanks for reading my rant.

April 06, 2010, 03:06 AM
Shinigami name: Haru


Haru is born a human who awakened his shinigami powers through being infused with a high amount of reiatsu of a group of vizards and arrancar fighting close by.
Haru his birthplace is a area rich of reireishi. This area is also widely populated by humans, thus the vizards living here felt obligated to protect it from any hollow/arrancar who might want to devour these humans. After a group of arrancar/menos attacked this place the vizards defended it with all their might releasing a lot reiatsu, accidently Haru was nearby during this time and his human body was destroyed due to the huge amounts of reiatsu emitted by the fight.
It was not before long that the vizards discovered that Haru had shinigami powers and captured him in the hope he also had hollow powers. The vizards found no trace of hollow powers within Haru, however he did awaken them due to the hollows being present. The vizards cast Haru away for being a shinigami instead of a vizard.
Haru not yet realizing what and why this happened was unaware he was a spirit. He felt betrayed by his own family and friends and left his previous home. Haru being very angry at the world for not knowing why he deserved this fate isolated himself from the world with his only companion being his zanpakatou. He wandered the country for several months before encountering another Reishi rich area to train his shinigami powers.
The area were Haru started to train was a desolate area with nearly to no life. For nearly 60 years he trained to master his shikai and being able materialize his zanpaktou to continue training for his bankai. At this time it was that his hollow powers began to surface. During the next 20 years he trained to achieve bankai with frequent interruptions of his hollow to interrupt him from gaining his bankai.

Shinigami details:
Haru being a “artificially” created shinigami is now 150 years old. Mastering his shikai and achieved bankai in a premature state. Haru is a expert in the use of kidou and Reiatsu, without the tutoring of other shinigami he had to discover/create his own fighting style. While his zanpakatou learned him how to use reiatsu and wielding a sword he couldn’t learn haru how to use Shunpo while this being one the most important features of Haru. Haru learned Sonido from his hollow during his bankai training.
Haru his hollow took control shortly after learning his bankai. His hollow is nearly identical to Haru being very calm in battle however his fighting still was more barbaric like a normal hollow.

Kidou abilities:

While being very adept at kidou and having a kidou based zanpaktou Haru his knowledge of spells was zero and had to learn his own. He only made 1 kidou during his time as a shinigami and several more new and known ones after he gained his hollow powers.

Kidou 1: getsuei

The spell explains itself, it creates a silver colored sphere emiting enough light to create shadows allowing Haru to use his Shikai to its maximum.

Kidou 2: Six Rods Prison of Darkness

Nearly Identical to six rod prison of light being a shinigami ability. Haru once saw this technique being performed by a vizard before he died, the most powerfull arrancar back then was incapitated by this technique. Haru was very impressed by this technique and wanted to learn it himself.
With his shadow abilities Haru copied this technique and modified at the same time with his shikai.
Six Rods Prison of Darkness creates the same prison as its variant only this prison is slightly weaker because the barrier created are shadows instead of reiatsu.

Zanpaktou Name
Kozumikku anei Cosmic Shadow 宇宙の憂うつ
Release command: shakou sono seken, Kozumikku anei
Darken the world , Cosmic Shadow
暗くなる世界, 宇宙の憂うつ

unreleased state:
a Uhcigatana, a black hilt, black gaurd with white suns on it.
Fighting style: A combination of Zanjutsu, Kidou and Sonido.
Primarily using zanjutsu and sonido to fight and Kidou to augment his shikai abilities.


The blade disappears and is replaced with compressed shadows. The rest of the zanpaktou remains the same.
By mastering every aspect of his shikai and its nearly infinite uses of it, the reiatsu required to activate and sustain his shikai have become nearly nothing. Haru learned through his mastery that the only part of his shikai that required any energy at all was the compressing and sustaining the compression of his shikai, by not compressing shadows in the form of a weapon the strain on his reaitsu is so small it was easier for haru to keep his shikai active and compress shadows right before a fight (this also reduced the size of his weapon making it easier to conceal).

Special abilities:
Being a blade of shadows this blade needs to cut a shadow in able to be effective. The frightening part about the shikai is that nothing can stop the shadow blade from slicing his enemy in half, however when there are no shadows present (darkness doesn’t count as shadow) there is nothing to cut (also if his enemy hides within another shadow the shadow of the other object is damaged instead of the enemy).

Anei-Kangoku Shadow Prison 影刑務所
A premature bankai which creates a shadow prison, a invisible prison in a certain area, this prison is shown within the area like a shadow.

Special ability: zettai anei Absolute shadow 絶対的な影
Absolute control over the shadows. The ability grants Haru absolute control of any shadow, making Haru able to control and manipulate objects. This grants him the ability to alter reality itself (he is not able to control / manipulate living objects). This ability was never mastered and probably never will be (total mastery would mean Haru could also control / manipulate living objects)


Name: gekkou
Since the hollow took control after his bankai training it did not help Haru truly mastering its bankai frightening powers. Haru his hollow is a very calm person with as it seems a split personality where 1 part is like Haru very isolated and aggressive toward anyone and the other part being a very kind spirit wanting to have to be friends with Haru. The hollow actually detests the Kidou based abilities Haru has and prefers to go a more straight way of fighting. He taught Haru how to perfect his zanjutsu and even taught him Sonido. The only Kidou based ability the hollow taught Haru was Cero and Garganta.

Hollow powers:

Haru received his hollow powers through a very odd way: a normal vizard gains his powers by defeating its hollow in a battle for its body/soul.
Gekkou having a split personality was a brutal savage during Haru his bankai training but while trying to gain hollow powers he gave Haru access to its powers willingly. The kidou based powers were granted after intensive training with Gekkou to see if Haru was worthy of his powers.


Gekkou and Haru developed a unique way of opening a Gargantua, Gekkou being very inept at Kidou and control of reiatsu (unlike Haru), he taught Haru the basics of how to create while he was unable to open a gargantuan himself.
Haru being a master at Reiatsu control and kidou used his shikai to complete gargantua. With his shikai Haru rips a opening in a shadow creating the gargantua, where only Haru has the ability to enter this portal.


Gekkou although being inept at kidou is able to perform a basic Cero. The cero Haru fires is its usual black sphere with instead of a crimson glow a purple glow.

Anei Cero:

Haru modified the Cero Gekkou taught him. He is only able to perform this Cero while being in Shikai and not in bankai oddly enough. Haru his shikai is made of Shadows and thus he compresses these shadows even more in a sphere and fires it leaving only his hilt and guard behind. The Anei Cero is similar to his shikai ability only being able to hit a shadow and thus also being nearly invisible (the Cero travels as a shadow)

Zanpakatou spirit: Kozumikku anei

appearance: Tall and slim. His whole body is covered in a black robe, which covers everything besides his face. His face has a very bright white/grey glow.
Hollow spirit: Gekkou
Appearance: Identical to Kozumikku Anei however like with a hollow spirit is the total opposite aswell. The robe is white and covers everything beside his face. His face has a very bright black/purple glow.

Inside world:
A non functioning volcano with on the top edge a burned house with only 2 chambers totally untouched by the volcano. 1 chamber is the main residence of Kuzumikku Anei with a single window, the moon always shines through this window lightening the room with its grey shine. The other room owned by Gekkou is the total opposite being totally dark since the room is located at the other side of the house.
The Volcano is filled with water which reflects the sky in the lake. It’s always night with a grey shimmering "moon" lighting the dark place. The sky holds many "stars", which change positions to display the mood of the residents.

April 06, 2010, 04:50 AM
This looks like fun.

My Zanpakto is called: Don't know enough Japanese to come up with a cool name.
My Zanpakto's release command: Scream! (or the Japanese equivalent)
My Zanpakto's spirit: A very, very tall and skinny man wearing a Chinese opera mask and skin tight clothing, which is horizontally striped black and green.
My Zanpakto's world: An endless forest of thorned rose bushes.
My Zanpakto's fighting style: Up close and personal.

The Zanpakto looks like a regular katana with a plain green rectangular hilt, upon release it turns in to a black and green Jian (black blade, green/black hilt), with an eye carved in to the guard.

Shikai: The Jian has two forms. "Regular", in which it is a regular sword with slightly boosted attack, and "spiritual", which looks exactly the same as the regular, but can not be blocked or impeded in any way. While in spiritual form, it can not do any damage either. Whatever it cuts receives great pain instead. The highest mastery of the zanpakto would be instantaneous switching between the two forms. Normally, it takes a second or two.

Bankai: The sword looses all black and turns pure emerald green. It bestows an all round stat increase (speed, power and reflexes) in exchange for loosing the spiritual sword. When you are affected by the bankai's spiritual pressure, you also feel pain. The closer you get to the bankai, the more pain you feel. If you fight sword to sword against it, you have to do so under crippling pain (the stronger his spiritual pressure, the more the pain). The bankai's ranged attack is a projectile in the form of a blade. It normally does no damage other than pain, however, the more the user is injured, the more the pain is substituted for real damage. When the user is critically injured, the projectile beings to do reverse pain (feels good when hit and numbs the enemy to more pain) but it also inflicts critical damage.

User: Hiei. Upset by the fact that his zanpakto does nothing but hurt people, he was offered a place in the fourth division by Unohana and tends to prefer to use healing or kido rather than resorting to his zanpakto. He never trains with other people as the first time he achieved bankai, half of his squad was knocked unconscious with pain. Because of this, he vowed never to use his bankai near other people.

monkey D luffy
April 09, 2010, 04:00 PM
type: no element zanpakutou

style: zenjutsu, hohou

name/release command: heavenly crystal glass/ reflect!

form: relatively unchanged, blade is made of crystal, there is a long strong coming out of the hilt.

power: slicing gets mirrored, for exemple i slice from left to right, the actual damage will be in a straight line but in different form (down to up, diagnoly etc.)

double reflect: the most basic technique, by slashing once there will be 2 attacks in different patterns that will be almost imposible to block. how ever the down side is that the power is a bit weakened from a normal slash.

octo reflect: slashes 8 times in a complete random form, easy to dodge though becasue all the slashes will be concetrated on the same area (not in the body, if you dodge all of the slashes miss.

image slice: almost impossible to dodge, slash from a distance and the slash is mirrored all the way to the opponent (meaning you can see a slash in the air and its getting closer and its getting mirrored every time you can see it, imagine a large number of slashes appearing one after another a few feet from each other and then disappearing)

bankai: thousand heavenly crystal glass
command: shatter!

form: the entire shinigami body is covered in an armor, kinda hard to explain my image but ill try, its pretty much a skin with a helmet similar to bike's helmet but longer to the back and narrower to fit a human's head completely. from behind a circle of swords spinning slowly, also around both armes slowly spinning shards of mirror. the katana is now entirely crystal clear.

note in this form hakuda is usable as wall

power: every slash is multiplied a thousand times and slashes a large area around where the original slash was in a chaotic manner (meaning a direct hit against somewhat weaker opponent is 1hko)

heaven's mirror: a single punch near the enemy (doesnt need a direct hit) will couse the enemy to get sliced (remember the mirror shards circleing my arms?)

circle thousand sllice: requires a hit, there willl be 1000 slices in rotating manner (left to right->down left to upper right-> down to up and so on) guarding from the first strike pretty much guarentees that you guard from them all but the power of the slash is enourmous and so is every other of the 1000.

heaven annhilation: the swords that circle around behind me spread out and reform infront of me rotating insanely fast, with one slash through the circle i slash around 1 mil times in all directions. impossible to dodge unless youre as fast as youruichi or have a great defence like byakuya in bankai mode and even then you are not out of it yet. it takes a long time to prepare and uses a mass of reiatsu so its an everything or nothing technique

April 11, 2010, 02:12 PM
Zanpaktou Name: Ao Doragon (Green Dragon), a green double-edged sword (Chinese Jian)

Zanpaktou Type: Light

Zanpaktou Spirit: A beautiful lady with cyan-like hair wearing a green cloak with dragon tatoos all over her body.

Shikai: Triggername - Action
About: The Chinese jian elongate itself and cast various lightning shots upon its opponent

Bankai: Kanchoukire Ao Doragon (Director's Cut, Green Dragon)
About: The Chinese jian will turn into a slate (film directing equipment), this bankai will turn every opponent into puppets, whereas the one who yield this bankai will be able to manipulate and control them in various scenes, mostly will result a green dragon appear out of the picture and snap its opponent into a bloodshed chaos

May 29, 2010, 05:39 PM
Zanpaktou Name: Ao Doragon (Green Dragon), a green double-edged sword (Chinese Jian)

Zanpaktou Type: Light

Zanpaktou Spirit: A beautiful lady with cyan-like hair wearing a green cloak with dragon tatoos all over her body.

Shikai: Triggername - Action
About: The Chinese jian elongate itself and cast various lightning shots upon its opponent

Bankai: Kanchoukire Ao Doragon (Director's Cut, Green Dragon)
About: The Chinese jian will turn into a slate (film directing equipment), this bankai will turn every opponent into puppets, whereas the one who yield this bankai will be able to manipulate and control them in various scenes, mostly will result a green dragon appear out of the picture and snap its opponent into a bloodshed chaos

this is the second time i've seen a light type zanpaktou other than fanfiction.

it seems like a direct counter to my character:

El Samurai Guapo
May 30, 2010, 04:42 PM
Zanpaktou Name: Ao Doragon (Green Dragon), a green double-edged sword (Chinese Jian)

Wouldn't "Ao Doragon" be blue dragon? I thought the color green in japanese was midori.

September 03, 2010, 09:53 PM
Wouldn't "Ao Doragon" be blue dragon? I thought the color green in japanese was midori.

i get Ao mixed up too.

September 05, 2010, 09:35 AM
(This should be stickied IMO)

Fighting Style: Zanjutsu & Hohou Mainly. Kidou & Hakuda only when needed.

Element Type: Lightning.

Shikai: Dansu Sanda-ba-do (Quick Google Translation of "Dance, Thunderbird"
The Zanpakuto would then become two smaller Wakizashis. Capable of sending electric shocks through them and up the sword/hilt of the enemy's hands.

Bankai: "Take flight your Majesty, Tian-Mu" (Don't feel like translating that)
This bankai pretty much increases the users speed and threat range with a pair of giant electric wings appearing on their back and a lightning 'cloak' also covering their arms/swords.
Also allows the user to send giant bolts of lightning at their opponent, that could damage and/or paralyze whoever is hit.

September 10, 2010, 08:21 AM
type:Kidou non-elemental
fighting style: Zanjutsu and Kidou

Zanpakutou name: Reikon no Hyakuman (Million souls)
roughly translated
Release command : Rise from the dead

Released form:Transparent diamond blade. The blade shattered into a hundred souls. They're invisible but you can notice it by the unbalanced background (it gets a bit bigger). At night under the moon's light it will glow in rainbow colour. (kinda like pyreflies in final fantasy X) http://finalfantasy.neoseeker.com/wiki/Ghost_%28FFX%29 << shape

Shikai:Each soul will pierce through the enemy's body (in a circle) with 2cm of diameter. The soul that attacked will disappear and new soul will be created within 2 minutes.

Bankai: Devour them to death

- now there are 500 souls. They will form 50 strong and dense souls (so dense that you can see). They can use shunpo. They will touch the enemy and disappear into the enemy's body. all of enemy's senses will be lost in 2 minutes and will die in 3 minutes. The enemy will be very exhausted when the soul touches him.

This zanpakutou can be used as a shield by moving in circle around the user at high speed (it's transparent)
The user can control the souls
The enemy can cut souls but they can regenerate at high speed
Souls can be destroyed by using a mirror. The soul will be trap in there but if the mirror breaks, the soul will be free. (1 soul per mirror)

October 01, 2010, 07:19 PM
Character Name: Kinue Kurosaki

Masaki was pregnant with Kinue when she was killed by Grand Fisher. Because Kinue's chain of fate was infintesimally small he was already half way hollow when Masaki had konso performed on them and they were sent to SS effectively making him a Visored. The difference b/w his inner hollow and others is that it is black and not the conventional white because his hollow is reborn when Kinue was born meaning that the hollow had gone through a second birth. When Masaki gave birth to Kinue they were living in the Rukongai and were met with poverty, and the many other hardships that many were faced with there as well. At some point Masaki opened up a small clinic, that doubled as a house resembling Isshin's. When Kinue was around 1 Masaki would have him accompany her whenever she had a patient, so as to preoccupy them. But that same building was burnt down by one of the gangs in the Rukongai when she refused to pay for "protection" thus returning them to the streets. An Incident occured where Masaki was being chased down by the very same gang that had torched her clinic. Once they caught up with her she lost her hold on Kinue and they began beating her until a hooded man appeared standing in between the gang and Masaki. He challenged them so as to protect the helpless mother and child, but before he could make a move a huge, massive burst of spiritual pressure exploded from behind him, and when he glanced back he saw all of that power eminating from Kinue. After seeing his mom being beaten to a pulp, bleeding, and crying he began to have a fit of rage whaling, and exerting the immeasurable and almost limitless amounts of spritual pressure that were untapped. This is the first clue to the depth of Kinue's hidden, and yet incredible power. The bulidings around them began to cave in, and every person with in a 2 mile radius was left with wounds, or in a condition in which they need hospitalization. The only 2 people not affected were Masaki and the Mysterious hooded man. They were in awe at the raw destructive power of a small infant and left in shock. Then the man snapped at a sound signaling that the spiritual pressure sensors were responding to Kinue's power. Soon the whole area would be swarming Soul Reapers, and most likely Masaki, and the child would be seperated. The man known as Genji Fujimoto then removed his hood, and again offered his hand in assisting in Masaki's, and Kinue's escape. Masaki was suspicious of this man, but the current situation called for decisive acton. She decided to trust Genji for Kinue's sake. When she agreed Genji pulled a small object from his coat (something resembling a key) and turned it midair. Then a portal appeared and both Misaki, and Kinue were taken to the Royal Dimension.

Work in progress. I know where i want to go with this but i need come up with some more ideas and put things into detail. Overall though I like the smoothness of the plot developement, and this is of course background information. Kinue should be about the same age as Ichigo in the current manga. I can explain this as well but don't want to go to much into detail right now. Anyway....


Sōgetsu - Twin Moon
Dual type

The two zanpakuto are two katana look-alikes. The only difference is one has a cross-guard shaped as a square, and the other a diamond.

Hack & Slash

This is of course a dual/twin type zanpakuto so there will be 2 swords like Shunsui, and Ukitake. And the design is a cross between Zangetsu and Sogyo no Kotowari.

Shikai Pic:

Getsuga Tensho - Duh
Tsukihashi - Lunar Bridge: a glowing ribbon of blue reishi that connects both blades. Energy constantly flows ouf of the ribbon resembling a Getsuga Tensho. The ribbon/link can extend as long as it wants to long as the user continues to funnel enough spriitual energy into it. Functions as a shield when wrapped around a person or area, and can be incorporated into Getsuga Tensho's being turned into thin blades of reishi along with the Getsuga.
KyoGetsu - Lunar Aurora: faster version of GT that accurately slices or severs targets while using less energy.
Kyodan Tensuga - Colosal Heaven Fang. When both swords are put together they form a double edged blade. Then the tsukihashi wraps around the blade forming a layer of energy preparing for a huge, and immense wave of energy. 3x lrg than Getsuga.

In'yo Sōgetsu - Yin & Yang Twin Moon

The bankai is very, I mean very similar to Ichigo's bankai with the shikakusho, and the Daito w/o the chain. Except there are 2 Daito's one black and one white. And the black one is held in the right hand while the left one his held in the left hand. So as a result the black is on the right side of the shikakusho and white is on the left side of it. Since there are two swords (2 spirits) that means there is twice the effect of this Bankai compared to Tensa Zangetsu. Twice as fast, twice as strong, twice as aggressive. And that is just the Zanpakuto, this isn't accounting for Kinue who is by all means a monster. This also means that depending on the sword Kinue uses the Getsuga Tensho will either be black or white. However the Black will not have the red tinge around it like Zangetsu. It would have blue while the white has a red tinge because this signifies the yin and yang concept. For Darkness there is a little light, Vice Versa.

Twin Getsuga Tensho (Black/White)
Resonation effect: The two zanpakuto can communicate Telepathically, and the User has Telekenetic control over 2 twin Daito in Bankai
All physical abilities are dramatically increased including: Speed, Strength, Agility, Counterintuitiveness.

If Ichigo had 2x more reiatsu than a SR captain did than that would mean Kinue posesses at least 4x as much because of twin zanpakuto.

Weird Effects??
Reverse Spiritiual Pressure:
Spiritual Pressure is characterized as a condensing of gravity or a wave of energy that increases that weight of gravity to the point that normal people are forced to the ground, and inanimate objects are crushed. Revese SP would suggest that the spiritual pressure becomes so strong that the power of it begins to fight against gravit actually lifting objects and in some cases people into the air.

Additional Froms:

Zanbakuto - Soul Slayer
a form achieved when a shinigami take on the form of their zanpakuto in reality. For instance when Ichigo used the final Getsuga Tensho he became such. This form of power is the highest that can be achieved and can sometimes have serious repercussions like i.e. losing your powers.

Kinue's Zanbakuto
Tsukuyomi - In shinto legend Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon.
This is a form achieved when Kinue is able to balance and resonate all forms of his power both Dark & Light Zanpakuto and his Inner hollow (Similar to Ichigo's Final Getsuga Tensho Form). Wings that span to 15 feet long made of Getsuga extend from his shikakusho one black and one white. And as their is a balance maintained their would be no fear of losing shinigami powers. Just extreme exhaustion if continued prolong use.

Meigetsu - Ultimate attack of Light side of Tsukuyomi
Mugetsu - Ultimate attack of Dark side of Tsukuyomi

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Name : Joe [there is always room for Joe , i m junst not good with names]

Zanpakto Name : Shield [put awesome adjectives and convert to Jap]

Element : Earth

Fighting Style : Hohou + Hokuda??

Unreleased State : 2 Clawlike Daggers [or maybe just a single shield]

Shikai : Each dagger becomes 2 gigantic round shields capable of Enclosing the weilder between them [pretty much becoming in a porcupine type thingy]

Ability : Enclose urself in the shields and do a rollout type attack [enclosed in shields + gravity = high defense and attack]

Bankai : Both shields gain lots of spikes each coted with poison [ofcourse insert the ability to choose type pf poison] .

Ability : Do a rollout like before or the spikes attack as projectiles poisoning everyone and everything in certain area or just do both

April 03, 2011, 12:13 PM

Name: Angelus “Angel” Rodriguez [Anjierasu “Enjieru” Rodorigesu]
Affiliation: Soul Society, Gotei 13, Squad 13
Rank: Lieutenant of Squad 13.
Description: Hispanic background. Dark brown skin. Dark eyes. Athletic built. He looks 22, so that would be nearly 200 in Soul Society years. He has golden hair that sweeps kind of up and back in messy spikes with a bit of a side part. He has quite a deep voice with an Hispanic accent. Nothing heavy or comical, he randomly uses Spanish words in regular conversations, says things like “ches” instead of “yes” and rolls his Rrrrrs a little.
Personality: Because of his uncharacteristic golden hair others in the Seireitei, especially Matsumoto, comment on it and continuously spread rumours that it’s dyed. This pisses Angel off easily due to getting this comment all his life, he has even been known to snap at Captains when they catch him off guard and made an off-handed remark, but he quickly realises what he’s done and apologizes. Other than that he’s a pretty laid back guy, humble and very nonchalant, like he doesn’t care about anything.
..He’s often found taking a siesta in odd places, and when he’s questioned about why he isn’t doing something useful, he remarks that it is his “right as a child of the homeland” to take siestas whenever he feels the need. Often the ‘odd places’ in which he’s napping are close to the action whenever there is trouble. Ichigo asked him why this is and he said that he’s “always been a magnet for trouble” but it is implied that he positions himself where he can make sure nothing goes wrong and so he can help anyone in need, but he denies it. Also, he seems to always know more that he should, he says this is due to “unintentionally” eavesdropping on other people while napping. He keeps mostly to himself, but he is considerate and respectful when dealing with others and has been wrangled into many a situation with all the other Lieutenants and some Captains and is accepted by most, if not all. The Shinigami Women’s Association found out that he is a very good cook and he agreed to cook them a feast for one of their meetings, saying “I could never say no to 10 beautiful women.. Who could all kick my arse”. He is respectful but somewhat uncomfortable around women and adopts a nervous persona rather than his usual nonsalant-ness. Especially women like Matsumoto who have very outgoing personalities, and are very forward about calling Angel handsome. He also likes a drink on occasion, seen out with some of the boys enjoying a bottle of sake.. Or 4.
..His recent appointment as Lieutenant of Squad 13 has done little to change his laid back lifestyle. He leaves most of the work to the No.3 seats, as they have been doing it for so long already; he says that it would be a mistake to change it now. But this is really so he has more time to do what he wants, when he wants. The 3rd seats like this because they were worried that they would be forgotten when a new lieutenant was appointed. His leadership style is relaxed but firm, he expects the orders he gives to be followed, but is not unkind towards his subordinates, he is open to their ideas and shows them respect. They are grateful for this and soon they show great loyalty toward him. They colloquially call him ‘Lieutenant Angel’, but when other Lieutenants or Captains are around they call him ‘Lieutenant Rodriguez’ but he always nonchalantly tells them to call him Angel even in front of a Captain, they never do.
..Captain Ukitake was concerned about Angel’s attitude towards his new position and asked Captain Kyōraku to talk to him as he reasoned that they had things in common. Shunsui turned up to where Angel was napping and asked if he could join. Angel was very nonchalant and said ok. After a short while a small scuffle broke out nearby between some of the lower members of a random squad. Shunsui noticed that Angel shifted his position ever so slightly so that he was in a better position to both see what was happening and make it easier for him to get up if needed, even though it still looked like he was sleeping. After a little while Kyōraku suggested that they go for a drink, Angel agreed. On their way to a bar they were stopped by Nanao, and Angel felt uncomfortable about the way the Captain acted towards her. Later at the bar, after a few drinks, Shunsui was able to open Angel up a bit and learn a lot about him by subtle things in his words. Also, a few members from Squad 13 were also in the bar and Kyōraku got to see how Angel interacted with his Squad and how they acted towards him. Eventually, the Captain had a bit too much to drink and Angel had to carry him back to his barracks where Captain Ukitake was waiting. Angel didn’t stick around for long, and when Shunsui came to he told Ukitake that he had nothing to worry about, that Angel was the right man for the job.
..Ichigo later finds out that he takes siestas during the day because he is either patrolling the Rukongai or training in secret at night. Ichigo and Angel run into each other while chasing down the same group of Hollows beyond the Seireitei. And during the ensuing adventure to find and kill said Hollows, it is revealed that Angel has an immense love for the Seireitei and all who dwell in and around it, and that he trains every night to ensure he is ready for ANY enemy that strikes at the people he has sworn to protect. Ichigo made a joke that he was like the Seireitei’s personal “guardian Angel”.. *cough*
History: Angel grew up in the Rukongai, nearly 200 years before the main story line, in the district of Kusajishi, the North Alley of Loitering Spirits (The same district where future-Captain, Kenpachi Zaraki, found his future-Lieutenant, Yachiru Kusajishi); it is a tough district to be a child in, full of robbery and murder and with frequent Hollow attacks. So he and a group of friends formed a gang to keep each other safe. Angel was one of the oldest and loved the other children who he considered to be his family. He was a happy-go-lucky kid who took a lot of chances to steal food and provisions for the other kids. He was fast and stealthy but was often hurt by making risky escapes or when caught by the person he stole from and was beaten up. He looked up to the oldest boy, their leader, who he considered to be strong and wise. ‘The leader’ often lectured Angel about taking stupid risks, saying that “It would be better to be cold and hungry than see you [Angel] die.”
..During one of the frequent Hollow attacks on the district, his group was caught by two large Hollows. The leader stood between the two Hollows and the gang in an attempt to protect them but was quickly knocked to the side by one Hollow, while the other launched itself at the group devouring most of the kids easily, only leaving one other boy, the leader and Angel left alive. Seeing his family eaten by the Hollows infuriated and terrified Angel, and with two large Hollows bearing down on him he stood in front of the other boy determined to save him from the same fate as the rest of the group. The first Hollow grabbed him and the second grabbed the boy who was torn apart with ease. The Hollow holding Angel started to squeeze him and nearly killed him, when Angel felt like the pain was going to overwhelm him his life flashed before his eyes, and remembering the faces and deaths of his friends triggered something within him, and a large surge of Spiritual Pressure burst forth from Angel like a gale force wind and killed the Hollow that was holding him. The other, bigger Hollow was thrown backwards but survived, and was surprised by the death of his partner. The surge of Spiritual Pressure was uncontrolled and nearly killed Angel, draining his energy to the point of near-unconsciousness. As he lay on the ground, unable to move, watching through half closed eyes as the winded Hollow got up and moved towards him, a large black figure moved into his line of sight. Angel watched as the Shinigami killed the Hollow with a single sweep of his sword, before losing consciousness.
..Angel awoke in the 4th division barracks after being treated for his wounds and exhaustion. He was informed that he was brought here with the leader by a random Shinigami. Later, he was tested and it was discovered that he had an above average level of Spiritual Energy, so he was accepted into the Shinōreijutsuin (Spiritual Arts Academy). Angel was reluctant to admit that he was impressed by the power of the Shinigami and felt an almost overpowering guilt that he wasn’t strong enough to save anyone from the Hollows, but at first he refused the offer because the leader was also tested, but did not meet the requirements. The leader took him aside and told him to not be so stupid, that this was a chance at a better life, away from the Kusajishi District. He told Angel not to worry about him, that he would be alright, but to promise him that he would do his best and train hard so next time he can protect the ones he cares about. So, with new found determination, he accepted the position at the academy.
Training: Angel attended the Shinōreijutsuin, and trained in the Spiritual Arts. He never tired of learning new skills and absorbed each day’s training with a savage curiosity. His Masters saw his potential but often scorned him for taking great personal risks in order to protect others or complete missions, but he never risked anyone other than himself. It was also noted that he would often turn up to training with injuries unrelated to the previous days training. An inquiry was made but nothing was ever uncovered. This indicates that, even early on at the academy, he was already spending his nights outside the Seireitei training and hunting Hollows.
..After the 6 years in the academy he was an extremely capable fighter and found to have great proficiency in stealth, tracking, espionage (intelligence gathering) and the ability to almost completely suppress his Spiritual Energy. All of this was probably due to his “extra-curricular activities”.
..So after the academy he was accepted into Squad 2, the Onmitsukidō (Stealth force), and extensively trained in covert ops. He was put into the Patrol Corps, and used to gather data on uprisings, tracking and apprehending criminals, and generally patrolling the various lands and dimensions under the protection of the Gotei 13.
..As time went on, he rose through the ranks, becoming a team leader. He was given hundreds of team and personal missions. He was even used by other Squads in missions requiring his particular skill set. Angel was eventually brought before Captain Suì-Fēng and told that he had been chosen as the new Lieutenant for Squad 13 after a strong recommendation from several sources, most notably, a “glowing” recommendation from his immediate superior Lieutenant Ōmaeda.


Name: Heaven’s Breath [Tengoku No Buresu]
Appearance: Normal length katana. The guard is a circle with an angel wing pattern. The guard and hilt are gold with white cloth.


Shikai Name: Heaven’s Breath [Tengoku No Buresu]
Shikai Release Command: Exhale! Heaven’s Breath. [Hassru Ru! Tengoku No Buresu]
Type: Melee
• Sub-Type: Duel-Blade
• Element: Wind
Description: Double Tonfa-Blades: The whole Zanpakutō splits in two. The blades and hilts shorten, the guards becomes rectangles, shortens on the back edge side of the blade and change from wings to a ‘Japanese cloud’ pattern, the hilt grows into an L shape, and a silver chain grows from the end of each main-hilt which connects the two swords. Also the colour of the hilt and guard changes from gold to silver. The cloth stays white.
..This Zanpakutō can be used in a variety of ways, but predominately they are used as close combat weapons. They are held by the side-hilt with the back edge of the blades against the forearms. The blades are also used in the regular sword like way, but not as frequently. Also, they can be used as long range weapons. The chain that connects the two blades can extend and retract at Angel’s will. So each blade can be thrown to attack enemies at a long range. The down-side is Angel has VERY limited control over the trajectory once the blade has been thrown. Also the chain’s extension-retraction speed isn’t the fastest. It would not be fast enough to strike speedy enemies and would leave Angel somewhat open for a few seconds during retraction.
Ability: My Zanpakutō’s ability is fairly simple. As the name suggests, it is a wind element based weapon. Angel infuses the air around the blades of his Zanpakutōs with Spiritual Energy and it becomes an extension of the blades themselves. The air moves at an extremely fast pace and is made up of thousands of small currents of air in constant motion. These “air-blades” can slice an opponent like a normal blade. Often the currents move away from the blades but quickly lose the ability to cut things. Only the air in the direct vicinity of the blades is affected by Angel’s Spiritual Energy. The enemy cannot see this wind; however, the things near the blades are ruffled by the wind as it moves away from the blades and dissipates, such as a Shinigami’s clothing. So a perceptive opponent would deduce what was happening from this phenomenon.
..The air-blades are not as powerful as a direct slash from the actual blades themselves but can still do damage enough to hurt. Also if an enemy takes a direct hit from the blades the wound would be made wider and deeper by the air-blades. The air-blades do not affect other Zanpakutōs; they cannot block blows by other weapons. They can only cut flesh and armour. Also, the air-blades can be increased in size from a few inches to about 100 meters, but since the blades are formed by a constant exertion of Spiritual Energy the bigger the blades are made the quicker Angel will tire. Therefore he varies them between 5 inches to half a meter during most battles.
..The air-blades can also be used as a blunt force instrument by exerting a large amount of Spiritual Pressure in an instant, with the blades as a focal point. This is used to push an opponent back, if they’re up in your face with your Zanpakutō’s locked together in a power struggle, or even to knock them to the ground at tremendous speed.
..And speaking of tremendous speed; using his air manipulation skills he is able to create a frictionless kind of barrier around his body to aid his shunpo, of which he is an expert but not a master. He’s not the fastest person in the Seireitei but by using his air-blade technique he is able to increase his speed to rival even that of Yoruichi.. Well, not quite.


Bankai Name: Heaven’s Fury [Tengoku No Densetsu]
Bankai Release Command: Sweep away all existence, Heaven’s Fury! [Subetento sonzai wo issou, Tengoku No Densetsu]
Type: Melee
• Sub-Type: Multiple Blade
• Element: Wind
Description: When Bankai is released one of the two Shikai Zanpakutōs completely dissolves and the other only dissolves to the guard. The hilt is all that is left. The guard and hit revert to their sealed shape and length, the white cloth disappears, the colour becomes a bright gold, as if it is lit from within, and it gets a diagonal line pattern along its length. Angel’s kimono becomes white, the sash at his waist and white under–kimono-shirt thing become a subtle gold colour. The sash attaching the Lieutenant’s Badge to his arm stays white, as it is an addition to his original uniform.
..The actual “blade” of Angel’s Bankai is made up of thousands of feather shaped blades which form together in the shape of wings at Angel’s back. When first released the wings are in the same position as the Zanpakutō’s Spirit’s wings. The colour of Angel’s Spiritual Energy / Pressure is pure white so the feathers are a shining white colour, but not overpoweringly bright.
Ability: The first, and most used, ability of Angel’s Bankai is when the feather-blades are in wing formation. It is immediately activated once Bankai is released. The feathers can be used for both attack and defence, using only a few at a time or all of them at once. The feathers seem to move of their own accord, but in reality, Angel is controlling them with his mind. Not having to use physical movements to control the path of the feathers reduces their reaction time and increases their defensive capabilities. Also, the speed of the feathers depends on how many are being used to attack as it takes more concentration to move a larger number of feathers at one time. For example, if only using one feather to attack, it would move faster than the eye could see, but using all of them at once would drastically reduce their speed and be easily dodged by higher level enemies. The blades in their wing-form can also be used to increase Angel’s running and flight speed exponentially. He becomes as fast as a master of shunpo, but is still not classed as one due to it not being his natural skill.
..The second ability is called Shattering Vortex [Datsu Tsubu Uzu]. When this ability is activated the wings on Angel’s back start to flap, which produces an extremely strong current of air that traps the enemy within a tornado-like-vortex. As the wings are creating this vortex, the feather-blades are detaching from the wings in a constant stream, flowing down the current and merging with the vortex until no feathers remain at Angel’s back. The air infused with the blades attacks the enemy from all sides until they are able to break free or die.
..The third, and final, ability of this Bankai is called Choir of Redemption [Shoukan No Seika Tai]. Angel draws the golden hilt of his Zanpakutō and raises it with both hands above his head. All the feather-blades group together above the hilt in a kind of downwards arrow shape, making a huge blade of shining white energy. With this technique Angel can do devastating damage to an enemy easily with one strike. The problem is, with Angel needing two hands to hold this weapon aloft, and the size of the blade hindering its manoeuvrability, it leaves Angel somewhat defenceless. Thrusting with the blade practically slices through the fabric of space and allows Angel to move from one point to another in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Angel cannot change his trajectory once he starts moving, and moving at that speed, it is difficult to stop quickly. So if he misses his target, and he very rarely does, he will keep moving forward exposing his back before he can stop. The reason this ability is called CHOIR of Judgement is because all the feather-blades being forced together in this blade form are continuously striking one another, and when the smaller blades make contact they release a pure note of sound. With thousands of blades striking together thousands of times it creates the illusion of music coming from the larger blade.


Zanpakutō Spirit: The spirit of Heaven’s Breath is in the form of a female angel of the same age as Angel. She has six wings all coming from a singular point between her shoulder blades and they kind of overlap each other in sets of two. The top two wings are the largest and curve up and over her shoulders and are quite spread out, the middle two are bent closer to the body and are positioned at a 90 degree angle to her body and the third pair are much smaller than the others and positioned downwards, kind of wrapping around her body and legs, but not so tightly that you can’t clearly see her arms and body. She kind of floats, her wings don’t flap but she doesn’t stand on nothing like a Shinigami, her legs just kind of hang. She has blonde hair that flows in waves and soft curls over her shoulder and down her back to her waist. She wears a white flowing robe with gold trim in a Grecian style. Gold bangles / bracelets adorn her arms and ankles. And a beautiful golden corset at her waist. Her voice is soft and sweet, even when angry she keeps a level tone which often disturbs Angel.
Inner World: Heaven’s Breath’s inner world is made up of giant cathedrals of clouds. Not literal cathedrals, just huge masses of clouds. There is a sky-blue background. The clouds that make up this inner world are constantly moving and changing shape and there is a never ending soft wind. There is no sense of direction within this world. Also, gravity is kind of a moot point, as the Spirit floats and Angel can stand on nothing. The world is also affected by the Spirits mood. If she is angry the blue gets darker, the wind moves faster and the clouds get a grey hue, to the point where there can be a gale force wind, the blue is almost a black colour, thunder can be heard, and lightning can be seen within the clouds.


August 05, 2011, 01:03 AM
I'll copy/paste my guy from a Mangastream RPG I was in. Zanpakuto was a bazooka because bazookas are awesome. Also, he was a Captain, so, the Bankai may be a tad overpowered lol.


Name: Heikishou Kikou
Race: Shinigami
Affiliation: Gotei 13
Rank: 7th Division Captain, Head Professor of the Shinigami Academy
Epithets: "The Professor", "The Iron Wall", "The Fallout King"
Gender: Male
Appearance: Kikou is six feet three inches (~190 cm), thin and wiry, and has tan skin. He has light brown hair which sticks up and forward in the same direction as Kisame's does. Kikou wears the standard Shinigami uniform and Captain's haori, but with a heavy flak jacket over it. The jacket has several pouches and has a camouflage design. Kikou also wears a scarf that usually covers his neck and mouth, which also has a camouflage design. He takes off the jacket and scarf for formal occasions, such as for Captain meetings.
After his battle with Chi, Kikou was aged the equivalent of ten Human years. His hair now has a several grey streaks in it.
Personality: Kikou is usually quiet -- he only speaks when it's absolutely important. His quietness shouldn't be mistaken as shyness, however: he's just mellow. Kikou hates conflict and tries to act as the voice of reason. He also enjoys teaching others and likes his position as Captain, educating and mentoring lower-ranked members of his division. He makes a point of learning the names of everyone in his division (as well as everyone he ever taught at the Academy).
Kikou is very morally upright and holds to a code of peace, though he accepts the fact that a perfect, warless world is impossible and allows for killing as a last resort. Others have noted that this aversion to killing sometimes leaves his enemies in fates worse than death, such as being crippled for life.

Kikou's life was perfect, so when he died he couldn't bear to part with it, becoming a Hollow. A Shinigami rescued him, however, and this event changed Kikou's life (er, death) forever. Filled with admiration for what the Shinigami had done, Kikou decided he wanted to devote the rest of his time to be a Shinigami and save others himself.
Unfortunately, about half a century into his career Kikou saw it systematically destroyed. After a mission into Hueco Mundo, two of his fellow Shinigami brutally tortured an Adjuchas Menos and committed acts of vulgarity. Angered, Kikou and the other Shinigami brought the two back and demanded to the Central 46 that the two be tried for their crimes. Instead, the Central 46 rewarded the two Shinigami with promotions for "acts of bravery" and demoted the others, including Kikou, for "conspiring with Hollows". For the next few years, the Central 46 further humiliated Kikou by blacklisting him, preventing him from being promoted. This threatened to make Kikou cynical beyond help, but thankfully his Captain at the time helped convince him there was hope.
After a century of struggling Kikou proved his Captain right, doing so much for the Gotei 13 that the Central 46 had no choice but to promote him, to Vice-Captain. Several years later his Captain was chosen for the Royal Guard and he became the Captain of the Seventh Division.
Having remained in touch with the Academy as a part-time Professor, Kikou also became the Head as well, and made several reforms to integrate it with the Gotei 13.
He eventually became one of the Four Senior Captains (a system that had replaced the Commander-General), just in time to face a crisis -- the entirety of Hueco Mundo had gathered under the banner of four Privarron Arrancar calling themselves the Four Horsemen. They waged war with the Soul Society, and in the process the two worlds were temporarily merged in an event known as the Convergence. The balance of the spiritual realm was thrown off balance while both sides struggled to dominate the other. Kikou played his part, defeating one of the Four Horsemen, Chi, or Death.

Stats: (spoiler'd for length)

Expert Swordsman Specialist: Although he has achieved Bankai, Kikou's zanpakuto form isn't that of a sword; not only that, but he chooses hand-to-hand and Kido over swordfighting, so he hasn't honed his zanjutsu as much as some of the other Captains have. Nevertheless, Kikou's zanjutsu is still greater than that of many others in his Division.
Immense Durability: Despite his thin and wiry stature, Kikou's durability and defense is one of his strongest points in battle, and he is able to take direct hits of up to Level 80 Kido (and the Cero equivalent) without slowing down. This is due in part to his mental strength (see Jinzen Practitioner below), as well as Kikou's signature ability:

Iron Skin: Having observed the Arrancar ability "Hierro" during his encounters with them, Kikou set out to imitate this ability by similarly condensing his reiryoku, giving him iron-hard skin. This cannot be performed to the same extent as the Arrancar can, but when combined with his natural ability to take pain, gives Kikou among the strongest defense of the Gotei 13.

Enhanced Endurance: Kikou's stamina is another one of his strong points; Kikou has been observed to spar with his Division members for three hours straight without taking a break. This is helped by his fighting style, which focuses on minimal movement, as well as decades of practice.

Immense Strength: Kikou is able to lift objects several times heavier and/or more massive than he is, despite his wiry body type.

Shunpo Practitioner: Kikou's mobility is among the lowest of the Captains; his fighting style doesn't involve much movement, so Kikou never really developed it beyond the necessary speed to keep up with his peers.

Kido Master: Kikou is a master in the use of Kido, able to use up to level 90 Bakudo spells without an incantation (Eishohaki) and level 96 with an incantation. However, due to his personal philosophy, Kikou refused to learn any Hakudo (destruction spells) beyond the most basic ones, preferring to only use Bakudo (binding spells) in battle. Kikou has also learned a few basic healing spells. Besides Eishohaki (the ability of using a Kido without a recitation), Kikou can also use Niju Eisho, or Double Incantation, where he uses two Kido simultaneously.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kikou is skilled with Hakuda, however he practices a special style that doesn't incorporate Shunpo or excessive movement. Rather than the straightforward style that most practitioners use, Kikou uses circular, sweeping movements (similar to Taichi or Aikido) to redirect enemy attacks, preferring indirect attacks such as throws over direct attacks like punches or kicks.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Through years of honing his mind through Jinzen, teaching, and fighting, Kikou has developed an almost inhuman tactical intuition, able to respond to any circumstances and surprises in battle. Kikou is notable in that his Jinzen also prevents him from becoming distracted or fazed, making roundabout tactics such as diversions or conversation ineffective.

Immense Spiritual Pressure: As a Senior Captain, Kikou has an immense amount of Spiritual Pressure. He is unique, however, in that instead of releasing it outwards as an aura, Kikou directs his Reiatsu inward. This enhances his physical abilities such as his strength and durability, and also has the side effect of making his Reiatsu naturally harder to detect. Even experts at detecting Reiatsu or using Pesquia have trouble noticing his presence.

Jinzen Master: Jinzen is the ability to communicate with their Zanpakuto, and most Shinigami only use it for that purpose. Kikou, however, has honed Jinzen beyond just the passive ability, crafting a series of meditation techniques that allow him to ignore pain, block out mental attacks, and remain calm no matter the situation. Rogga, Kikou's Zanpakuto spirit, has described this mental state as a void, a virtual absence of all emotion to leave only inner peace. Kikou fights best when in this mental state.


Name: Rogga of the Seven Atrocities
Appearance: In sealed form, Rogga resembles a double-sized jian. One half of the blade is ivory white, and the other is obsidian black. The hilt is a demon's head, with a full set of teeth running along its middle. The handle is hand-and-a-half, with a blood red jewel at the end.

Triggered by the release command "Annihilate", Rogga transforms from jian form into a giant bazooka with camouflage design.

'Shikai Special Ability': "Infinite Rounds", in which Rogga can shoot blasts of energy. So named because the source of this energy comes from nearby spirit particles (similar to a Quincy's powers), of which Soul Society has plenty; in other words, "Infinite Rounds" isn't actually infinite, it just seems to be. Theoretically Rogga can be even stronger in Hueco Mundo, where the spirit particles are higher in concentration.
Instead of shooting these energy blasts, the energy can be solidified into actual missiles of different shapes and sizes to suit the situation. When solidified, however, their number becomes significantly less (ie. no longer 'infinite'). Some of the "solid" techniques are as follows
Anti-Air (SAM/AAM): Specifically designed to counter flight and aerial movement, these missiles track the signature density and shape of Reiryoku that Shinigami and Hollow/Arrancar condense beneath their feet. Upon contact, the missiles release a shockwave that nullifies this Reiryoku, causing the target to temporarily lose their ability to stay in the air. This doesn't work for Quincy or Humans that use a different technique to stay in the air.
Reiatsu Seeker: As the name suggests, this missile works by detecting reiatsu (similar to real-world heat-seekers) and flying towards it. The downside to this is that it seeks out any reiatsu, so its path can be disrupted if, for example, someone other than the target releases a wave of Reiatsu, making it change direction. In fact, the missiles would seek out Kikou himself if not for his constantly-suppressed Reiatsu.
Depth Charges: Unlike the other two, these missiles start off as regular energy blasts. Because of an initial lack of corporeal form, they can 'burrow' through liquids and solid surfaces. After a certain point, they solidify into actual 'charges', after which they explode.

Rogga, Demon of War.
In this form, Rogga manifests as a mechanical suit of armor that covers Kikou's chest and shoulders, as well as a helmet resembling Rogga's head. Two machine guns are mounted on top of the shoulder guards, and four pairs of bandoleers hang down from each machine gun, connected to the chest of the suit. Finally, a turret-type 'main gun' is attached to the back of the suit of armor.

"One Round". First, Kikou holds his arms out in front of him, and his gauntlets attach and expand to form a shield with horizontal slits for his eyes. The main gun then swivels around from the back of the suit of armor to rest on top of the shield. Spiritual energy is gathered from the surroundings and Kikou himself, powering up a single orb of destructive energy. Kikou then shoots the orb, which upon impact can release powerful explosion. This explosion is akin to a nuclear blast, reaching two miles in diameter from the initial blast, and the resulting shockwave spreading to fourteen miles in diameter. This is usually enough to end most fights, which is where the name "One Round" comes from.
Because this ability uses his own spiritual energy rather than that of his surroundings, Kikou is usually drained after this attack, enough to be hospitalized.Therefore he can only use it once per battle, and oftentimes only when he has no choice (he hates his hospital visits).
There is a little-known aftereffect of the Bankai attack; however, most enemies are usually killed after the attack itself so if there is an aftereffect they're not around to experience it. This aftereffect is revealed during Kikou's fight with Chi to be nuclear fallout, in the form of intense radiation which causes those in its area of effect to literally "decay". This is perceived by Chi to be the most dangerous aspect of Kikou's Bankai, even worse than the attack itself. The lethal radiation works like a fast-acting poison, eating away at Reiryoku and life energy itself. The radiation is where Kikou's epithet "The Fallout King" comes from.
The shockwave from the explosion is enough to hurt anyone who escapes a direct hit. Similarly, the recoil would normally rip apart the user, but the suit of armor provides the secondary passive ability of inertial dampening to protect Kikou from its side effects.

September 27, 2012, 11:29 AM
Name: Suzushi Ruishin
Affiliation: Gotei 13, 14th Division (Special Auxiliary Force)
Rank: Captain of 14th Division
Epithets: The ‘Eye’ of Seireitei
Gender: Male
Description: He is a bright skinned man. Dark eyes. His appearance is like a mid 20s young man. Ruishin has hair like Kuchiki Byakuya but his hair is tied with normal black strings instead of the Kuchiki’s Kenseikan. Ruishin’s idea of fashion is totally genuine and did not copy from anywhere. His accents usually make people feel carefree but respected at the same time, which reduces the mistakes when one can communicate.
Personality: Ruishin really likes his close friends to call him as Ruishin and prefer acquaintance to call him Captain Suzushi. He is as cool as Captain Kuchiki, as intellectual as Captain Hitsugaya and as peace-loving as Ex-Captain, Tousen Kaname. He would opt for the best way to end his fight quickly and quietly. He neither like attention to himself or his battles, it’s all because he doesn’t like many people finding out his ability. In most of his battles, he always uses his No.1 and only strategy, Shunpo (Flash Step) and impale the target’s back. Ruishin doesn’t like to keep captive of anyone, it’s because he would be too busy dealing with hatred from his defeated opponents, which he really doesn’t like at all. In all the aspects of battle-styles, he favors speed, Ruishin thinks that speed is the determining factor that decides a battle’s fate. Holding on to that belief, he started training his Shunpo when he first heard the name ‘Shunpo’. With his extraordinary Shunpo, Ruishin sees things a little bit different than others, different in the movements... To Ruishin, everything moves half a beat slower and he can react a little bit faster than normal people can do. That helps him a lot in his battles and saved himself quite a number of times from critical strikes.
History: Ruishin was sent to West Rukongai District #37, Shin Riku(Dead Land) when he died. Ruishin died from a car accident, trying to rush home to see his old dog for the last time. Unfortunately, he got hit my a tractor at high-speed and flew quite a distance away. He was then hospitalized but it was too fatal that he died. Ruishin met a few fellows in the Rukongai when he was showering in the river somewhere around the jungle. It was pure coincidence that there were 2 young pretty girls in that group too, but too bad, they din’t see the important part of the whole incident. Since then, they mixed together and roamed around other districts too. Soon, Ruishin fell in love with one of the girls, her name was Yuru. She doesn’t remember her real name after she came to Rukongai, she named herself after seeing how fascinating a person can move when he’s drunk. Ruishin and Yuru always hang out together as a couple when they’re in the group or not. Ruishin brought her to several places and had quite a good time together. After 2 years of playing and fooling around, Ruishin started to feel uncomfortable to be wasting time, even after death, so he left the group, including Yuru, to get more knowledge or anything that’s beneficial. With a broken heart and soul, he traveled along his path, going straight, bent his path when he sees an obstacle and proceeds on until he finds a person, who is capable of teaching him whatever which is significant to himself. Then, maybe he din’t notice, his path of adventure is slightly off-course where he’s traveling closer and closer to Seireitei. Just when he reached South Rukongai District #19, Ryoko Unsei(Traveller’s Fortune), he was so sleepy that he collided with an old man named Baka Tsuchi. Ruishin apologized and offered him help to get home. Here’s where the story begins. This old man, so happen to be the son of a man who once had affairs with Captain-Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni. The old man accepted Ruishin as son and that makes Ruishin the grandson of the mysterious man. Ruishin’s mysterious grandfather left a book for his son, a book where he and Captain-Commander himself wrote, a book of legacy, a legacy of training, a training of millenniums. Baka Tsuchi handed Ruishin the book and Ruishin read through, searching for one thing... an Ultimate technique that will enhance his speed in a great significant amount. Then, he found one, it’s called Isshunho(Moment’s step), a skill of a different level from Shunpo. He was to intrigued by it and started to train Shunpo, as it is the requirement to learn Isshunho. If I were to describe Isshunho’s efficiency, it would be like, ‘If Shunpo can jump a mile in half a second, Isshunho can jump 2 miles in a quarter of second.’ That how it is. After hard training for 1 year, he finally grasped the technique. He can now move in a very high speed without other people even sensing him.Not before long, Captain Unohana herself saw him moving at so high a speed that she can only see his image while surveying the Rukongai. She stopped him, and asked him of his expertise and testing his personality. It seems like Ruishin passed the test and Captain Unohana wants to bring him back into the Gotei 13, Ruishin find that interesting and agreed to go and have a look. He was then impressed by all the powerful people with the same aura with him all gathered in this place, this aura is called, reiatsu. Ruishin was then sent to the academy to learn all he can, by just spending 1 and a half year in the academy, he graduated, with flying results. Mastering kidou and acquiring his own Zanpakutou, he was highly recommended to enter the 4th Division, but he turned down the offer but yet he chose to join the 2nd Division, after he heard that that’s the Division for extraordinary speed. There starts the Shinigami life of Suzushi Ruishin.
Background: Ruishin had been in the 2nd Division for 3 years already. Working his way up the ladder, he’s now the 4th Seat in the 2nd Division. Because Soi Fon doesn’t trust Ruishin despite his handsome looks, he doesn’t hold any special position in the Onmitsukido(Stealth Corps). On one fated day, 3 Menos Grande, Gillian class appear in East Rukongai, Lieutenant Omaeda Marechiyo and 4th Seat Suzushi Ruishin are ordered to eliminate those Menos. Lieutenant Omaeda was so excited that he forgot his Zanpakutou, and he only realizes it when they reached their prey(or predator for Omaeda’s case), Ruishin took charge and planned out a perfect strategy to counter the Menos, Omaeda wasn’t happy with his performance and tried to make things better, but it turned out the opposite. He gave orders to Ruishin asking him to do something really irrelevant, such as jumping around the Menos to divert attention for him to attack, Ruishin cannot help it but obey his orders, respecting him to be his Senpai and superior. A job that could be accomplished in 20 minutes had been delayed till almost an hour and a half. Ruishin wasn’t satisfied and so are the team members, Omaeda was still laughing thinking he’s done a great job. When they got back, Ruishin had unleashed his dissatisfaction towards Captain Soi Fon, complaining why should a guy like Omaeda be a higher ranking officer when he cannot judge well during battles and puts his ego in front of everything? Soi Fon still din’t trust Ruishin that time, and declined the complaints. Ruishin’s dissatisfaction were spread around the Division, Soi Fon took notice of that and brought it up in the upcoming Captain’s Meeting. Captain-Commander Yamamoto had taken interest in Ruishin and decided to call upon him to question him. Ruishin went into the 1st Division Barrack to face the Captains. After being questioned, Ruishin revealed all his dissatisfaction of Omaeda’s action to the Captain-Commander and demanded a change, but it seems like it’s rejected. The anger of fury rushes into the head of Ruishin, and thanks to that, he said: ‘Well, it’s fine. There is but one thing you can do, I want to establish my own Division!’ This had shocked every captain, even Captain Kuchiki is looking at Ruishin with doubtful eyes. Ruishin then demanded a Captain’s test to prove his abilities. Captain-Commander had agreed to that matter but wasn’t that enthusiastic. 2 weeks later, Ruishin attended the Captain’s test, the present Captain inspecting him was Captain-Commander, Captain Kuchiki, Captain Soi Fon and Captain Kyouraku. Ruishin passed the paper test easily with his logical mind. Here comes the hard part, the physical abilities part. He had to fight with Captain Kuchiki. Rumors had it that Captain Kuchiki doesn’t like Ruishin’s hairstyle as it does look the same as the style of Kuchiki. As the fight starts, Captain Kuchiki released his Shikai immediately, and with the fast reflexes, Ruishin Isshunho behind Captain Kuchiki. The Captain-Commander immediately opens his eyes and went down to the battlefield, he stopped the test at that moment... and declared... ‘Suzushi Ruishin! Your request had been accepted! 14th Division is hereby established under your command! You are deemed to come out with a special task for your Division, dismissed!’ Ruishin smiled with confidence, Soi Fon saw that smile, and admired it. Captain Kuchiki immediately questioned Captain-Commander’s action right after Ruishin left. Captain-Commander asked if Captain Kuchiki noticed that Shunpo was a bit different, he said he noticed it too, it was way too fast for a Shunpo. Captain-Commander explained Isshunho to all the 3 Captains. When Captain Kuchiki heard that it was a move created by Captain-Commander himself, he was calmed at last, to be defeated so quickly by such move is a shame. Ruishin, pleased with the thought he was getting promoted into Captain in 2 days time, spent the whole night thinking of the specialty of his Division, and only one word appeared, ‘Improvisation’. The next day, where he was called to meet Captain-Commander, he presented his ideal Division. Ruishin said his division will recruit people from other divisions. The whole idea is about Ruishin himself recruiting, he believes that he will mostly choose the right person. The system is that every 6 months, Ruishin himself will choose a few member from other Divisions with the approval of the Captains, considering it’s an promotion. Basically, the 14th Division is a Special Auxiliary Force where all the elites from other Divisions get promoted. Captain-Commander is very impressed by this idea and seek for feedback from Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyouraku. Both the captains approved this idea. Captain Ukitake even made this idea of recruiting the best from the Academy every graduating batch. His responsibility as well as his Division’s responsibility is to safe guard Seireitei when the situations requires, that’s the ‘Eye’ of Seireitei for you! Therefore, the 14th Division had been established, Captain Suzushi is born. Hence, the Haori of ‘Fourteenth’.


Shikai: Hoshimaru (Star Pill)
Release command: Kagayaku (Shine)
Type: Melee
Element: Kidou

Shikai description: In normal form, the sword has no hand-guard, but it has a hilt. It is black with some yellow details. Because it's without hand-guard, when it's sheathed it looks like a Kendo Shinai. Then again, when it's released, the shape doesn't change much but 8 mini silver diamond-like stars will chain themselves at the end of the hilt.

Shikai abilities:

-> Hoshi no Keisei (Formation of Stars) - I can form up to 8 stars. Each stars take away one mini silver star in the star chain of my sword. These stars are solid built and have a very high speed of movements. It's high speed enables it for immediate defense and fast attacking.

-> Mitsuboshi no Kekkai (Three-Star Barrier) - Don't be fooled by it's name, it's not for defending... It's for trapping and killing. By using 3 stars I can set up a perimeter of a triangle and traps a person in it. Once I say 'Katsu', the person in it is burned... Of course, I can control my power if I want to let him live...

-> Suta no Shirinda (Cylinder of Star) - I set my foot onto the ground, with the condition of not moving my legs, an indestructible shield from the ground will shoot up, the ground will appear a Star Tetragram.

Bankai: Shichigatsu no Hoshimaru (Star Pill of July)

Bankai description: The whole sword transformes into a glove, decorated with star shaped diamonds. These gloves are as sharp as how a normal Zanpakutou can cut and it's as hard as a Zanpakutou. It make use of the reiatsu and sends them in the form of impulses, just like how signals work.

Bankai abilities:

-> Yorunara Ryusegan (Night Meteor-Shower) - My Bankai turns my reiatsu into an arrow form and I can throw it with great precision. As I mentioned earlier, my Bankai can send impulses, so the arrows can change direction and speed.

-> Hoshi'o Kussetsu (Refraction of Star) - The Tetragram of stars now don't appear under me, it appears before me. My Bankai allow me to maintain the tetragram in mid-air as I fight, like a real shield. I can move it anywhere I want as long as it doesn't exceeds 250m.

-> Nano Hoshi no Jutsu (Nano-Stars Technique) - My Bankai vaporise my reiatsu and turn it into a nano-sized star that can even enters your cells. This is perfectly perfect for blocking a Cero as the stars stand in the Cero's way and stops it. It is not visible to the naked eyes so it's easy to attack and defend with it.

Ultimate Skill: Kyodai Inseki Bakudan (Huge-Meteor Bomb) - I fires a tremendous amount of reiatsu to the sky and forms a real sized star. It will slowly approach the earth and smash onto my target, I don't like it cause it takes a helluva lot of time for it to reach the earth... Of course, I am immune to the explosion... It's quite hard for my opponent to escape nor destroy this Meteor because it's really HUGE and the explosion radius is 2 miles.


Zanpakutou Spirit: The spirit of Hoshimaru is a form of a tiny figure, just like Suzumebachi, but was never the same. His body is so small that when you see it from a distance, it really does look like a star, nothing special. But, his voice can reach you in that distance that’s for sure. It’s real active.

Inner world: The landscape is like a kind of transparent. The surroundings are like in space, full of stars and unknown object. Ruishin tried once to ask what are those, Hoshimaru just said, I don’t know.