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March 01, 2007, 08:34 AM
author's note:
green = speech
blue = thought
i just had to roll this chapter out >< by hook or by crook
this chapter does not really go anywhere >< apologies...

(lione’s pov)
A knock sounded at lione’s door.
Lione: come in.
Ying: I assume the task is needed at hand now.
Ying spoke monotonously while entering through the door.
Lione: you must have guessed. But whichever way, you are to accompany flame for his next mission.
Lione replied without looking up from his deskwork.
Ying: understood. However, I have a proposition to make.
Lione looked up at ying’s words, eyeing her with suspicion.
Ying: I would like to request a favor upon completing the said mission.
Lione: and by what grounds do you think that your request and reason is sound?
Ying: the favor will involve no danger to the lives of exorcists, bookman, or any human.
Lione: did you join the organization solely for this authority?
Ying: can I be granted that request?
Staring with distrust, lione folded his arms and leaned backward onto his chair.
A dense air of silence filled the room as ying stood before lione’s desk, unblinking.
Lione: what if I were to reject your proposition?
Ying: you would not. There is too much at risk with the situation now and my assistance is still required.
Lione closed his eyes for a moment.
Lione: you drive a hard bargin. Fine, I would grant your unspecified request upon your return from the mission.
Ying: thank you.
Ying bowed and left soundlessly.
An unspecified request that would not disrupt our lives… what is she planning during this war against the millennium earl?
There are humans who live for the sake of their loved ones, their friends, with wills to protect everything they hold dear, as there are humans who live solely for themselves, regardless if the world would to end the next day, they would heartily sacrifice everyone, just to continue living, alone in an empty world.
Which chesspiece does this child represent in this war?
Lione wondered deeply.


(ying’s pov)
The usual sane manipulation of human psychology does not fully work on the cautious lione.
Ying thought through the squabbling as the teams for the mission of searching for the bookman was moderated by rinvak.
There was no need for persuasion as she was placed automatically into flame’s team.
Ying: I hope you would treat me well.
Ying bowed towards flame in his shadow.
Flame: same here. We are set to go to northern china; harbin, there is a large area of search we must do.
Ying: I would use all of my capabilities to speed up the search.
Ying added with her unchanging smile.
Yes, time is of the essence. There is much to do for the truth I have been seeking for my entire life…

*Flashback 1*
It was supposed to be painful, but it became numb in an instant; was that supposed to be “pain”?
Ying wondered drowsily with two short swords at hand, before her lay the tiled floor and exquisite carpet stained with blood and carcasses.
???: its time to go now.
Ying: yes…
The words came out naturally, there was no need for thought, and there was no need to breath.

???: as expected of one from that origin. It is a pity for the lack of subjects.
???: this was the only one found. Until the next one is discovered…
???: this one will smile regardless of the circumstances, the target would not be the least suspecting. The other one will…
???: there is a need for improvements! We have to maintain the balance of our country!
The words swirled, echoing around the cold cells, blood dripped down her cheek as she walked forward.

*Flashback 2*
???: then, would you want to see your wife killed!?
???: no! all of this has to stop! Father led this country to its despair! Please do not continue this, uncle!
???: you there! Kill that woman now!!
???: stop involving the children!
Ying felt something flowing behind her. The man who commanded her to kill the lady in hostage had shot a shell through ying’s shoulder; precisely aiming for another man shielding the lady as ying’s thrust with a dagger went through the human shield. There was a sound of body falling behind as the man was shot through the heart at the same time.
The human shield fell as the lady ran forward and ying’s vision slipped, wondering […was that supposed to be pain…?]

*Flashback 3*
This is … mother?
A large, hovering oval-shaped structure overhead slowly steered its cannons forward as ying’s smile dropped, startled.

This was the place where she felt anything humane.
The place where she rarely dropped this dreaded smile.
She just wanted her mother, the kindly lady, to praise her discovery amongst her antique collections; a ring and a crest with separated orbs, with a story untold.
Just like everyday of the 2 years she had lived there.

Now, the monstrous structure; an akuma, hovered towards her after rendering the escaping servants into dust with shells.
Ying fell backwards to the wall, wishing to disappear, if everything were to end with this returning emptiness…
[black tribulation: eclipse]—

The akuma paused in its tracks with the disappearance of its victim.
In the short span of the akuma’s wonderment, the once grand house which was partially reduced to rubble was further exposed to the outdoors with a crash and dust which shattered the amused akuma.
Viewing from amongst the rubble, the back of a dark figure started to blend into the night. There was a figure in white trailing behind.
grappling a shattered metal slate which cut into her blooded palm, ying immediately gave chase to the visible white speck in the pitch black night...

Mother must have wanted to meet father ever so long…even with her terminal disease…
Ying thought with downcast eyes at the ring pendulum.
With the returning constant smile, [white trial: dowser] was activated. The crest swung, accelerated to a spin, and pointed northwest.
Ying: exorcist-san, I have located a lone bookman 2.3 km to the northwest and the presence of…enemies.
Ying spoke as mist was blown out of her mouth while pacing quickly to decrease the lag she was behind flame.
Flame: …the Saint Sophia Cathedral…let us hurry.
Flame spoke, turning towards the snowcapped distance northwest with haste.


(Ying’s pov)
[Habit or not, you shouldn't smile when you don't have to]
Ying thought about Zeran’s words.
Ying: It is…the insincerity of a killer’s smile. It will end…
Ying mouth silently as the echo of Zeran’s steps down the corridor disappeared.
The mission was a success; she had fulfilled her end of the bargain in retrieving a bookman to the branch headquarters, what was left is for lione to keep his end of the promise.
A strengthener, rather, a stimulant requested by Zeran. This could be a farewell present then...

*knock knock*
Lione: come in, ying.
Ying: I hope you remember the favor I requested?
Lione: definitely, I’ve some queries about your aims, but I doubt you’ll answer any of them.
Ying: …
Lione: state your request then.
Ying: I require the full authorization of the dark religious organization to—

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to.................. WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!


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Ooooooooo I like it!

What do you mean by this chapter not going anyway? I thought it was a great chapter since it revealed the background of Ying and had some character development for her. The ending reminded me of Road's unfinished sentence to Tyki. Nice touch.

Good chapter :thumbs and good luck with your project!

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aaaaah, don't remind me of Rhode's unfinished sentence....this kills me, WHAT WAS SHE ABOUT TO SAY XDDDDDDDDDD?
The ending of the chapter is nearly similar. I love your chapters, although they're really difficult to red. That prooves my bad english skills :P. Nevertheless, it kinda sounded to me, maybe I just understood it in a false way (my english, my english), that Ying was kind of an assassin in her life before she entered the Order. But I also could missunderstood something.
Over all, I love your chapters....they have something special in it. Kinda...poetical. ^_^

March 01, 2007, 05:36 PM
its not really about suspense >< i can't think of what she was going to say either :D (i don't feel i earned the praise ><)
i think i'll just leave ying's story to end for this arc until she comes out somewhere* from her "personal business" again ><

was it like rhode's unfinished sentence...? >< that was really the last thing i wanna emulate though, since i did this chapter just after school without thinking too deeply, so there are loopholes here and there! ><
(ying was an assassin in a guild/organization, yeap)

i think misunderstandings are part of reading a story :D its part of what makes reading fun~

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ah a good chapter but the suspense is really killing me.I just hope deathshadow will hurry up on his chapter if it come's out to late i might not have time to write my chapter coz i'll be busy for the whole of next week

rhapsody blue
March 02, 2007, 01:59 PM
ah a good chapter but the suspense is really killing me.I just hope deathshadow will hurry up on his chapter if it come's out to late i might not have time to write my chapter coz i'll be busy for the whole of next week

I believe he'll be releasing it soon so don't worry. I look forward to your writing debut :)

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thanx for the support.