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March 03, 2007, 09:42 PM
Sahugani’s One Piece Review 447


Nothing stands in the way of the mugiwara DF users

I’m trust everyone was as frustrated as I was waiting for that RAW to come out and I’m sure that you all danced a little when you saw that it was out. I know I did. Even if it was a bit late, at least we can still brag that our manga is still quite regularly the first to produce a RAW of the major 3. Franky House has had some poroblems and so this week my pics come from Kokotas and Cez.

Lightning Strikes Back


the huge ship makes me think they are not so different from Enel

After Last week’s beautiful Viking color cover, we once again return to the cover arc of Enel’s Moon Adventure. Depending on the translation you read from a few weeks ago, Enel was mad because the space pirates were either ruining his paradise or destroying his Maxim. I went with Franky House’s version with the ship and think that it works better to tie into the events of this week. Enel has arrived and landed on top of the pirates’ ship and I can only guess as to what he’ll do next.

Canine Obedience


that's one way to do it

Despite all of the revelations and plot twists that happened later in the chapter, this moment is by far my favorite. It was a pretty close competition between Kaien’s Nejibana in Bleach and Luffy’s “dog training” for my favorite moment of the week in manga (and I still can’t choose). I’m not advocating brutally beating your dog to make him obey, but it sure seemed to work for Cerberus. The submission of Cerberus sparks quite an interesting topic even if its main purpose was for laughs. That is whether or not the pooch will join them on their ship. I for one am all for that idea, both in desire and logic. I think it would be so cool for the Mugiwara Pirates to have a pet 3-headed dog (not to mention that it would take the focus off of Chopper as the crew’s pet). The larger ship with a lawn is even well suited for such a large animal. Also, as I believe I’ve made pretty clear since the start of the arc, I highly doubt that Brooke will join the crew and Cerberus would fit in well as a replacement. Although the theory can’t be applied fully in this case due the short time Brooke was with them, it is somewhat the same idea as Robin’s replacement of Vivi. Basically, when Vivi left, the crew no longer seemed complete and so Robin’s initial role was simply as a replacement to take our minds off of Vivi. In this case, Brooke’s short stay and the fact that he is a musician placed him in the crew automatically and this is amplified by the size of the new ship as more space is available. Since in my opinion, Brooke will be left behind waving to the crew like Vivi, having the Cerberus would ease the pain. I can quite easily imagine him lying at Robin’s feet while she scratches all three heads behind the ears and reads a book. The biggest kink would be getting Usopp to trust it, but I think it will work out fine.

Kid in a Candy Shop


this is Luffy's Disneyland

With Cerberus serving as steed to Luffy and Franky, they go exploring the island and encounter even more of the creatures seen earlier by the trio. While not quite as amusing as the scene that preceded it, it does give us both another view of the island’s creatures and another glimpse into the crew dynamics. The same living tree and unicorn that were dancing around earlier as Hildon’s carriage passed by are now enjoying a drink together. It makes me think that the forest party we saw before was an act to scare the trio. Hildon’s purpose in intercepting them was to take them to Hogback. By showing them the monsters outside basically yelling “BOO,” Hildon intended to make them afraid of the outside so that their guard would be let down once inside Hogback’s castle. However, Nami’s change of plans made Hildon doubt that they could be manipulated and so abandoned them to die. Since the two creatures before us now calmly drinking together, I can assume that their lives here are that of a normal person (to an extent) in that they have leisure time and work for Hogback. Other than that little glimpse into the relaxation period of the creatures’ lives, the scene also let us once again view for our own delight the various ways each member of the crew is dealing with the situation. Luffy once again starts doling out crew invitations to “interesting” people, Franky becomes Luffy’s partner in his wondrous exploration, Robin shows sympathy for the beastly Cerberus, Zoro concerns himself with the canine’s pride, and Sanji doesn’t care about anything on the island as he calls for Nami.



i wonder if he knows just how inappropriate Absalom is

Well it is official. Hogback is not the invisible man, but he does seem to be his master. This scene reveals much about the see-through being that I found extremely intriguing, the least of which was his name, Absalom. Unfortunately, the conversation draws Hogback away from the classic version of Dr. Frankenstein as he seems to have embraced his creation while the novel’s scientist feared it and abandoned it. While the scene does detract from that aspect of my previous theories, it does strengthen other aspects of it. From the tone of the conversation, Absalam treats Hogback as a father figure, which fits in nicely with the idea of him as a creature who is only seeking love and acceptance. This is amplified further by the knowledge that he is looking for a wife. From there, Hogback assigns him to the task of dealing with the high bounty pirates, which to me implies that while Absalom tries to get his “father’s” acceptance, Hogback only sees him as a henchman whose strength he has faith in. This means two things. First of all, he is likely Hogback’s most powerful creation and I now believe more than ever that he will be Luffy’s opponent at the end of the arc. Also, it means that his devotion to Hogback is childish and his resolve to fight on his father’s behalf will be extraordinary, further strengthening the previous theory. This conversation reveals more than just the invisible man, but it also brings back the ghost who appeared with Absalom on the Sunny. Between the ghost and Hildon, it seems more solid now that they are key henchmen in a process that is a regular occurrence on the island and are part of a complex system for acquiring bounties and each has his own role. While most times they have faced people who are scared enough to fall to the plan like Usopp and Chopper, they will be completely unprepared for the rest of Luffy’s crew.

Roaming the Castle


how much money has she gotten from the guys in this way

As the central characters for the arc so far, the major advances to the story occur for Chopper, Usopp, and Nami. As they stroll down the hall, each shares their views on the events occurring on the island. Usopp goes a bit into denial as he cannot accept the existence of zombies and monsters. Chopper once again shows his admiration for Dr. Hogback as he refuses to believe that he has anything to do with the terrors of the island. Nami acts as the voice of reason to bring up what all of the readers are thinking and pointing out the suspiciousness of Hogback (though it evokes some anger from the innocent Chopper). It is important to present the notion of Hogback’s guilt to Chopper because it foreshadows what his stubbornness will bring. From the previous scene we know that Hogback is up to no good and by directly after that displaying Chopper’s belief in the doctor despite Nami’s logic, we know that whatever happens in the house or island, Chopper will deny it with some explanation that glorifies Hogback. After we see that, we see more evidence that we now know Chopper will deny.

Monster Mash


this is why animal hide rugs scare me

Hildon’s appearance marks the start in a chain of encounters that would leave anyone but Chopper certain of Hogback’s guilt in the danger of the island. First of all, the appearance itself should act as proof enough as it shows them once again that he serves Hogback even though he left them in the cemetery full of zombies. After that though, his interaction with the paintings and stitched decorations of the room should only go to convince them more. One little thing I found amusing is that even within the room, Oda still incorporated outside references just as he did for the forest creatures with ancient mythology. The instance I’m talking about in the room is the only picture who seems to play a major role, which looks like a stitched version of Mona Lisa before reaching out to grab Chopper. The use of zombies in the pictures somewhat confuses me due to the differences between them and the ones buried outside. These not only are tied to the paintings unlike traditional zombies, but also seem much more violent and directed than those outside, who seemed more comedic. While that seems to support a future (outside) zombie alliance with the strawhats, I am becoming more convinced otherwise due to the span of influence and degree of placement Hogback has set his minions at. The room not only displays the zombie pictures, but also reveals the stuffed pig head to be the boss and the giant bear rug to be the final offence. Because Oinkchuck the pig head uses swords and is one of the leaders among Hogback’s henchmen there is a chance that he could face Zoro, which I find hilarious in one respect and sad in another as I want to see how Oinkchuck would move around and that…well…Zoro would be fighting a stuffed pig (I’m saying there is a chance, but I don’t want it). The weakness of the zombies to fire also implies that Usopp will get a major fight later in this arc, which I am looking forward to as he and Robin didn’t really get to have CP9 fights (Spandam doesn’t count). As the bear rug chases them, they are forced into the fireplace and fall into the passageway that leads to Hogback’s lab. However, before that they find a very strange room.

Shindory’s Shrine


can you say obsessed

The trio find a room covered in pictures of an unstitched and smiling Shindory. This sight lends a huge clue to the history and motive behind Hogback’s experiments. Now we seem to have proof that it was the doctor’s love for her that he started his research into resurrection. The best theory at this point is that she committed suicide from the tragedy of her engagement and the doctor revived her out of a one-sided love. With this in mind, it makes me compare the relationships we’ve seen between Hogback, Shindory, and Absalom. Absalom looks up to Hogback as a father, yet the doctor treats him as an obedient tool. This is in contrast to Shindori, who despite being cold to the doctor’s whims, is never victim to his ill will. The desire to revive a loved one will be a reason for Chopper to sympathize with the doctor and begin his road towards dark medicine. The anger Chopper displayed before at the notion of the doctor’s evil nature will be amplified further as he cannot understand why Nami and Usopp don’t see the effort as noble and they will be cast out so that Chopper is forced to come to his later revalation and make his decision on his own.


This chapter was incredible and definitely worth the wait. Not only did we get to see major plot twists regarding Hogback, Shindory, and Absalom, but the entire Cerberus thing was hilarious. I cannot wait to see what more Oda will do with the doggie. While some people have not been pleased so far with this arc, I think this chapter shows that it is only the beginning and that it can only get better as it moves away from setup and into plot development.

March 04, 2007, 03:03 AM
Sahugani- check your PM about our release.

as usual these were good-- really insightful comments. But for now i am glad that the first time Cerberus came on to the scene i instantly wished and predicted he might get tamed and even may be taken along with the group. But never did i ever expect it to happen so soon.

of course when i thought about that i was thinking of buggy and his crew's big lion. i thought- "wow-- this guy (cerberus) should be a match for him. and if Luffy happens to see him, he will surely try to recruit him". Boy what a smash into the wall- the way of recruitment :rofl . i dont know if he(cerberus) will leave the island and go with the crew, but your image of Robins hands petting those three heads and six ears will be such a lovely scene to behold.

And chopper-- will have a chance to take a relic of Dr Hogback with him. especially since i think that even if chopper is forced to make a decision concerning where his future in medicine and with the Mugiwaras should head, his respect for the fangly doctor may not totally be eroded even if he doesnt like his methods.

March 04, 2007, 06:30 AM
Excellent review, sahugani. The only thing I could add is that I believe it is really odd the self-confidence with whom the doctor talk about capturing/killing the strawhat's pirates, even if he couls use the help of an invisible being.

March 05, 2007, 01:17 AM
ok. finally got some pics up. unfortunately Franky House is having some issues with their release, so i used a scan by Kokotas and Cez.

@ venicia777 - now that i think about it the parallel to Richie of the Buggy crew regarding Cerberus is fantastic. i've always figured that the Buggy crew would make a triumphant return at some point and seeing a fight (even if it is one sided to the awesomeness of the mugiwara pooch) between the 2 beasts. what i really want to see is the doghouse Franky will build

@ Luckas - that confidence is another reason i believe that Absalom is Luffy's final fight. Hogback must really trust his strength to be that cool when talking about a 300 million beli head

March 05, 2007, 02:03 AM
ok. finally got some pics up. unfortunately Franky House is having some issues with their release, so i used a scan by Kokotas and Cez.

Well, sorry about that. But when we can- we will give you great stuff. You can all help us recruit new members :p

now that i think about it the parallel to Richie of the Buggy crew regarding Cerberus is fantastic. i've always figured that the Buggy crew would make a triumphant return at some point and seeing a fight (even if it is one sided to the awesomeness of the mugiwara pooch) between the 2 beasts. what i really want to see is the doghouse Franky will build

yeah-- i think most of us want or expect buggy to come back even if Red Hair hadnt reignited that supposition when he talked to WB about Buggy a few chapters back.

that confidence is another reason i believe that Absalom is Luffy's final fight. Hogback must really trust his strength to be that cool when talking about a 300 million beli head

for me i saw his comment as being similar to spanda's (franky style :p) belief in the strength of CP9. This one with a little tempered absolute faith. Because it seems it is only Absalom whose work was cut out for him. With the # of Mugiwaras on the island- if Absalom is supposedly the sole strongman then i expect him to have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Like use the help of some minions that Hogback created, or that he is both invisible and have speed/strength similar to that of the roku shiki users.

okay-- i honestly dont think he will be fighting everyone alone (but it will be cool to see the mugiwara's fight together- again- just like at Ennies Lobby)

February 05, 2008, 09:50 PM
GReAt review as always man keep up the great work!!!