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Hello and welcome to the Manga Club!

Presentation and General Rules
This is a collective read spot where we'll be periodically selecting series to be shared. We aim to have people introducing their favorite hidden gems to the community - series we hardly or never heard about and that really deserve some love and attention. So here's the Manga Club format:
  • Any member can join the club! Just post here saying you wanna be a part of it. The moment you do it, you'll be added to the current rotation. You can participate the reading and the discussions even if you don't join the suggestions part. You are also allowed to suggest manhuas and manhwas, completed series and oneshots.
  • The series rotation format follows these phases: suggesting, selecting, reading and sharing (explained in the section bellow).
  • Avoid suggesting series that already have a dedicated discussion thread, we don't wanna shift the focus from it. In case someone suggests one of those...
The Second Round of the Manga Club is Starting Now!.

New Chapter: Shingeki no Kyojin (127)

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Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 127 is out!

Come check it and join us for discussions.
Thank you @POW for providing us the link (source:

Happy New Years - Free Manga Present For All!

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Free access to the first chapter for 3 days only!

To kick off the new year with some manga fun, we've made the first chapter of The Love Lesson's In Session absolutely free on GlobalComix for all you members of MH for 3 days only! We just have one request - after you read it, write a review of it either on the forum, or on GC. Thanks!

This manga is selling VERY well in Japan - (In the millions) so check out why it's so popular and look forward to many more releases!

Last time we asked you to support the project by sharing and liking various manga - but some content may or may not be share/like friendly. We understand, so instead we made another post that will be...

WSJ Holiday Schedule

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Hello everyone,

Weekly Shonen Jump will have a week off twice over the next month, releasing a double issue before each break. Below is the schedule of release:

11th December 2017: Issue 2+3
18th December 2017: BREAK
25th December 2017: Issue 4+5
1st January 2018: BREAK
4th January 2018 (TBC): Issue 6

Thank you,
MangaHelpers Staff

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New Manga - Robot x Laserbeam

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Kuroko's Basketball creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki returns to Weekly Shounen Jump with a new series: Robot x Laserbeam! Once again about sports, this time focusing on golf, the new series features a high school boy nicknamed "Robot" as protagonist. Whether you're into sports manga in general or golf specifically, keep an eye on our thread for the latest news and discussions.

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New Manga - Dr. Stone

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In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: Dr. Stone! The sci-fi action adventure manga written by Inagaki Riichirou (Eyeshield 21) and illustrated by Boichi (Sun Ken Rock), centers around two boys. One strong and good hearted, the other smart and visionary. Together they face the biggest crisis in history! For the latest news and discussion, keep an eye on our thread.

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Demon Prince Poro's Diaries- Chapter 1 Summary

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Demon Prince Poro's Diaries, written by Hitsuji Kondaira, debuted in Weekly Shounen Jump #12.

Demon Prince Poro Kurokami is ranked 1st overall in the Demon world, a place where only power matters. The Demon King is to retire in one year, and the tradition is for the Number One ranked demon to take over and become the new Demon King. For his 2000 years, Poro has constantly been challenged by numerous demons seeking to defeat him in order to boost their rank and attain the Number 1 spot. Despite his immense strength, Poro simply wishes to kick back and read, only resorting to violence in self-defense when attacked.

Poro is completely fascinated with the human world and spends his time reading and collecting items related to the human world. He is particularly interested in Nippon (Japan) and in an attempt to escape the detestable Demon World and its violence and destruction, he decides to move to Nippon. With his fancy dreams of the human world, he finally arrives at his...

U19 (Under Nineteen) - Chapter 1 Summary

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U19, written by Mr. Yuuji Kimura, debuted in Weekly Shounen Jump #11.

The Circumstances

U19 takes place in Japan in the year 2036. After Japan's decline in the 2000s as a result of their lax education policies, the "Grown-ups Party" took control of the country and reformed the system. The upside: even adults previous labeled as "worthless" could find a secure job and place to live. The downside: education means everything. According to their performance in school, children are assigned a rank from A (Excellent) to D (Worthless). The higher a person's rank, the more possibilities they have later on in live. But it does not stop there. Prime minister Yamato Shiki and the Grown-ups Party have now devised a new plan to further their segregation scheme.

The Cast

Our main cast are students of Tooyama High School. First up the protagonist, Eiji Kudou, a rebel who not only questions the Grown-ups Party's policies, but also has the guts to confront the adults. Next...

New Manga - Demon Prince Poro's Diaries

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In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: Demon Prince Poro's Diaries! This action series stars Poro, a being from the underworld who has come to ours. Who exactly is Poro though? If you want to find out keep an eye on our thread for the latest news and discussions.

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New Manga - U19 (Under Nineteen)

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In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: U19! Under Nineteen is an action series about youths living in a world ruled by adults with an iron first. Interested? Then keep an eye on our thread for the latest news and discussions.

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We Can't Study - Chapter 1 Summary

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We Can’t Study debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump #10 with a 54-page first chapter.

The story centres around Yuiga Nariyuki, a third-year high school student. Yuiga has had to work tirelessly to maintain high grades. By understanding the frustrations of not being able to grasp concepts quickly, Yuiga is adept at assisting others.

Enter two geniuses who completely outclass him – Ogata Rizu and Furuhashi Fumino. Ogata is top of the class in math and science, while Furuhashi is peerless in literature subjects.

Their paths intertwine when Yuiga applies for the schools’ Special VIP Recommendation, which apparently bypasses college tuition. Much to Yuiga’s delight, he receives approval from the principal but only on the condition that he tutors none other than Ogata and Furuhashi.

It couldn’t be too hard right, babysitting 2 geniuses? Well as fate would have it Ogata wants to study literature and arts at university, and Furuhashi has her heart set on the sciences… and they are...

New Manga - We Can't Study

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In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: We Can't Study! It's a story about a high school student, Yuida, who is studying for his college exams. One day two beautiful women appear before him. Interested? Then keep an eye on our thread for the latest news and discussions.

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