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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (517)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 516 Review by Doughboy

Part 1 - Irene's motives behind possessing Wendy
The chapter starts off where 516 left off, with Irene approaching Erza again in possession of Wendy's body after she enchanted her being inside of her. Let's reflect: Irene is a Dragon Slayer who fully underwent the Dragonification process, becoming a dragon. After Zeref used his enchantments to give her the appearance of her old self she later found out she couldn't taste food or sleep which really broke her psyche. When seeing this part of her, I thought back to Larcade saying humans have 3 desires: sex, food, sleep. Those really shouldn't be underestimated, which just adds to the totality of her character. Moving on, Irene still pregnant with Erza, she felt like she could enchant her being inside of her daughter but Erza, even...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (107)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 107 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Another week, another break, but the 2017 year has begun in earnest and Tokyo Ghoul:re is kicking it off with a bang! The public appearance of a shadowy urban legend, action, Kaneki looking fabulous as usual these days, it all rolls itself into one awesome chapter. Some of this week’s highlights include:

  1. Donato’s Kagune and the torture of Urie
  2. The public appearance of V’s “Special Investigators”
  3. Kaneki’s newfound faith in others

Chapter Title: “V”

Donato’s Kagune and the torture of Urie:

The chapter starts off with a continuation of 106. Higemaru screams in pain and confusion as his right arm is dismembered, and Urie tries but fails to combat Donato’s curious Kagune. He is trapped in somewhat crucified as he is forced...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (20)

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Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 20 Review by shionoro

Chapter title: "Teaming up"

What happened:

There was not a lot of action happening in this chapter, but we still got some development and a neat reveal:
The Kids will be teaming up with Krone because they got a common goal (removing Mama from power).
While both parties know better than to trust each other, they still accepted that this development is beneficial for them.
This alliance works because Ray is their bargaining chip: He could rat out Krone but Krone could also rat out that Ray is a double agent, even if both parties want to betray the other later on.
The chapter ends with the kids going into Krone's room for more information about the situation of the world, with two things being told to them by Krone already:
Mama's die due to a chip on...

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (516)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 516 Review by MLG Bradman

Irene vs Erza and Wendy (Part 1)

So we pick up from last chapter after Irene has finished explaining her past and trash talking with Erza, who states that she won’t hesitate to annihilate anyone who blocks her path to the guild, with Irene saying that she won’t either. Irene then reveals that the only reason she told Erza about her past is because she thought it might change her feelings towards her child, but that it didn’t. I personally liked this exchange, especially in regards to Erza’s part, she has always been like this and it is consistent with her development in the manga. As for Irene, it showed that regardless of relation she is still loyal to Alvarez and Zeref, which is a plus for me as I did have concern that she would hesitate against Erza. Following this, Irene...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (106)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 106 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After the Double Issue we were given this little gem right before Christmas. A fitting present to finish off the year if 2017. Has anyone ever wondered if Kaneki would look good in a Suit? Well now we know. We know all too well. Chapter 106 of Tokyo Ghoul:re shows us a variety of epic fight scenes, food for thought, suspense and a nail biting cliff-hanger. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:
  • The White Suits VS the Clown Troupe
  • Kaneki’s Mastery of his Kagune
  • Furuta’s ‘understanding’ of Kaneki’s plan
  • Suzuya’s Massacre
  • Urie’s confrontation against Donato

Chapter Title: “A Hopeless Course”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. 106’s title reflects Souta Furuta’s opinions on...

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (515)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 515 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This week’s chapter came a tad early, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t deliver. Honestly before I even begin my review, let me just say that was one of the best damn chapters I have had the pleasure of reading, and if it is indeed the last chapter of the year, then….wow. What a way to end the year, haha.

So, straight from page 1, we’re introduced to Erza’s dad, dude looks like Eraser Head I swear. Now I won’t be able to take him seriously anytime I watch Boku no Hero Academia and see him onscreen. The fact that Erza’s dad is human puts a rest to all those theories of Belserion being Erza’s dad. Speaking of the gallant dragon, it’s a shame he ended up a casualty of war, I would have loved to see his last moments with Irene, maybe he imparted some final words to her the same way...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (105)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 105 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After a few weeks that could be called slow this chapter was certainly refreshing. It had just that right amount of “oomph” to kick off the upcoming Lab Raid Arc in earnest. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:

  • The Clowns explosive attack on the Valentines Parade
  • Uta and Nico’s appearance outside of the CCG Headquarters
  • Furuta taking full authority away from Matsuri
  • The inauguration of the new S3 Squad
  • Kaneki’s fantastic entrance

Chapter Title: “Stage”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. 105’s title was a nice little gem in my own opinion. It fits the chapter itself nicely as it is “setting the stage” for the upcoming arc.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre:

The chapter introduces us to a curious and...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (19)

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Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 19 Review by WithYouInSpirit

This manga has certainly leaped from the Author’s minds and hit the track running… and it’s still going strong with one of the best opening arcs of a Shounen manga I’ve seen in a long time. Chapter 19 was no exception as far as offering a variety of fantastic artwork, use of angles and shadows, another cover page filled to the brim with possibilities and so much more.

Some of this week’s highlights for Yakusoku no Neverland are as follows:

  • Emma, Norman and Ray making peace with Don and Gilda
  • Ray’s meeting with Mama (Isabella)
  • Sister Krone’s offer of an alliance against Isabella

Chapter Title: “Out”

The first thing most people notice in a chapter is its title. This week’s title seems to have been intended to instill a...

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (514)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 514 Review by Belserion

Irene's Dragonuv Kingdom

So we have the flashback we were expecting from the end of last week's chapter as Irene begins telling her story to Erza and Wendy. It turns out that when Irene said she was once the "Queen of the Dragons" she meant a literal queen. Her castle is overrun with children and Dragons co existing and living happily. This was a bit of a smokescreen to what was happening beyond the castle walls. We're introduced to Belserion the Sage Dragon who's reporting to Irene that the anti human dragons of Alakitasia were making their way towards Ishgar, destroying villages and eating humans along the way. This is where we get the sweetest side of Irene ever. She doesn't believe that Dragons should be eating people and she wants to protect Ishgar from that. She debuts a...

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