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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (150)

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Dr Stone Chapter 150 Review by Hermit

Very nice follow up chapter from last week.

Hey, another half way chapter to a milestone here as well^.^ The color cover is gorgeous in itself, featuring three girls: Kirisame, Homura and Suika. Suika maybe is not supposed to be there considering the other two girls though, ha.

Senkuu says that the prospect of another scientist being out there is exciting, but Science is free for anyone to use. Realistically, anyone can revive and make scientific evolutions by themselves. He also remarks that the Science of the new user is more advanced than the one from the Kingdom of Science.

Ukyo picks up on the sound of an engine behind them. Kohaku reports that she never picked up on anything following them throughout the night. Tsukasa and Yo are both shocked as they look into the air, spotting an aeroplane quickly descending on them. Senkuu is...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (250)

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Black Clover Chapter 250 Review by Hermit

Halfway to another landmark chapter (300), which is a good sign. The chapter itself is....not so interesting, however.

Charmy is soaring through the air, vowing that she will never forgive anyone who threatens the kingdom's nature, and subsequently, its food reserves. Ahead of her lies the villain of the week. Her name is Halbet, and just like Flare Corona, she uses hair magic.

Halbet has just taken down another of the Spirit Guardians, Polrof. Turning to look at Charmy who has just arrived, she remarks that Charmy is fat and therefore unsightly. A small flashback ensues with Charmy and Polrof. To this effect, she swears she will never forgive Hamlet.

The Black Bulls member uses a Summoning Jutsu to bring forth the large sheep from Mount Myoboku. Unfortunately, her...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (149)

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Dr Stone Chapter 149 Review by Hermit

ood chapter to get the story back on track, after a one week break. Kohaku being on the cover is an indicator of this.

Chrome is happy at how quickly they discovered corn. Senkuu explains that the type of corn they have come across is Green Dent corn, which has an awful taste but can deliver a crazy amount of alcohol.

Noticing something with her vision, Kohaku holds onto Hyouga's hair and picks out some kernels from the river. Which adds to their belief that they will find corn growing upstream. Senkuu seems a bit skeptical of the current developments, but regardless his team delivers the good news to Yuzuriha's side.

The attention shifts to another part of the newly discovered land. A pack of wolves are about to pounce on a stranger who is perched on a tree. Said stranger is listening into the conversation that the Kingdom of Science...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (249)

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Black Clover Chapter 249 Review by Hermit

Fairly decent chapter this week. Leopold got some shine, which was obviously the best part of the chapter.

Another of the Spirit Guardians is introduced this chapter, Floga. Though he has obviously been taken down already by the Dark Triad. Leopold is at the same area, now engaging the assailant.

He's looking at a large eye (Reminiscent to Gaara's technique in Naruto). Suddenly, Leo is hit by an attack to his side. He can't trace the source of the attack. In the woods, we finally see the enemy. His name is Sivor, and he describes his eye magic as being able to pinpoint an enemy's location plus also read how much mana they have. This then allows him to fire condensed balls of magic, which work like bullets.

A small flashback ensues. Floga is training Leo, explaining...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (148)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 148 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Pioneers of Earth

The Perseus and it's Crew have finally made it! They landed on North America,San Francisco to be exact!. Naturally after a long voyage on sea the Crew is overflowing with joy and happiness upon seeing land for the first time in 2 Months,they cannot wait to get on Land and hunt down some animals because they are eager to have a big feast of meat again. Especially the Warriors are craving some Animal-based proteins with even the shy and timid Kirisame drolling at the thought of eating meat again,which actually looks kinda cute, Taiju suggests that the group should go and hunt for some wild "beasts" once they're on land. He has never been outside of Japan so this is his first "Vacay" he reveals jokingly, Homura...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (247 & 248)

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Black Clover Chapter 247 Review by Hermit

I like Luck quite a bit. Him, Vanessa and Noelle are my favorite Black Bulls members. As for the actual chapter, it was honestly mostly a disappointment. More on this to follow:

The Heart Kingdom is under siege, as the perspective of the manga switches from Asta's group to Loropechika and her side.

Loropechika is in her throne room, and she watches, despairingly, as the kingdom's citizens are helpless. Strangely enough, Four of Spirit Guardians are also taken down offscreen (=.=). The Heart Queen is shocked at how powerful the Dark Triad underlings are, even with just a portion of devil's power.

Noelle and Mimosa are also both watching. Luck plus a few people have been sent to help, and Noelle is sure they will be just fine. The scene then switches to one of the...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (146 & 147)

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Dr Stone Chapter 146 Review by Hermit

Good chapter this week. The filler content seems to have stopped, and we're back to the main plot.

Following up from last week, Yo openly protests about a bar not serving alcohol, despite being termed a 'bar'. This prompts Senkuu to display the formation of alcohol to the ship's occupants. Using wheat, Japanese hops and yeast, beer is mass produced on the ship. Everyone delights in this, and we get a scene reminiscent to whenever Shanks/Luffy's crew are celebrating aboard their ships.

A drunk Ginro asks Matsukaze about his life story, since the latter had previously pointed out that Ginro greatly resembled his master. Matsukaze describes his leader as a virtuous person. When the petrification devices rained en masse the island, he alone insisted that the devices should be destroyed. Failure to do that would bring about strife and cause a...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (246)

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Black Clover Chapter 246 review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Tree of Qliphoth

This week’s chapter begins with Asta inside his head. His devil is going absolutely berserk promising to kill, I’m guessing Dante/Lucifero, for injuring him. Asta is confused about what’s going on but shortly after, he wakes up and remembers what was happening and the fight with Dante. He’s relieved to feel Gauche’s ki, which signals he’s still alive, but is surprised to see Yami facing off against Dante.

Yami explains to Dante that when Mana Zone is condensed the mana is thicker and therefore the Quick Draw techniques in his sword never miss. Dante starts laughing like a maniac seeming both shocked and pleased that he has to resort to using a certain technique. His flesh where Yami had cut him begins to bubble over and heal...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (145)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 145 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Bar Francois

Last time in Dr. Stone we saw Senkuu winning against Ryusui and Gen in their poker match that would decide the route they'd take to reach America,Senkuu's 40 Day Route or Ryusui's 70 Day Route. Senkuu and Kohaku won so 40 Days it is,unfortunately some of the Crew Members like Yo bet all their Drago on Ryusui winning this and now want to gamble it all back which prompts Ryusui to reveal that there is a full Casino including a Bar on the Perseus now called the "Perseus Luck Casino". Senkuu and Ryusui exchange a few words about the Rebirth of the Casino and how they'll portion their rations for each member over the incoming 40 Days as well as what they'll be drinking until then,as Suika wonders about the Bar Senkuu reveals it to be the "Bar Francois" naturally named after it's owner: Francois!. Francois is very...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (243, 244, 245)

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Black Clover - Chapter 245 Review + 243/244 Recap by Seraph

Chapter 243: Devil Host vs. Devil Host

Asta after having lost control over his Black Form underwent another and much more powerful Transformation,the Anti Magic that previously covered only half of his body now covers roughly 60-70% of it while also transforming Asta's leg and arm into demonic claws. Arrogant as he is Dante playfully challenged Asta but soon had to learn that he was up against a completely changed and much more powerful Magic Knight than before,having lost all reasoning Asta attacks in a very wild manner all over the place while also displaying that this form is capable of extending and changing his sword/s shape a fair bit more than he used to be capable of. Impressive and Destructive as this display is,it's not enough...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (143)

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Dr Stone Chapter 143 Review by Hermit

The chapter was a transitional one with no really meaningful plot developments. Still a very enjoyable one though.

It kicks off with Minami recording the crew members in their natural habitats. Bit of a recap really, reminding the audience about the roles of the cast. There's a small panel where Kirisame blushes when she's asked about Kinrou (Potential ship?), and Suika is praised as being resourceful. Aside from that, the rest is pretty much what we know.

We get a stunning panel of the ship out at sea. Might be the best panel in the manga ever since they were air borne in the hot air balloon.

Now here comes the interesting bit of the chapter. Senkuu and Ryusui are both engaged in a heated discussion. Senkuu wishes to make the trip to America within 40 days, while Ryuusui would prefer it took longer, i.e 70 days. The two begin to brawl...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (241 & 242)

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Black Clover Chapter 241 Review by Hermit

Asta launches an attack at Bluenote, who has just attacked their hideout. Bluenote fires one back, but Asta counterattacks with the magic negating sword. The Dark Triad member soon realizes that Asta is being protected by strange magic, which he pin points to Vanessa. He then heads inside the guild to confront Vanessa. Asta tries to intervene, but gets slammed into the ground immediately. Bluenote then asks Vanessa to be his woman. Asta shows up again, this time in his black form.

This catches Bluenote by surprise, admitting that he had no knowledge that someone was possessed by a devil within Clover Kingdom. Using Black Divider (The same sword that Asta used against the Word Devil), he tries homing in on the enemy, but to no effect. Gauche decides to help out, using...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (142)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 142 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: World Power

Last Chapter Tsukasa was finally healed and revived, and after a nice talk with Senkuu decided to join the crew in a mission to travel around the world to gather materials to build a Spaceship to travel to the moon to confront the Why-man. And yes it’s just as outrageous as it sounds no matter how much you think about it. They are going to the moon for a showdown!

This week Senkuu confirms that they definitely need to travel around the world for the materials because Japan alone won’t have enough. Chrome especially is fired up about this, given that he considers himself a great explorer. Tsukasa and Gen have a brief conversation where Tsukasa tells Gen that he’s glad he revived him despite the fact that he betrayed him once. Gen shrugs it off and calls himself an opportunist who makes use of other people’s...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (141)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 141 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: First Team

If the Kingdom of Science is going up against someone who's out to petrify all of mankind once more then they have no choice but to revive their strongest friend and martial artist: Tsukasa Shishio!,Senkuu and Co. will revive him and brief him on the current situation and while at it make him join their Group. And with this exciting intro i welcome you all to the Dr. Stone Chapter Review for Chapter 141 that had 2 of the most finely drawn and colored Cover Pages in a long time in my humble opinion,we got an exciting but emotional reunion with Tsukasa ahead of us in this chapter so let's get straight to it shall we? We shall!.

As the...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (169)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 169 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Perfect Scores

"If there were no farms...our families and friends...would not have been killed to be served as food. If it wasn't for you(Peter Ratri)...that abhorrent hunting ground wouldn't have existed. If it wasn't for your Clan...the World wouldn't be this way. This World wouldn't be a place where we children are continually eaten by Demons. How many children have died because of you? How many have shed tears?."...And with this serious and intense Dialogue of Oliver I welcome you, Neverland-Readers, to my Chapter Review for Chapter Number: 169. It has been awhile and we apologize for the little hiatus we've taken on the TPN Reviews everyone but worry not we won't disappear again anytime soon and we'll do our best to make sure we cover and focus...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (240)

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Short Recap,Chapter 239: Having suffered a crushing defeat by the hands of Zeno of the Dark Triad from Spade Kingdom,Yuno was left at the brink of death along with several other Golden Dawn Members. If not for William having left behind a seed created by his World Tree Magic,he left it behind in order to heal and save the seriously wounded Members from dying despite his own struggle against Zeno. He casted World Tree Magic: Budding of Yggdrasil which managed to save half of the Golden Dawn Members from succumbing to their serious wounds but failed to save the other half as their injuries were too grave to be saved from. The Golden Dawn's Manpower has been cut in half along with their Spirit,how can they ever make up for this? The Frustration sits deep and even Yuno cannot help but cry out in anger...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (138-140)

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Dr Stone Chapter(s) 138-140 Review by Kino Makoto

The last chapter was capped off with Ibara's defeat, putting to an end the big bad of the arc. Satisfactory fight all in all, I have no qualms about how the events played. These three subsequent chapters conclude the saga plus lead up to the next arc. Where do Senkuu and his group go from here?

Senkuu revives Chrome (His scientist understudy), and the two proceed to unpetrify everyone who had been turned to stone. Once this matter is settled, Senkuu proceeds to resume the earlier voice call with Ruri. Chrome denotes that Ruri wanting to communicate with them means that something serious must have happened back at the island. Taiju heads to the bottom of the sea to retrieve Yo's statue, where he also comes across Kirisame's statue. Senkuu decides on reviving her, knowing that she must have some valuable information in regards to...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (238)

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Black Clover Chapter 238 Review by Mistress 9

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yuno arc meant I was supposed to wank him throughout the arc more :((( Alas, his time has come to an end. Rest well, young King :crownemoji:

Song for the chapter: My Immortal.

So, picking up from last week, we immediately get back to the heart of things. Yuno, Klaus and Letoille are all confronting Archer in the light of him taking down their Captain William. Yuno recognizes Archer immediately as the Usurper who came after his family back in Winterfell. Archer duly notices that his subordinates were taken down, but that doesn't faze him. Much.

Belle appears before Yuno, telling him to invoke his Spirit Form. She seems tense, nervous, obviously recognizing just how powerful Archer is. Without warning, the adversary immediately releases a...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (137)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 137 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Last Man Standing

The "Senkuu Sora 3" has taken to the skies,operated by Captain Ryusui,engaged in midair with the Medusa now the only thing left to do is pull it back in to retrieve the device. That is if it wasn't for Ibara trying to pull it back...the midair clash turns into an on land tug of war! As the Medusa's own rope tears apart Ibara is quick to replace it as he throws one of his drapes hanging from his garments around the drone which magically ties itself together in midair(I know,i know-) allowing him to continue the tug of war against Ryusui and Senkuu. Speaking of our heroes,despite the advantage in numbers they appear to be in a heavy struggle against the Elder Ibara who is quite easily holding his own in this contest of strength...or is it a contest of strength?. We remember how Ibara gave the...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (135 & 136)

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Dr Stone Chapter 135 Review by Chibi Usa

After the short winter break, plus Boichi recovering from his unprecedented illness (Thankfully he's back), the manga makes its long awaited comeback with the first chapter of 2020. What was there in store for us this time?

Picking up from the decade end chapter, Jafar is quite irritated that Senkuu escaped the petrification beam. We then get a small flashback of how the scientist managed to escape. Senkuu had initially considered other alternatives to rescuing himself, but none of them were viable. Chrome rushed to Ryuusui, informing him that they had to line up in a straight line. The idea behind that was that Senkuu would be able to calculate the speed at which petrification happens, which would help him come up with an appropriate counter attack.

Senkuu proceeds with the calculations, similarly to what he had done before when Chrome...

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