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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (143)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 143 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Obliteration

This Week's Chapter of Neverland begins with Emma repeating her Wish to the Supreme Leader of the Demons,she wants every Cattle Child to be sent to the Human World as well as the gateway between the Worlds to be closed for good afterwards. The Leader announces that he will grant her Wish,he however will have his compensation too: "What i want is your-" his desire is cut off for a moment and we're unable to see what he asked of Emma with her only response to it being: "Oh..." with a surprised expression on her face. Suddenly the scene switches back to Don and Gilda looking for Musica and Song Juu,it's been several days since their conversation with Ayshe and her having...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (142)

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Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 142 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues with the flashback as a knight from the battlefield comes into the hideout to tell the people inside about the terrible news regarding the ongoing battle and Commander Ratri’s status. The people want to rush out to get him and see the rest of the army, but Julius stops them at the entrance. They celebrate his sudden return, but then he wants to talk to them again about the proposal.

Julius explains that the offering of humans as a food source is needed; it ensures that the demons will never hurt them again and gives them better results than losing more and more people through war. He exclaims that he had enough of the constant fighting, having a flashback from a battlefield where he sees a lot of people in a pool...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (114)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 114 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: As Science silently bores through Stone

A mild rustling is to be heard from within the tree branches and it turns out that it is Kohaku climbing down the Great Tree in order to investigate the Space Capsule Soyuz hidden at the foot of the Tree,she wants to investigate the treasure chest and if possible give some of the materials to Senkuu and Co. as soon as possible. As she approaches the Soyuz she imagines how much the Kingdom of Science will benefit from it's contents,all their friends will be revived and they'll be able to launch their counter attack against the Great Leader and his Warriors. However,as she tries to open the Capsule she is shocked to see that the metallic outer shell just crumbled away upon touch,proving that even with Modern Day Know How the Shell was not able to stand the test of time. Kohaku's...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (113)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 113 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Cryptography Science

This week’s chapter begins with Kohaku thinking she’s found the ultimate key to victory for the Kingdom of Science, which is in The Master’s Giant Tree. The only problem she has now is getting the information to Senkuu and the others since the communication device is only one way, and that’s receiving not sending. Ginrou suggests Kohaku try yelling like she did before when he was on the ship but she dismisses that idea because they were now in the harem and it would be too risky. Amaryllis agrees and cautions them not to blow their cover. An older lady hits Ginrou as punishment for what she thinks is idling. She reminds them they only have a week to learn the correct posture and manners before joining the harem for real so they have to commit themselves.

Senkuu contacts Kohaku through the earpiece and...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (212)

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Black Clover - Chapter 212 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Destiny's End

A clean mighty slash straight through the tattered Devil's heart,Asta's attack has hit it's mark with the support of Yuno and Captain Yami. And with that this week's chapter of Black Clover begins: an all deciding attack!, as Asta's Black Form is dispelled the Devil laments and wonders how someone like him could ever lose to the likes of Humans and Elves. As his body starts to disintegrate he seems to enter a parallell Dimension as he is met by the Devil residing within Asta's grimoire,who greets him as his Elder,said Elder however is more concerned about this other Devils identity. The Anti Magic Devil responds that the Elder has no need to know that as he is about to perish no matter how strong he may have been he just lost to Asta and the...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (141)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 141 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Promise of a Thousand Years (1)

This Week's chapter starts with a brief Flashback to when the Kids arrived at the Shelter,just as they opened the pen left behind by James Ratri where they learned about the Promise and it's particulars. When analysing the Promise the Kids realized that while it includes that neither Demons or humans hunt the other and hence are allowed to live in their respective worlds peacefully it included another deciding agreement,which we don't learn yet but the Kids are resolved to use it for their advantage as this detail seems to put the odds in their favor regarding a new Promise with the Supreme Demon Leader. Back in the present Emma confronts the Supreme Leader with...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (211)

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Black Clover Chapter 211 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Final Attack

This week’s chapter begins with Secre lamenting on her feelings towards Asta as she watches the ongoing fight. She reminisces about one of the times Asta proclaimed he would become Wizard King, admitting she didn’t think he could do it, that he could never be someone like the prince. Meanwhile, as the battle continues, Yuno seems to be getting more powerful but in contrast Asta seems to be getting weaker. Yuno wonders if Asta is at his limit and tries to motivate him by telling him if he can’t keep up then he would leave him behind. This has the desired effect as Asta charges towards the Devil in an attempt to keep up with Yuno.

The Devil is not impressed with Yuno attempting to use Elf and Spirit Magic against him and insults him by calling him a...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (112)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 112 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: 3-D Champion

Last time in Dr. Stone we got to see the Harem Selection held by Ibara and Mozu,the Prime Minister and the strongest Warrior on the Island. Amaryllis,Kohaku and even Ginrolina managed to get chosen,while the process was rather creepy and uncomfortable to witness and read our heroines managed to get chosen into the Harem with Kohaku already scheming how she can get her hands onto the weapon carried by Kirisame. She suggests that they wait for her to sleep and then just take it from her,while Amaryllis agrees that they should rather hurry then waste their time due to one of them possibly being chosen to meet the Great Leader we see Ginrolina trying to change Kohaku's mind as this appears too spontaneous and reckless of her. Amaryllis proposes to scout out the area and present security first as most likely...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (140)

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 140 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts in the demon kingdom where Lady Bayon, along with her demon kid, is heading straight towards the kingdom’s capital where the Tifari festival will be held. All of the royal families are preparing for it by going to the place as well. Lord Pupo comes running in looking for one demon Lord Dozza, but he is not found anywhere. Lady Poum comments on Dozza’s rude actions, but Lord Bayon insists that they should endure it and that he was done for in case he had gone back to his domain. He then openly states that he’d rather have Gilan back on court, which causes negative responses and panic with the other lords. He then continues on how the former Lord was integral, elegant and cared for his fellow demon subjects. Sighing at...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (111)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 111 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Science Wars

This week’s chapter begins with three beautiful color pages with the current main cast and a small recap of what happened 3700 years ago, in celebration of the anime’s premiere.

Picking up from last week, the ladies are told to line up so the most beautiful may be chosen to join the Master’s Harem and become his property. Mozu comments on the quality of the “crop” this year stating there are many cuties. Kohaku is annoyed at Ginrou hiding behind her, but he reminds her that he’s a guy and doesn’t want to join a harem. She reminds him that it’s a mission to get the petrification weapon and they need all hands on deck.
Someone suddenly screams and we see Ibara holding a girl against her will. He claims to have been searching for the beast, but the girl will be compensation for a long search. Her husband begs...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (210)

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Black Clover - Chapter 210 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: On the Brink

This week's Chapter of Black Clover continues with the fight against the Devil as the powered up Asta and Yuno make a final stand against him,hoping to end this battle once and for all,as the Devil threatens and ridicules their lives and efforts once more. He keeps attacking the Duo furiously,which gives Yuno the impression that while his own Blade may not be able to defeat the Devil it can guard and deflect attacks coming Asta's way. He plans to create an opening for Asta's blade to pierce through the Devil's heart since his Anti-Magic can injure and potentially kill the Devil,apart from Yami's Dark Magic. Meanwhile Asta is about to reach his limit,this has been the longest amount of time that he has been using his Black Form while trying to keep...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (139)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 139 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Search for the Demons (2)

This Week's Chapter of Neverland picks up where we left off last time,with Aishe having suddenly appeared behind Don and Gilda questioning their intentions as to wether they want to save or kill Musica,the evil blood girl. But before the 2 friends can muster any answer to that question they're overcome with shock and surprise as Aishe actually understands their language and can even speak it as well,as Gilda asks her if she actually understands everything a Flashback begins to at least 15 years ago. We're following a Demon who works at one of the Mass Plantations, an individual of few words who was always giving a gloomy atmosphere off as he walked about,ever...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone 110

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 110 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Beautiful Science

This week's chapter of Dr. Stone starts with the Science Team celebrating their successful recovery of the Lab,they do so while driving through the Forest,because now they can finally start with their "Cute-ification"-Process of Kohaku. Something which is news to Suika and Ginro's ears but is quickly explained by Kohaku who is still very eager and excited to enter the Inner Palace to get her hands onto the Petrification Weapon. As Senkuu and Co. fill their comrades in about the current situation we see Prime Minister Ibara inspect the tracks left behind by the wheels of the Lab,seemingly skeptical about wether or not this was actually left behind by an Animal as the soldiers are claiming or if this isn't something beyond their understanding. I gotta give this guy credit,considering they do not have any...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (138)

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 138 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts with Vincent conducting an experiment. Cicero asks if it is ready and Vincent nods. He continues on how Norman is a genius and nothing and nobody is above him, though Cicero hesitantly wants to ask something, drops it mid-sentence though. He then wonders if the demon girl with cursed blood will be found and Vincent is confident about the search party finding her, even complimenting Norman's achievement of locating the former demon royalty clan. Cicero asks then if they can kill her and Vincent nods and asks him to just trust his boss regarding the plan while conducting another successful experiment. He states that the plan is proceeding and everything is already taken care of.

Meanwhile, Don, Gilda and the rest of...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (209)

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Black Clover Chapter 209 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Wish

Last chapter, Yuno and Asta both hit a new level of power in order to make a last stand against the Devil who has proven to be the most powerful opponent they’ve faced to date. Now, everyone looks at the two in shock an awe at how quickly they evolved. Lumiere recognizes Yuno is using a wind attribute along with sword magic, something that’s familiar to him. However he can’t seem to place Asta. Secre tells him Asta is an idiot boy who was born without magic and doesn’t know his place. While that may sound cruel she goes on to admit that Asta has put in more work than anyone in the kingdom and is the worst at giving up.

Asta is excited by his new power and boasts to Yuno, despite the fact that he silently admits he won’t be able to maintain his power in that...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (109)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 109 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Great Escape

This week we begin with Suika sneaking around the ship, devising a plan that would see her and Ginro get the lab to Senkuu and the others. Senkuu prepared a camo cover beforehand to protect the lab from wild animals, something he knows Suika will realize as she’s also a pro at blending in with nature. Soyuz is skeptical since the camo cover doesn’t turn it invisible, and Senkuu backs this by saying Suika and Ginro will have to bust out by force, a feat Kohaku is sure they can pull off if they work together. While Gen believes in Suika, he doesn’t have the same confidence in Ginro, but Kohaku believes in Ginro and assures him that Ginro always comes through when it counts.

Meanwhile on the ship, Ginro is happy that someone has come to save him and doesn’t think anyone would mind if he skedaddled. He utilizes...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (137)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 137 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Transformation

This week's Chapter of Neverland starts with the Elderly and completely broken Ray,the endless struggle got to him and forced him to collapse,infact our Friend is about to give up any hope of surviving and stopping Norman's plans...someone needs to help him get his act back together and who'd be better for that than Emma? Exactly no one is,speaking of Emma she's jumping out of the closet she and Ray used to enter the Desert-Space before as we speak,let's hope she can get him back to normal because she claims that she figured out the Rules and way out of this Space that is the Seven Walls...yeah i was surprised too...Emma of all people got the jump on Ray in a complex matter like...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 136

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 136 Review by Elusia


The chapter continues with Emma and Ray’s exploration of the labyrinth where they go from one place to another using the arrows as guides. They stumble upon the monitor room yet again and Ray monologues how they went through the rooms over and over like in a real maze. Though, he notes that each room they go through changes a little. But they never know for sure which room is behind any door and following the same path always leads to different destinations. There were no patterns for them to work with and they do not have a single clue on solving the puzzle. The whole maze is also very warped in messing up time and physics to the point where there is nothing to rely on.

Ray finds it very confusing to think they might be in the...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (108)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 108 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Second Trump Card

This week in Dr. Stone we are sent back a few hours in time to when the Crew on the Perseus was petrified,it is revealed that it was Kirisame that was observing the crew from above on the Cliffs. When Ryusui asked who she is she ignored his question and immediatly threw the Petrification Weapon into the air leaving the crew only a few seconds to react and take any counter measures, Ryusui analysed the Weapon quickly as well as how it seems to work. The crew thought that she had thrown some sort of Bomb or Grenade towards the Perseus,which Ukyo tried to steer of it's course by firing an arrow at it which only managed to hit it back slightly. As the light begins to shine upon the Crew the Captain Ryusui takes desperate measures and decides to save Suika by kicking her away like a...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (208)

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Black Clover - Chapter 208 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Sword

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with 2 familiar figures that most of us had probably forgotten where even in the Shadow Palace,i'm talking about Revchi and Gueldre. The former Captain and Magic Knight of the Purple Orca Squad,who only entered the Shadow Palace to aquire ancient artifacts for themselves which they seemingly managed to find as the both of them are carrying a couple of bags with them. To their dismay they're unable to leave the Palace as the Mass from the Other World summoned by the Devil is surrounding them and if not for Gueldre's Magic they would have been dead already. Gueldre is wondering where the exit is as his Mana is running low and the moment he does they're done for. The scene switches to Yami and Charla who got saved...

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