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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (130)

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Dr Stone Chapter 130 Review by the Best Star Shine

Chapter title this week is 'The Devil's Selection'. Quite ominous, I'd say. Though that color page is.....just extraordinary. Stunning really.


We kick off from where we left off last week, with Hyoga being released from his petrification. Gen is shocked, not sure of how things will turn out. Much like the audience, I presume. Nikki asks how they are going to stop him since they don't have a gun. Senkuu states that they first need to know which side he is on, before deciding on anything else. As things stand, he is currently Joker.

Jafar is puzzled. From his memory, Hyoga was a statue. He also remembers Ukyo as being one of the statues before, adding more to his confusion. Immediately, he bolts from the room, and Magma is beaten down by Mozu after trying to give chase. Hyoga realizes how strong Mozu is from that single...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (158)

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The Promised Neverland - Chapter 158: Review by Zers Editor


The chapter starts with Musica, recalling her past, wondering why or how she came to be. She was different, and it brought her many bad things. But Musica still took joy in helping others. But then, thanks of the queen, her friends and family were killed, and she was imprisoned. But thanks to Sonju, she escaped and kept in hiding for 700 years. By the end of reminiscing, she asks of her purpose and right to be alive.

Afterward, chapter continues from where the previous one left off. Musica asks, why the queen is so starving. Despite all the terrible things she did to her, Musica continues to pity the queen for her view on things. Legravalima declares that she is not afraid of anything and takes strong pride in her heritage. Her patience with Musica breaks however, when the...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (228)

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Black Clover Chapter 228 Review by the Hermit Crab

The chapter title is really really good. Though it also gives out the impression of a villain group as well. Would be a fitting name for an antagonist group I suppose.

Since all my favorites appeared in this chapter (Or were referenced in some way or another), no commentary before the big reveal. Think the chapter did a good enough job of showing all the major players as well.

That said,


Morgianna, Mimosa and Finral all reunite with Asta in the castle. Kogyoku appears, and both the Fanalis and Finral are visibly impressed with her beauty. Just as she requests the Black Bulls for their help, she trips over herself. Her Djinn scolds her, telling her she needs to act more like royalty.

Asta asks why she needs their help, and she reiterates what she had told them earlier...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (129)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 129 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Joker

This week continues with our heroes charging full speed ahead towards Ibara and the stolen Perseus. Gen thinks Senkuu and the others are there to rescue him so is shocked when he realizes everyone has lost their minds and are going after Ibara instead. The goal here is to buy time for Taijuu, Yuzuriha and the others to get to the Master, but as we saw last week, they would not be able to salvage him. Senkuu and the others don’t know that yet though. Gen worries because it’s the nine of them vs hundreds, but Magma is already on the ship and completely disregarding the fact that no lives should be taken, orders Ibara to prepare to die.

Nicky reaches Magma in time and hits him on the head causing the shots to go wild and serving only to scare the enemy instead of killing them. Magma is upset and threatens to kill Nicky...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (227)

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Black Clover - Chapter 227 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The All-Knowing Priestess

This Week's chapter of Black Clover picks up where we left off last time with Asta flying straight through the Water Wall only to find a doll sitting on a majestic chair,which confuses him considering that he sensed a person's KI behind the wall,his doubts are soon to be cleared as the doll disappears and he spots a young woman lying on a beaver pelt. As Asta tries to talk with the woman he is immediatly headbutted by her out of surprise,she apologizes for her rudeness by just lying around but the beaver pelt felt so good on her skin she couldn't help herself. Asta leaves his Black Form and is immedialy engulfed in another pillar of water by Undine who goes over to the mysterious woman to tell her that she should change out of her pajamas...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (156)

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 156 Review by the Hermit Spriggan

International break was definitely needed with the quality of the chapter. The author reconsidered everything. From character selection to tactics, even the half time team talk was done really well. Beautiful chapter this week.

Media commentary before kick off:

Isabella: Ha, gotcha good with that troll reveal didn't I?;P But patience. Not long now before I make my grand comeback to the manga. But before then, Happy Halloween, my lovelies!

Minute 00.01:

After last week's stellar cliffhanger, this one picks up from there. The Queen reveals her horrendous form to Emma and her group. Norman notes that she has no face, while Emma remembers one of the drawings from the Uchiha tablet having the same form as the Queen currently.

The faceless figure now talks...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (128)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 128 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Island-Wide Battle Royale

This Week's Chapter of Dr. Stone starts out with Ibara and Senkuu claiming that they're going to win this round as the former feels like he has cornered the latter while the latter thinks the former has given him the perfect chance to claim victory here. Ryusui laughs confidently as he already knows how to get the Islanders Trust and expose Ibara,which is by simply showing them the Statue of the Great Leader since there is no way Ibara would take the risk of having him carried around in front of everybody otherwise he'd have to petrify even more people which would cause more suspicion about him. Amaryllis points out that the role of the leader is passed down by heredity,which means that instead of Ibara the next rightful Leader would be Soyuz if the intel of Ginro is true at least. As Ryusui and...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (226)

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Black Clover Chapter 226 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Spirit Guardian’s Magic

The Chapter begins with Gaja casting Lightning Magic: Tenjiolia. He casts with letters circling his hands which surprises Noelle who’s never seen something like that. Noelle manages to dodge the attack which doesn’t surprise Gaja, who expects no less from a first stage mage. Gaja surprises Noelle further by telling her he’s commanded his magic to pursue her until it strikes her, which makes Mimosa wonder if it’s a Heart Kingdom technique. Finral and Mimosa intervene, with Mimosa pleading with Gaja to return Asta. He warns him that if he doesn’t they’ll have to fight him. Gaja is surprised Mimosa launched an attacking spell and places her at third stage. He also deduces that Finral can make passages if it’s to a place he can see...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (127)

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Dr Stone Chapter 127 Review by the Hermit Spriggan

Sensational manga chapter this week. The title pretty much gives it away; Medusa and Perseus.

Media comments before the big event:

Kohaku: Still waiting to come get rescued. Not like they don't have the revival fluid in excess now or anything. Not like they can't send someone to come rescue us or anything.

Ginrou: Ha, I'm getting used to this actually. But I have this very annoying itch on my back. Wish someone would get it for me.

Hyouga: Fingers crossed I'm going to do something epic by the end of the arc. There's no way I've been this ignored. Right guys? Right?

Homura: *Silently files her nails in the background*


So the chapter kicks off with a beautiful color cover. A bit fitting considering the current events of the anime, where the focus was on Byakuya and his crew in space. The first page is also...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (155)

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Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 155 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Resurrection

This Week's Chapter of Neverland brings us into the middle of the chaos that is unfolding in the Capital right now as the Demons that returned to their beast forms due to the poison spreading attack their humanoid fellow citizens,with Ayshe,Don,Gilda,Musica and Song Juu trying to stop and reverse the effects of the poison. They're attempting to do so by inflicting non-lethal damage upon them,stopping them in their tracks,and by trying to have them drink Musica's blood to return to their former states just without any limit or need for human meat. While Don and Gilda keep the Demons at bay with their bow and arrows we can see Ayshe deliver skillful shots with her rifle,Gilda notes that it...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (225)

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Black Clover Chapter 225 Review by Hermit

Semi decent chapter this week. Pacing is something I was iffy on due to the world building, but I'm hoping that world building will be focused on later. Also, fingers crossed that this arc isn't a rehash of the Witch Forest Arc (Has a few things in common with that arc already)

Yuno: Still waiting for something. Anything will do at this point, I'm starting to forget the last meaningful thing I did in this series.

Zora: Speak for yourself, I know I'm going to end up getting a mega awesome rescue scene in a while, Personally can't wait for that.


Mimosa: Just drop dead already, nii-sama.

Mimosa, Finral, Noelle and Asta arrive at the border of Heart Kingdom...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (126)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 126 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Three Dimensional Stratagem

We’re finally reaching the culmination of the arc and this week the stage is set. The final battle will take place at Wavebreak Cliff where the sound of the crashing waves and roaring winds will mask the sound of the drone. Moz calmly relays the location to Ibara and the other warriors, and they are immediately ready to go and confront the hooded warriors, confident in the belief that with Moz and Kirisame on their side they can’t lose.

Elsewhere, Suika is worried about the enemy heading towards them considering their numbers are so much smaller. Senkuu agrees that in battle that would be ten billion percent true, but the objective is to get them to throw the petrification weapon. They go over the plan once more, with everyone given their role, specifically the power team of Taijuu and Nicky...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (154)

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 154 Review by Hermit

The last chapter was...just all sorts of terrible. Seriously. I still can't believe they pulled such a 180 on the manga. This one sorta redeems it somewhat. Key word:somewhat. And that's solely due to the last page. Otherwise the rest was just....bleh. Still vomit inducing.

Media commentary

Isabella: Sometimes I look at this manga in its current state and feel.....conflicted. On one hand, I'm sad at seeing what it has become. On another, I'm happy because I was part of it in its prime. They've never been able to recapture the original magic ever since I left, hah.

Musica: I'll just stay here doing nothing, hoping that the author doesn't give me any lines. Hey, on the bright side, I still have my loyal fans;P


Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (125)

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Dr. Stone - Chapter 125 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Decisive Three Dimensional Battle

The Clash that decides it all between the Kingdom of Science and the Kingdom of Medusa is soon upon us,but before our heroes can enter this battle they will need 4 important pieces of equipment,those being:a few Hoods,a Wire,The Drone,and a gun. Senkuu explains the purpose of the hoods,that being that the "Hooded Warriors" are supposed to act as bait to force their enemies into throwing their Weapon at them. The Hooded Warriors will be 5 People,otherwise they'll run risk of not scaring their enemies enough into using their weapon against them,the cloth as well as the food needed for the hoods and our heroes is provided by Amaryllis who snuck back into her village's storehouse. Yuzuriha finishes the hoods within very short time, Hoods...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (224)

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Black Clover - Chapter 224 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: You are cursed

This Week's Chapter of Black Clover starts with Yami educating us on Heart Kingdom's security at their borders after his members that went to collect information have returned,most of them anyway,and reported their newly gained knowledge to him. Apparently Heart Kingdom cannot be entered at one's leisure as the Country has unique Trap Spells set out around their borders,if any of the traps are set off then the Country is immediatly aware of it's trespassers and will brand them as criminals to hunt down. If the Black Bulls try to invade,which is impossible even with Rouge's Power according to Vanessa,they could potentially cause an international incident between Clover and Heart. Just as he finishes his lecture Noelle mentions that she remembers Mimosa...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (153)

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The Promised Neverland Chapter 153 Review by Elusia


The chapter starts off a gloomy atmosphere where Emma and Ray finally seeing Norman and put an end to his plans. Unfortunately, Norman has already finished, leaving only the bodies of dead demons around them. He and his crew killed all of them by turning on them against each other. Emma is shocked, but exclaims to Norman that they manage to remake the promise so that everyone can escape to the human world. Everyone in the room are as shocked as she was previously as she continues on that violence and genocide plans are not needed. He is not convinced and telling them that it’s already over. They killed every royal and noble and even murdered the last noble demon, Ivelk. They’ll soon extermine other demons as they never turn back of...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (124)

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Dr Stone Chapter 124 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Chapter has an epic title, and the content is equally as epic. Nice way to bounce back after the weak chapter from last week.

One more thing, before I get into the meat of things. No comments from any of the characters this week. In this manga, everyone gets equal screentime;P We don't do any of that character bias thing here.

Right, so let's have at it:

Following the events from last week, Mozu proceeds with the plan to sabotage his own territory. A plan that succeeds, since the next morning there's an account of his stories from one of the guards of the village, O-Arashi. Said guard has an Egyptian like dressing on his head, which makes me realize something. Maybe Jafar and his group of lackies are based of ancient Egypt? Jafar could be the Pharaoh, and the petrification can relate duly to how bodies were preserved in ancient...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (223)

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Black Clover Chapter 223 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Agrippa Family

This week in Black Clover we meet Gordon’s family. For those of us not familiar with the name, Gordon is the Black Bulls member that resembles a mime with his face all made up, and mumbles when he talks. Yami sends Asta with Nero, Grey and Gauche with Gordon to learn about Curse Magic from his family since it’s something they’re famous for. Gordon agrees to do this for Asta’s sake and hopes things will be different this time, since the last time he went to them for help when Asta was Cursed by the Third Eye, they didn’t help him. It would mean a lot to Gordon if he was able to help Asta, since Asta is his friend and as a descendant of a family that dabbles in Cursed Magic it was near impossible for him to make friends. So now, accompanied by his...

Chapter Review: Black Clover (222)

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Black Clover Chapter 222 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Very spectacular color cover this week. Mixed feelings towards the chapter, however.

Dorothy: Yay! Finally my turn to shine. Lol seriously though, how did I last all those years without even a dialogue and somehow, SOMEHOW have a fanbase?

Yuno: Again, no screen time for me? No wonder this manga has been boring as nails recently

Noelle: Oh as expected of my royal self, my fanbase only continues to grow by the chapter.

Nozel: Screen time.....means absolutely nothing to me.

So, kicking off immediately from last week, Dorothy (No Bleach reference for her ;( ) and the Coral Peacocks are helping to rebuild the city. She dismisses the members of her team, before going towards Noelle. Noelle is about to bring up what happened to her mother, but Dorothy hushes her and tells her...

Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (123)

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Dr. Stone Chapter 123 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Brain-Battle Gambit

This week continues where last week left off, with the team offering to ally with Mozu. Gen uses the drone to impress Mozu, or maybe it was to appeal to his naivety when it comes to modern or past technology, by having it scatter leaves all around, calling it their sorcery bird and claiming they can fly it anywhere. Mozu looked suitably impressed, especially when Gen tells him they could use it to snatch the petrification weapon out of the air. This was his opening move in the gambit, making a weak card look like an Ace of Spades, which is accurate since, as Senkuu mentions, the drone isn’t even stabilized yet.

Ukyo is worried if it comes down to a battle between all of them against Mozu, they would lose. Ryuusui is excited at the prospect of gaining the strongest card in the deck if Gen manages to...

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