Anime League - Summer 2022

MangaHelpers presents: Tenkaichi Kurosuoba

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2021. A time of crisis. The barriers between the world started to crumble apart... And only one champion is able to save the Multiverse from the imminent collaps!
Who will it be? Who is the strongest character in the Multiverse?
Only you are able to decide. Choose wisely!
There is no way out. The Ultimate Tenkaichi has already begun!

Nominate your champion till March 19th!​

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Terbukti sendiri lagi. Sedih sih tp ya sdh dijalani aja
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The only fair game in this life is death. We all eventually will experience it, Doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, smart, stupid, tall, short, strong, weak, beautiful, ugly, athletic, fat, white, brown or black. There is no escape.
If you identify as a christian. Please stop begging God for free stuff. God is not Karl Marx. Make it happen with your own two hands. Only ask God for things when your own hands fail you.
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🤔🤔🤔🤔 You like black clover?

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