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MangaHelpers Becomes ComicHelpers

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Hey all,

Times are changing and so is MangaHelpers. Due to the surge of popularity of Western comics and the waning interest in manga, we have determined that we, too, must change to remain relevant moving forward. As such, we will slowly transition to a discussion site for comics starting today.

We apologize to the members that enjoyed discussing on MangaHelpers these past nine years; thank you very much for your support during that time and we hope you can understand and respect our decision. We also hope that many of you stick around and join us in debating about Batman and Superman. In fact, why not join right in? Get started here and discover the world of ComicHelpers!


ComicHelpers Staff

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Manga Sections Are Back

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Ladies and gentlemen,

when you visited the site earlier, you probably noticed that the Manga section was gone and replaced by a Comics section. And upon checking our homepage an announcement that we would turn MangaHelpers into ComicHelpers. Now, some of you managed to see through our clever ruse, however, to everyone else: we tricked you. Of course we would never do something like replacing all the manga discussions with comic ones. So rejoice, everyone, and welcome back to...


Happy April 1st,
~MangaHelpers Staff

P.S. You can still discuss comics here.
P.P.S. Remember to do your taxes.

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