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MangaHelpers presents: Valentine's Madness - Couple Wars

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Valentines Day. That special day of the year which is symbolises the power of love combined with freshly made cookies or chocolate.
During the past years, many Waifus and Husbandos have been choses as the best of the best of each representing year.

Being alone during Valentines isn't an option. Not even for our beloved Waifus and Husbandos...

But which of this madness induced couples of the year is the best? Who deserves to actually represent Valentines Day on MangaHelpers for this year?

The choice is yours.

MangaHelpers Awards 2021 - Hall of Fame

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The MangaHelpers Awards 2020 have concluded!

Celebrate the winners now!

Who won our betting game?

Check it out!

MangaHelpers Awards 2021 - The Final Round has begun!

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The Final Round of this years MangaHelpers Awards has begun!

Vote for your favorites till February 07th!

Suit up and Vote!

MangaHelpers Awards 2021 - The Polls are open!

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The polls are open!

Vote for your favorites till January 31st!

Suit up and Vote!

MangaHelpers Awards 2021 - We are live!

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And we are live!

Nominate your favorites till January 22nd!

Suit up and nominate!

Wanna make a bet? Check out our beloved yearly Awards betting game as well!

One Piece Best of Year 2020: Results

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Thank you all for taking part in the voting, here are the winners from the final voting round:

A breakdown of each category's results will be added to the opening post of individual threads.

"Run away from an emperor?...Do you want to make our captain Pirate King or not?!" - Franky (ch989)


Finding out what happened at the Reverie

Roronoa Zoro

Strawhat Pirates...

MangaHelpers Awards 2021 - Coming Soon

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It's that special time of the year again!

The event will begin on January 17th!

So suit up!

Anime League - Winter 2021

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A new season of Anime is right around the corner.
And with that we say:

The new season of the Anime League is here!

Merry Christmas~!

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We would like to wish our community here at Mangahelpers a Merry Christmas!

If you're fortunate enough to be spending it with your family or how ever else your situation allows you to celebrate, we hope you truly enjoy it and that it's a great day for you all.

We hope the food and drinks are plenty!

With love,


One Piece: Best of Year 2020 - LIVE

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We're happy to be back to celebrate another year of One Piece!

The event is now live for nominations; so come cast your names for best moments, favourite characters and celebrate this amazing series together!

Mafia Game Awards: Winners

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Here are the results for the Mafia Game Awards. Thank you all for participating

Husbando Wars 2020 - Award Ceremony

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The war has finally conluded!

Who is the best Husbando? Who is the one and only Lady of the Salt?
Check it out now!

Mafia Game Awards: Final Voting Round

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Final Voting Round for Mafia Game Awards have begun! Click HERE to join in the fun and vote your choices!

One Piece: Nico Robin's Reading Club

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We're happy to announce that our One Piece "Best of Year 2020" event will launch next week 21st December; to celebrate the manga and the story over this past year.

In preparation for that, we'll be hosting a reading club over this week, starting today. The idea of which is to cover all manga chapters released over this past year. So without further ado:

For more details and reading schedule, head over to the thread [HERE] if you're wanting to take part.

Husbando Wars 2020 - The Climax

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The climax is finally here!

Who is the best Husbando? You decide!

But that's not all!

Who shall be Mangahelpers' first Lady of the Salt?
Make your choice!

Mafia Game Awards: Voting Round 1

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First Voting Round for Mafia Game Awards have begun! Click HERE to join in the fun and vote your choices!

Husbando Wars 2020 - Final Four

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The climax is close!

Who is the best Husbando? You decide!

But that's not all!

Who shall be Mangahelpers' first Lady of the Salt?
Choose wisely!

MH Secret Santa 2020

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After a long absence, we're so excited to return with some fun during this festive holiday period. MH Secret Santa is now live for our wonderful community to take part and enjoy the gift exchange process!

All are welcome to sign up HERE!

Let's all have a great December~


Mafia Game Awards- Nomination Round

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The first Mafia Game Awards are here! Click HERE to join in the fun and nominate your choices!

Husbando Wars 2020 - Round 3 is live!

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The war continues with Round 3!

Who is the best Husbando? You decide!

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