We Can't Study - Chapter 1 Summary

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We Can’t Study debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump #10 with a 54-page first chapter.

The story centres around Yuiga Nariyuki, a third-year high school student. Yuiga has had to work tirelessly to maintain high grades. By understanding the frustrations of not being able to grasp concepts quickly, Yuiga is adept at assisting others.

Enter two geniuses who completely outclass him – Ogata Rizu and Furuhashi Fumino. Ogata is top of the class in math and science, while Furuhashi is peerless in literature subjects.

Their paths intertwine when Yuiga applies for the schools’ Special VIP Recommendation, which apparently bypasses college tuition. Much to Yuiga’s delight, he receives approval from the principal but only on the condition that he tutors none other than Ogata and Furuhashi.

It couldn’t be too hard right, babysitting 2 geniuses? Well as fate would have it Ogata wants to study literature and arts at university, and Furuhashi has her heart set on the sciences… and they are...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (110)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 110 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Chapter Title: “Set P”

One thing I’m beginning to realize is that Amon is certainly a big highlight in this arc. This chapter is jam packed with interesting topics and thrilling moments. Some of this week’s highlights include:

  • Amon’s flashback to his time in Kanou’s Lab
  • Scarecrow rescuing Amon from Kanou and Aogiri
  • Urie’s possible Kakuja
  • Saiko’s Flashback
  • Saiko’s resolve to save Urie

The chapter opens with Amon having a flashback to the time after the Anteiku Raid where he was being experimented upon by Kanou. His arc is slowly healing into a Kagune-like appendage, and he witnesses Takizawa being force fed Human Flesh in a chamber next to him. After refusing to eat the flesh himself, Amon is then also subjected to painful force feeding. In a...

Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (520)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 520 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After 3 weeks of abstinence from reading this manga, it manages to redeem itself in the span of a single chapter. Needless to say this week’s chapter was fantastic! Some of this week’s highlights include:

  • Wendy’s comfort and Erza’s acceptance of the death of her parents.
  • The dispelling of the World Reconstruction Magic
  • Natsu forsaking both the path of Dragonslayer and Demon
  • Natsu’s awakening

The chapter opens with Erza being comforted by Wendy for the loss of her birth mother. Erza tells the young slayer that despite everything, Makarov was the only real parent she had ever had. Wendy then remarks on the fact that she could no longer sense the Master’s life force. Erza then begins sobbing and brings Wendy into a deep embrace. With Irene’s death (?)...

New Manga - We Can't Study

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In the upcoming issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, a new series will debut: We Can't Study! It's a story about a high school student, Yuida, who is studying for his college exams. One day two beautiful women appear before him. Interested? Then keep an eye on our thread for the latest news and discussions.

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Anime Awards 2017: Final Round

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Ladies and gentleman!

The Anime Awards 2017 are now in it's final voting round!

Vote for your favorite shows here!​

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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (519)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 519 Review by BluePegasus

Well, what to say? This chapter ended up being one of the worst we've had in quite a while, mostly because it contained some very low-quality writing. Repeating the same old mistakes, in all honesty.

After a week of waiting, we finally got to see the effects of Irene's most hyped offensive spell. Unfortunately, it ended up being a travesty. As probably most people expected, Erza sliced right through the huge sized meteor with her katana. You can't get it more unrealistic. So, if this is everything an enhanced version of Sema itself can cause, it's actually quite obvious why Jellal used Grand Chariot to take Neinhart down instead of.. That. Aha.

And so we also discover some new, actually pretty interesting things: Wendy can enchant her own magic in objects, Erza's katana in this case...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (109)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 109 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Chapter Title: Even the Pen

The latest chapter has shaken the Tokyo Ghoul Community a little with a bold move. A totally unexplained outcome that no one was expecting. But it’s no surprise right? This is Tokyo Ghoul we’re talking about. One of the most thrilling manga of the modern age. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:

  • Donato’s Flashback to when Mikato Urie and Kuroiwa captured him
  • Urie’s Transformation into a Full Blooded Ghoul
  • Kaneki’s Arrival at the CCG’s Lab
  • Kuro being cheered up by Kaneki
  • The Clowns Army revealed to be Humans
  • Uta’s Appearance and battle with Suzuya

The chapter opens with a flashback to when Urie’s Father and Kuroiwa originally battled Donato at his Orphanage and the events leading up to his...

Anime Awards 2017: Semifinals - Second Half

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Ladies and gentleman!

The Anime Awards 2017 are now in it's second voting round for the semifinals!

Vote for your favorite shows here!​

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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (518)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 518 Review by SirSamuel016

Irene vs Erza continues
The chapter starts off with Irene and Erza staring down at each other after the events that transpired last chapter which led to Wendy being left unable to continue fighting. Erza declares to Wendy that she will settle the fight soon, which leads to Irene becoming increasingly agitated and attacking Erza with magical blasts which Erza does her best to avoid, all while Irene vents her anger over everything that has transpired over the years and how Erza knows nothing about her misery. As this continues, Erza then says she cannot lose, and tells of how she went through her own misery that while it isn't as horrid as Irene's is still painful in it's own right, and she also tells of how she's overcome hardships and become the person she is thanks to those...

Anime Awards 2017: Semifinals

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Ladies and gentleman!

The Anime Awards 2017 are now in it's first voting round for the semifinals!

Vote for your favorite shows here!​

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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (517)

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Fairy Tail - Chapter 516 Review by Doughboy

Part 1 - Irene's motives behind possessing Wendy
The chapter starts off where 516 left off, with Irene approaching Erza again in possession of Wendy's body after she enchanted her being inside of her. Let's reflect: Irene is a Dragon Slayer who fully underwent the Dragonification process, becoming a dragon. After Zeref used his enchantments to give her the appearance of her old self she later found out she couldn't taste food or sleep which really broke her psyche. When seeing this part of her, I thought back to Larcade saying humans have 3 desires: sex, food, sleep. Those really shouldn't be underestimated, which just adds to the totality of her character. Moving on, Irene still pregnant with Erza, she felt like she could enchant her being inside of her daughter but Erza, even...

Staff & News Writer Applications

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Dear MH Community,

we are recruiting! If you have always wanted to be part of the moderator team, are capable, have enough free time on your hands and still escaped our notice so far, now is your chance.

We are looking for new additions in the following places:
  • Berserk
  • Dr. Stone
  • General Manhwa & Manhua
  • Novels
  • Robot x Laserbeam
  • Translators' Academy

Beyond moderators for these sections, we are also looking for News Writers. News Writers do not moderate any of our forums, but are responsible for posting articles on our front page.

Interested? Then go ahead and fill out one of the forms below. We are looking forward to your application,

MH Staff

Application Forms

Note that we use different application forms depending on the position, so please be sure to submit the correct one.

Arts & Stories...

Yakusoku no Neverland is LIVE

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We are happy to announce the opening of the Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland) forum!

We hope you all do enjoy discussing this latest offering from Weekly Shonen Jump and have fun with it.


MH Staff

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Anime Awards 2017

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Ladies and gentleman!

The Anime Awards 2017 have begun!

Nominate your favorite shows now!​

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Anime League - Winter 2017

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The first voting day of the Anime League is here! Tell us which new Anime of this season you liked the most so far!​

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IMPORTANT- Forum Rules Update

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Hello all,

First of all we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This is just a short post to inform you of the recent update we've done to the Forum Rules and Spoiler Rules.

Now these changes were made to take into consideration our change of forums and also some general observation and otherwise to just clarify some points.

We appreciate that this might take some adjusting for everyone, so please contact a Global Moderator/Admin if you have any questions regarding the recent changes or are uncertain about anything written.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to make the forum experience as enjoyable as it can be for our whole community.


MH Staff Team.

Links: Forum Rules [HERE] // Spoiler Rules...

Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (107)

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Tokyo Ghoul:re 107 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Another week, another break, but the 2017 year has begun in earnest and Tokyo Ghoul:re is kicking it off with a bang! The public appearance of a shadowy urban legend, action, Kaneki looking fabulous as usual these days, it all rolls itself into one awesome chapter. Some of this week’s highlights include:

  1. Donato’s Kagune and the torture of Urie
  2. The public appearance of V’s “Special Investigators”
  3. Kaneki’s newfound faith in others

Chapter Title: “V”

Donato’s Kagune and the torture of Urie:

The chapter starts off with a continuation of 106. Higemaru screams in pain and confusion as his right arm is dismembered, and Urie tries but fails to combat Donato’s curious Kagune. He is trapped in somewhat crucified as he is forced...

Happy New Year!

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2016 was an amazing year. Although we had to say goodbye to some big Manga Titles like Bleach and Toriko, we also welcomed promising new ones like Yakusoku no Neverland.

We hosted a lot of events here, both the traditional ones like the 2016 Community Awards and Secret Santa, and also some more forum specific events like the One Piece Awards and the Fairy Tail Fighting Tournament & Awards among numerous other events. Some have left...

Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (20)

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Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 20 Review by shionoro

Chapter title: "Teaming up"

What happened:

There was not a lot of action happening in this chapter, but we still got some development and a neat reveal:
The Kids will be teaming up with Krone because they got a common goal (removing Mama from power).
While both parties know better than to trust each other, they still accepted that this development is beneficial for them.
This alliance works because Ray is their bargaining chip: He could rat out Krone but Krone could also rat out that Ray is a double agent, even if both parties want to betray the other later on.
The chapter ends with the kids going into Krone's room for more information about the situation of the world, with two things being told to them by Krone already:
Mama's die due to a chip on...

Tokyo Ghoul:re Prediction Game

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With the start of the new year, we are launching a new game in one of our manga sections:
the Tokyo Ghoul:re Prediction Game!

The basic rules are very simple: try to predict what will happen in the story, and see who comes out as a master of predictions at the end of every story arc.

If you like to discuss the manga's story, analyze unforeseen developments, or think you can always see a step ahead of the author, then this game should be right up your alley!

Sounds fun? Then come check it out in our Tokyo Ghoul section once you're done celebrating. The first round starts on January 1!

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