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Avatar, Signature and Images

Avatar, Signatures and Images

Avatar FAQ

First, don't forget to check out the Signature & Avatar Guidelines to make sure that your choices meet our guidelines.

Picking a Desired Avatar

In order to do that, you can either go to various websites to search for them, or make one of your own. After you have chosen your desired avatar, you should "save as" it into your computer. For GIF, make sure you "save as" it as .gif file, not .jpeg. The maximum dimension for this forum is 150x300 pixels and the maximum file size is 100 KB. Anything bigger than that will give you an upload error.


After you are done with picking and choosing, you can now move on to uploading and setting it up in your Personal Details or hover over your username on the top right corner and select Avatar on the dropdown menu.

How can I get an avatar and signature for myself?


Images FAQ


Sometimes in a post, you might want to post a few images along as illustrations. Sometimes, you need those images to post spoilers pictures and so on. Exactly how do we post an image?

  • Upload your image to one of the file hosting sites. (For more detailed information look at the signature section of this FAQ).
  • For large files, Imageshack/Photobucket will automatically create thumbnails for you and you can just copy/paste the link.
  • If you don't want to use thumbnails, copy the whole "Direct Link" url and put that between the image tags:[IMG]http://direct link url[/IMG]
Image File Type.

.jpeg - This format is most widely used in avatars and signature. It is used in still image, meaning no animation or flash. Just a still image. So, if you are uploading a still image, make it into .jpeg form.

.gif - This format is used for animated images. Moving objects in an avatar, animation in signatures, they should be saved in .gif format to make sure they 'move'.

.png - Transperancy comes with .png. For example, if you have a transparent sig like this:


Signature FAQ

First, make sure your signature is in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .gif and other readable forms. Secondly ensure you are within the dimensions set in the Signature Guidelines (600x200, 500kb file size) Then, upload your signature using uploader.

There are a few image uploaders that you can try on:


Though there are many to choose from this one will be a simple guide on photobucket.

  • Open your "Edit Signature" option (under Preference or hover over your username on the top right corner and select "Signature"
  • Go to photobucket and upload your image
  • Find your image (under library if you have an account there)
  • Copy the direct url or right click and copy the image url
  • Paste it in the editor box in your Signature tab, by choosing the image icon just above your edit box.
  • Preview and change alignement to suit you.

Alternatively, if your image is saved on your PC, choose the "Click to Upload" link under the "Save Changes" button.
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