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User Options

Does this forum use cookies?

The use of cookies on this forum is optional, but may enhance your experience of the site.

Cookies are used to enable functions such as showing whether or not a thread or forum you are viewing has gotten new posts since your last visit. They also automatically log you back in when you return to the site after being away for a while or to track your current session which ensures that you remain logged-in while browsing - to enable this function, select 'Stay logged in' when logging into your account. If you choose not to store this information in a cookie, the session data will be sent through each link you click.

If you are using a shared computer, such as in a library, school or internet cafe, or if you have reason to not trust any other users that might use this computer, we do not recommend that you enable this.

Choosing not to use a cookie may cause problems if your computer's connection to the Internet uses a proxy-server and you share links with other users behind the same proxy. If in doubt, we recommend that you choose to enable the cookie. After you have registered, you may alter your cookie options at any time by changing your settings.

How can I change my personal information?

It is your responsibility to keep the information in your profile up-to-date. You should especially ensure that your email address is always kept current. You can alter any of the fields in your profile, except your username and date of birth. Once you have registered your username, it becomes yours for life. You may, however, request to change your username once in the New Username Request Thread.

Edit your profile information in the Personal Details section of your Account. You can manage your email address, as well as various personal messengers, under Contact Details.

How do I change the style the forum is displayed in?

You can change the style in two different ways:
  1. From the bottom of any page on the forum:
    1. Find the Style Chooser on the bottom left side. If you are using the default theme, the button will say "Milk."
    2. Select the style you want to use.
    3. Wait for the page to refresh with your chosen theme.
  2. From your Account page:
    1. Click on Preferences in the sidebar.
    2. Open the Style dropdown menu at the top of the page and select style you want to use.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click the 'Save Changes' button.

How do I clear my cookies?

You can clear all your cookies by clicking here. If you return to the main index page via the link provided and are still logged in, you may have to remove your cookies manually. How to do this depends on your browser, so in this case please refer to the respective official documentation.

What are Avatars and Signatures?

Avatars are the pictures above your user name when you make posts. You can change your avatar by going to My Account -> Personal Details and clicking on the picture space next to 'Avatar:', by hovering over your user name in the top right corner and selecting 'Avatar' from the dropdown menu, or by following this link.

Upload a picture from your computer to use as avatar by clicking on the 'Browse...' button, then select the picture you want to upload and click on 'Open.' Click the 'Save Changes' button to complete the process. Be sure to stay within the dimension and file size limitations specified.

When set, your signature will show up below every post you make. You can set a signature by clicking on My Account -> Signature, by hovering over your user name in the top right corner and selecting 'Signature' from the dropdown menu, or by following this link. Here, you can either enter text into the text field or upload pictures by clicking on the 'Click to upload' button. Click 'Save Changes' to save your signature.

Furthermore, you can decide whether or not to view signatures when browsing the site. Click on My Account -> Preferences, or hover over your user name in the top right corner and click on Preferences, or follow this link, then check or uncheck the checkbox 'Show people's signatures with their messages.' Click the 'Save Changes' button at the bottom of the page once you have set your preference.

For further information on avatars and signatures, please refer to the Avatar, Signature and Images FAQ.

What are Follow/Ignore Lists?

You can use the Follow list to keep track of the friends you made on the forum. You can access your Follow list via My Account -> People You Follow, by hovering over your user name in the top right corner and clicking on People You Follow in the dropdown menu, or by following this link. Now you can see who you are following and also add more members to your Follow list.

If you check your News Feed, you can see all actions people on your Follow list have taken recently, such as posts they have made, posts they have liked and when they have changed avatars.

Ignore lists are used for those people whose messages you wish not to read. By adding someone to your Ignore list, messages posted by those members will be hidden when you read a thread. You can add members to your Ignore list via My Account -> People You Ignore, by hovering over your user name in the top right corner and clicking on People You Ignore in the dropdown menu, or by following this link.

What are the advantages of registering?

In order to fully utilize all the features this forum offers, you must register as a member. Registration is free, and allows you to do the following:
  • Reply to threads and edit your posts.
  • Create new threads.
  • Have private conversations with other members.
  • Receive email notifications for replies to threads, posts and/or private conversations.
  • Follow your friends and stay up-to-date with their latest activities through the News Feed.
To register, you will need to specify a username and password, as well as a valid email address. Entering your email address will not leave you open to 'spam' - you can choose to hide your email address, and messages sent to you via email do not reveal your address to the sender in any case. The forum is configured to send you the final part of the registration process by email, though, so ensure that the email address you provide is valid and working.

What can I do if I lost my password?

If you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgot your password?' button on the log in screen.

A new pane opens. Enter either your username or email address in the text field and verify that you are human by completing the capture task. Then click on the 'Reset Password' button. An email will instantly be sent to that address or the email account associated with that username. In this email you will find further instructions.

You can also go directly to https://mangahelpers.com/forum/lost-password/ to request a new password to be sent to your registered email address.

What can I do in My Account?

My Account can be used to adjust a variety of settings:
  • Set your Alert Preferences and check Your Alerts.
  • Check Your News Feed to see what the People You Follow have been up to.
  • Check all Likes You've Received.
  • Access all your Watched Threads and Watched Forums. You can also change the type of subscription notification by selecting a thread via the checkbox and choosing your preferred setting from the dropdown menu at the bottom.
  • View Conversations or Start A New Conversation.
  • Edit your Personal Details.
  • Edit your Signature.
  • Edit your Contact Details to change your email or to add
    messengers and social networks to your profile.
  • Edit your Privacy settings. This includes showing your online status and latest activity, showing your date of birth and limiting who can see your personal details and start conversations with you to other forum members or people you follow.
  • Edit your Preferences to adjust how you view the forum. This includes choosing a Style, setting your Timezone, choosing when you start to Watch threads or media, which Text Editor to use, whether or not to display Signatures, as well as stickying or unstickying various Sidebars and choosing how many posts, threads and posts in conversations are displayed on one page.
  • Manage your Follow and Ignore lists. For further information, please refer to the What are Follow/Ignore Lists? FAQ.
  • Associate External Accounts with your MangaHelpers account to log into the forums with them and easily share content to those platforms. We currently offer Facebook, Twitter and Google integration.
  • Change your Password.
  • Enable Two-Step Verification to prevent unauthorized access to your account in case your password is compromised. This verification can currently be done either via a phone app or your email.
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