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  1. Ask Gold Knight About Naruto

    y0 Do you think Tsunade will survive the attack on konoha? If she dont, do you think Naruto will stay in konoha in a Danzo regime, or take a trip round the world? If Danzo takes the title of Hokage, will we cheer for sasuke when he comes to konoha to kill the topp brass?
  2. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 421)

    Love your reviews GK One thing about "that Jutsu" and the fact you( and not only you) seam to think it's a wind elemental attack. I have a hard time beliving it's wind if its the "that jutsu" j-man forbid him to use, Then naruto simplie had not yet learned to use wind elemental attacks at...
  3. Chapter 365 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 365 Predictions [Naruto] I to belive Itatchi and Tobi have an hidden plan to why they need sasukes sharingan and it having to be somthing to do with the Utchias. about Naruto I really think he's going to get kiddnaped by Pein and in the time it will take akatsuki to gather the remaning...
  4. Chapter Bleach 283 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 283 Predictions I dont think they get to finish the fight and will in one ore two chapters be stoped by Ulquiorra. If this will make them fight together to try to stop Ulquiorra, and begin the GJ Ichigo friendship thing I dont know!? And I'd like to see what sort of punischment GJ...