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  1. God of War II

    God of War in general is a great game with all the battle scenes and the boss fights it's really great also the graphics and the effects are cool espacially when slashing a large number of enemies. I'm really lookin forward to it it's gonna be awesome.
  2. Movies The Movie Thread!

    I've seen a trailer of Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Serfer and Transformers they're both awesome really lookin forward to them
  3. Your Thoughts on Gin

    Re: Gin's true power Well there's this theory i came up with which is Gin is actually stronger than Aizen and he's follwing him till somwhere he will betray'em but then after see'in Aizen in HM and how everyone fears'em.....totally changed my mind :o . So Gin is actually very strong propablly...
  4. Movies The Movie Thread!

    OK tanx BTW i've watched Little Man it was great i reccommend u to watch it
  5. Platforms The X-Box 360 Thread

    Re: The Xbox360 Thread XBOX360 ROCKS!!!!! :headbang anyway Gears of War is the best game so far I also like Oblivion((Elder Scroll)) and since i like to play racing games i find NFS:Carbon is the best although my friends recommend me to play Test Drive. All i can say is 360 is goin to keep up...
  6. Itachi Mega Convo

    Re: Rock lee vs Itachi...winner is ??? Itachi with his eyes closed and his hands & feet tied behind his back ((don't know how he will fight :p)) i'll admit that lee is good at taijutsu or whatever it is :p but it won't work against Itachi's genjutsu and don't forget the f*%^#$# sharingan even...
  7. Movies The Movie Thread!

    yeah i saw the trailer & i'm really lookin forward to it also anyone seen Miami Vice i was wandrin if it's cool or not????? :p
  8. Favorites Who's the most attractive Bleach character to you?

    Yoruichi & Matsumoto :p
  9. Life 25 or 50 Things About Yourself...

    Here goes nothin 1. i'm 21 2. i'm a guy 3. i have 8sisters & 2 brothers 4. i'm the youngest ((DAMMIT :mad)) 5. i have 2 dead brothers :crying 6. my mom & dad are the coolest ((cause they spoil me :p and that makes my other brothers pissed off)) 7. currently working in a hospital as a Clerk...
  10. How did you come across MangaHelpers?

    Re: How did u come across MANGAHELPERS!?!?!?!? God bless Google :p
  11. Favorite Fighting Series?

    I dunno I stole it from my brother :p because the game is a little bit old it's hard to find anyway i change my mind One Piece: Grand Adventure is better than Grand Battle it has more characters and the adventure mode is really awesome.
  12. Hangout The Games Hangout Thread

    Re: What games are you currently playing?/ The Games Thread PS2: FFXII NFL Street3 DBZ Tenkaichi2 Mortal Kombat Armageddon XBOX360: Gears of War Marvel:Ultomate Alliance NFS:Carbon DOA4 Elder ScrollIV: Oblivion Kameo FIFA07 PSP: Daxter DBZ Shin Budokai Bounty Hounds EXIT It's hard to keep...
  13. Chapter One Piece Volume 46 (ch441-449) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 442 Predictions That was one of coolest chapters i've ever read ........ anyway here are my predictions: I think ace is defeated maybe dead but we won't see that in the next chapter instead we'r gonna see the SH on their way to the mermen island. as for Zoro's new sword i think...
  14. Movies The Movie Thread!

    I like comedy especially one movie called : Mafia it's sorta like the Godfather in funny way also Undercover Brother i also watched Grandma's Boy really funny "excuse for not mentionin the actors names cause i was busy laughing :p" there a lot of movies but i can't remember all of them...
  15. Games Kingdom Hearts

    Re: The Kingdom Hearts Thread! KH2 was reeeeeeeeeeeeeally cool :thumbs i cleared it in 80:18 hours or so my LV was 99 also the LV of the forms and the summoning was at MAX also i unlocked the secret ending. Still waitin for the final mix :narsleepy anyway i thought it was shorter than the first...