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  1. Chapter Volume 34 (Chapters 297-306) Discussions

    Re: Berserk 297 Discussion Well yeah, waiting is annoying but its worth it imo since at least there arent any 6-12 month long lasting breaks... We got to take a few things to account tho: 1. its been running for almost 20 years, he's got to be semi-bored of it already 2. He wants to make...
  2. Berserk chapter 83

    my personal opinion... It might be revealing yes, but only for the distant future. Though I agree with bandreus as well. I can rapdishare the chapter if people want it...
  3. Chapter Volume 33 (Chapters 287-296) Discussion

    Re: Berserk 293 Discussion its not like they didnt have already complete chapters beforehand. Every single manga has a chapter or two in store so they can release a new one if something happens. its not like miura didnt. Plus im thinking more that the heightening of storyline will happen more...
  4. Shoujo Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki

    Re: Skip Beat! - Discussion any idea when c115 is comin out?
  5. Discussion The Shoujo/Josei Recommendation Thread!

    Re: Please reccomend a Shojo magna to me. Skip beat is on-going series with around 114 chapters. I'm not sure about weekly, it might be every second week too
  6. Shoujo Special A by Minami Maki

    Re: Special A mangatraders has it at least. Great series, one of the few shoujo I've enjoyed quite a bit. Main reason is probably the fact that it's drawn well. There are no 'pretty boys' with sparkling eyes and whose feet are around 4 times taller than his torso. I don't mind one or two of...
  7. Favorites Shoujo/Josei mangaka's works that you keep an eye out for

    Re: Shoujo mangaka's works that you keep an eye out for yoshiki nakamura
  8. Shoujo Skip Beat! by Nakamura Yoshiki

    Re: Skip Beat! - Discussion to me, art is extremely important in any manga. Many good mangas are screwed up due to the fact that they have horrible drawings (comapared to some other series anyway). However, this one passed my 'good enough' barrier to get it's spot to one of the best mangas I...
  9. Question The “Looking For” Manga Thread

    Re: Horror manga? the dreaming
  10. Seinen Blade of the Immortal by Samura Hiroaki

    Re: Blade of the Immortal who cares about crap like german vol 20 or US people not releasing it anymore anyway? I think #lurk has like, up to vol 22 of the JAPANESE RAW's, therefore its no problem right?
  11. Shounen Claymore by Norihiro Yagi

    Re: Claymore by Yagi Norihiro only one chapter, yes, but when it comes its like 30+ pages. So you could say its one chapter every second week. Besides, the art is very good atleast in the later chapters, very high quality and all, so it explains it.
  12. Discussion Any manga that you realistically fear you won't see the end of?

    I don't fear that bleach wont read its end realy. it will still probably take 100 more chapters or so, but it should end. They will rescue orihime, train a bit and get better, stuff will happen in between, and they'll kill aisen and the vast lords or something. Naruto... hmm, yes, it should...
  13. Shounen Rave Master by Mashima Hiro

    Re: RAVE MASTER manga I'll be quite frank with my opinion. I read about 2-3 volumes myself before I threw it away. The art is AVERAGE, and AVERAGE art in japanese manga simply sucks. The story doesn't have any unexpected turns. I love it how the author tries to make interesting turns and...