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    Weak Points In FT

    Re: Weak Points In the Fairy Tail Series for me the weakest part of this series is the lack of a pure warrior class. i would love to see a warrior who cannot use magic but still goes head to head with other mages. cause at the start it was mentioned that one of the weak points of mages is the...
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    LoneLobo's Hunter X Hunter Review: Chapter 321

    great review Lobo only one error you said Cheadle loses 4 votes instead of gains 4 votes by mistake. apart from that its good to see the hunter x hunter thread this active. Looks like togashi rediscovered his mojo :)
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    Seinen Priest by Hyung Min Woo

    Re: Priest by Hyung Min-Woo on the previous page of this thread i have posted a link for priest torrent that has 16 volumes. hope this helps you.
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    Chapter Vinland Saga 71 Discussion / 72 Predictions

    chapter out on mangastream.... the only words ringing in my mind after reading this chapter are: uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. awesome chapter
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    Chapter Claymore 113 Discussion/114 Predictions

    doesn't the organization have teresa's head cause IIRC teresa's head was given to the organization by clare. she requested them to put teresa's blood and flesh into her to give her teresa's powers. they could have just used a small part of her head in order to fuse clare's DNA with teresa's...
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    Discussion D.Gray-man Volume 22 (Ch. 200-205) Discussion

    Re: DGM Chapter 204 Discussion/205 Prediction finally allen has been classified as a noah. I wonder if in the coming chapter crown clown is going to go against him for fighting against innocence.
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    Chapter Bleach 439 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 439 Discussion/440 Predictions can someone explain to me how did chad realize that inoue reitsu felt different??
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    Discussion Do you like the second part of Vinland Saga?

    while reading the farm arc on a monthly basis it felt very unsatifying. i went back and read the whole farm arc until the latest chapter and i have a newfound appreciation for this manga. i loved part 1 but i love the second part on a whole other level...
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    Chapter Naruto 528 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 528 Discussion / 529 Predictions thats true but i cant think of any other reason why one of his tails would stretch so much. it would be cool if bee and naruto entered this battle.
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    Chapter Naruto 528 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 528 Discussion / 529 Predictions it looks like naruto should soon be realizing that something is going on cause looks like one of the tails of kinkaku going to connect with the kyuubi in naruto
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    Discussion Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece Poll

    @bleachod whom did ichigo kill in HM?? i dont remember him killing anyone there. also ichigo IMO is just like any other shonen hero wanting to protect his nakama despair brings forth hidden power etc. there is nothing that makes him stand out from the rest of the pack. also can you elaborate...
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    Discussion Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece Poll

    @josl really good post. i did not notice this development of croc since i dont pay much attention to the cover stories. my respect for oda went up a notch. but there is one thing that i have to nitpick on. namely that even though croc has been developed i no longer see him as a villain. i...
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    Discussion Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece Poll

    i have not read Shigurui but from what i have seen on the net it does seem to be extreme for a shonen. at present it seems more like an exception rather than the rule. having said that i have seen fist of the north star which had pretty gruesome scenes and yet was considered a shonen...
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    Chapter Naruto 525 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 525 Discussion / 526 Predictions there is one thing i want to see in the next fight and that is using zetsu's power of creating perfect clones to the extreme. imagine if all the zetsus turned into clones of the edo tensai's lookalikes . man that would cause the alliance to shit in...
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    Discussion Naruto vs. Bleach vs. One Piece Poll

    @ashher and jorped: Calling a shonen manga which caters to young children "childish" seems wrong. I mean people read shonen manga with the primary reason being entertainment and fun. Sure if you can fit deep underlying themes then well and good but i dont believe that we can...