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    Happy Birthday Naruto!!

    LOL, now that is funny
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    >373 p.16 and 17<wilitblend>

    i like the coloring style
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    364 - Tobi's page by MX

    It looks really nice i like the backround
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    Naruto Chapter 364 - Page 18 By Tiberius

    nice its really good
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    Karin - colored by Emery

    the glasses and skin are very welll done great job
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    348 cover

    awesome lighting great darkness effect
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    Shounen Jump Poster coloured! (Naruto x2)

    i like the second one better
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    348 cover by vhea!

    great color
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    Chap 344 CS2 Trensforming Sasuke-Animated

    nice animations