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    Chapter Bleach 467 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 467 Discussion / 468 Predictions Ikkaku as expected, managed to come out as one of the coolest characters once again....with lots of bloody brash and unyielding style!!! Very nice chapter! Toushiro showed that brat wat Intimidation is!!!!
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    Chapter Naruto 544 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 544 Discussion / 545 Predictions Naruto story line is going through an era of endless Fails!!! I understand that they showed a jar of Sharingans to explain the seemingly endless supply of these eyes....but now an unexplained abundance of Rinnegan as well? And What is this?? Some...
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    The Edo Tensei Thread

    Re: Is the current execution of Edo Tensei doing Justice to the previous buildup for the Jutsu? Kishimoto forgot what Ninjutsu is all about in his realm....emotions seem to be the strongest Jutsu there can say its on par with the almighty Sharingan!
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    After Shippuden...Hokage Naruto Series

    BEAUTIFULLY PUT....finally someone who agrees with me! All that is making Naruto go on is fan boy-ism.....and a few hopeful ex-fans, like me, who just keep on reading to see if it can somehow retain its former glory! A spinoff series with Naruto as Hokage just isnt worth it! Focusing on...
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    The Edo Tensei Thread

    Re: Yet Another Edo Tensei Thread Cool...Kabuto I think has already given the reason for keeping their personalities....2nd panel of this page: Although the first panel also validates your logic about Kabuto giving them a false hope about...
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    The Edo Tensei Thread

    Is the current execution of Edo Tensei doing Justice to the previous buildup for the Jutsu? The Buildup Edo Tensei had MASSIVE buildup! Starting from Orochimaru summoning the 2 hokages; the 3rd, with no option remaining having to resort to sealing their souls into the death god...and then...
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    Chapter Naruto 518 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 518 Discussion / 519 Predictions I am starting to Really like Kankuro....he is on his way to becoming a future legendary Ninja! They will talk bout him like they did bout Sasori! Way to step up! Great action....liking a serious Omoi...Sai's "TRY IT" was awesome too! I dont like the...
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    What-If If you could make a new Naruto character what would it be?

    Re: if you could make a new naruto character what would it be What gve u the idea that they were kekkei Genkai? Dust and Magma could very well be Earth Jutsus! (while Darui's make sense...what is laser?) Anyway...I would like a Shinobi who has the ability to find a counter to most...
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    Team Young Kakashi vs. Konoha 11

    Y does everyone keep forgetting he was in a war were he fought with men much bigger than him....and its not only an assumption....they showed him fighting ppl bigger than him...y size & age suddenly became a matter in Narutoverse is beyond me! Friggin Konohamaru beat a Pain! Anyway, he might...
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    Discussion What was the point of Kabuto leading the Leaf to the hideout earlier?

    see this is what i've been complaining about....Kishi just says something and leaves it hanging! what was really the point? VERY good topic! what is happening to Kishimoto? Unless the reason for leaf to know the hideout has a much far sighted agenda! Well I cant see what if the recon team is...
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    Chapter Naruto 516 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 516 Discussion / 517 Prediction He learned how to access it he needs to learn to use it properly! Every powerful weapon has a users manual!
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    Chapter Naruto 516 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 516 Discussion / 517 Prediction oooh....this is a great Panel (one in the middle) good speech by Gaara I like the confusion within the corpses I didnt like the cheesy panel where the 2 formerly bickering shinobi kiss and makeup overall...
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    Favorites Favourite Ninja from each Village.

    Konoha: Jiraiya, Kakashi Sand: Gaara Kumo: Darui Kiri: Kisame Tsuchi: none Ame: Yahiko Oto: Kimimaru
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    Theory Could Hatake Kakashi actually still be a virgin?

    I am sure he gets more action than u think...girls are apparently knocked out by the way he looks...he is charming....he goes on missions...different villages....perfect for no strings attached sex here and there! And he doesn't do this out of perversion or comes with his...
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    Discussion Gaara's Sleep Deprivation

    Well, we know Gaara couldn't sleep cuz of Shukaku....and that led him to get those dark marks around his eyes........well, Shukaku ain't there anymore....he can sleep now (I am sure he slept like a baby for a week after being rescued)....arent his eyes supposed to get bak to bein normal?