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  1. Movies Superman Returns Thread

    I'm happy someone liked this movie. Superman Returns is like the exact opposite in what makes it good and in my opinion, Superman Returns is way better. Though they should have done more with the kid. I'm really excited if there's another part to release for this movie.
  2. Discussion How Would You Deal With...

    Global warming will be the greatest environmental challenge in the twenty-first century. According to the environmentalist , East Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions facing wide scale impact of the global warming effect. What would happen to us if we don't know how to take care our mother...
  3. TV Desperate housewives

    Desperate housewives season 5 finale ended last May 17, 2009 titled If It's Only in Your Head. Not the greatest finale, but it wasn't the greatest season either. I'm still hoping to release the next season because I'm still excited.