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  1. Itachi Mega Convo

    Re: The Long Debated Topic, Jiraiya and Itachi Well why he lured away Jiraya insted of fighting him is simple, he doesnt want to fight battles he doesnt have to. To lure him away with a woman is much easier isn't it? And second of all, they had no ide of narutos strength at the time, so to take...
  2. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 331)

    It would make the most sense if it was Kurenai in the "kakashi-suite" wouldn't it? She just lost her "man" (probably :p) and as we saw in the chapter before, shikamaru told tsunade that he would talk to kurenai because Asuma had a message for her. Maybe shikamaru also made these plans at that...
  3. Info The Naruto Birthday Thread

    very boring stuff :p nice work though
  4. Sharingan Mega Convo

    Re: Does the Sharingan ACTUALLY deteriorate? Well it must be some negative sides to the MS, otherwise it would be a pointless statement from Kisame when he said "itachi dont use those eyes to much or it might be dangerous" or something simular. I doubt he was talking about itachi's chakra...
  5. Kabuto Mega-Convo

    Re: Kabuto's true allegiances Someone wrote that Kabuto was a subordinate of Sasori, isn't that false? Wasn't he a spy, under a spell from Sasori which Orochimaru dispelled?
  6. Swedish Community - Hur fan hamnade jag här?

    Re: We are discussing pretty girls, in swedish. Rockpuben i örebro blir det ikväll :p
  7. The Official Yamato Thread

    Re: Yamato: leaf village anbu or oro's spy Why would Yamato help naruto and kakashi with narutos training if he was a spy for Orochimaru, i dont think Orochimaru would like naruto to become too strong too fast.. Can't Yamato tell Naruto to trust his own power instead of letting kyuubi go...
  8. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: Why Naruto should be able to learn the Flicker Technique. When kakashi said that he couldn't fuse his element with rasengan but naruto would maybe be able to,Ii interpereted it to that naruto can practise alot faster than kakashi due do the kage bunshin, not that wind was the only thing...
  9. Madara Mega Convo

    Re: Tobi=Obito Thread I really hope i read it wrong when someone said that Kakashi and tobi is the same person ? :P hahaha Because they cover their left eye and something more... one question to that is; Kakashi pulls down his coverage to use his sharingan, if kakashi was infact Tobi he wouldnt...
  10. Favorites What's your favorite battle in Naruto so far?

    my fav is the one with Yondaime vs Kyuubi
  11. Anime Fillers

    it's probably about 10 weeks of fillers left, dont you think? I vote "laughing Shino" to the lamest episode ever. Both plot and animation :p
  12. Madara Mega Convo

    Re: Tobi theory i think Tobi is yondaime, because he has an orange mask. and orange is almost like yellow which was the color of his hair. I better start a thread about this!
  13. Jutsu Discussion Mega Convo Thread

    Re: Fighting Styles Did they really talk about Naruto? sounds kind of dumb. Why would they make such a strong statement about someone they dont know anything about. Wouldn't it make more sense if they infact was talking about a legendary ninja? And if they were talking about Naruto being so...
  14. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: Wind vs. Lightning? Is it only me who thinks naruto will get "shooting rasengan no jutsu" ? where he dos his rasengan and then pop em' away with the wind ;P
  15. Discussion Strongest character in One Piece?

    Re: Who's the most strongest guy in op ? Who is dragon and when was he mentioned?