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  1. Request New Username Request Thread

    i want to be blackdragon. the old name is not good Done
  2. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread

    Re: So.. many.. Uchiha.. yeah that right. maybe some uchiha shouldnt play so important roles. the manga called narto like some of you said.but im sure there wont appear more uchihas im sure. sharingan is a very strong jutsu. but what about the hyuuga clan... some akatsuki should have byakuugans
  3. Discussion Who Do You Think Is The Smartest Ninja In Naruto?

    Re: who do you think is the smartest ninja in naruto in shippuden everyone is very smart. but definitiv shika is the smartest. (shino is also great, plus he has a pokerface) ah i dont like when they all fight so smart and so. its annoying to read or watch when they decribe what the knew and how...