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  1. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] Now that would be funny. A Stewie (from Family Guy) mentality creeping into Sasuke -- attempting to kill Orochimaru every five minutes.
  2. The Naruto PLOT HOLE Archive

    Not sure if it's been said already (and I appolagise if it has), but will mention a plot hole I noticed anayways. When Gai-sensei fought Kisame in the Akatsuki spies body, there was a point when Gai had hold of Samehada. Samehada "rejected" Gai as -- according to Kisame -- Samehada only accepts...
  3. Other The Weapons Thread

    You make a good point ... I forgot about my staff :darn Why only bladed weapons? The communities big enough, I'm sure; how about we see some real weapons, like uzi's and rocket launchers :)
  4. Raruto Chapter 03

    Yay! This Sunday is no longer rubbish and dull :smile-big
  5. Chapter 312 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 312 Predictions [Naruto] That makes a lot of sense. Train an athlete at high altitude and his red blood count goes through the roof. Introduce poison to bugs little by little and they grow immunities. The body adapts ... I can totally see Naruto's chakra levels being an adaptation to...
  6. Other The Weapons Thread

    Well here's a small selection of mine :smile-big Okay, that last one's not a weapon but I love my Haori :smile-big Missing from...
  7. Chapter 312 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 312 Predictions [Naruto] Heh ... funny how a joke suggestion can cause such a reaction. So far we've had a "[it will] give kishimoto a very very bad reputation" and a "bah no more surgery please" :p Ah what the hell, I'm also going to suggest Kakshi transplants his left ear and big-toe on...
  8. Chapter 312 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 312 Predictions [Naruto] @ ibra87 I loved the chapter :smile-big It may have been only 3 pages but ... it made me dribble my beer. More, more, more in the "Naruto swipes the Sharingan" arc.
  9. Discussion Who is the coolest villain in Naruto?

    Re: Who is the coolest bad guy on Naruto? I disagree. Zabuza was especially bad because he turned into a pile of mush. Or to put it another way he still had his emotions ... everything he had done up until then he'd done with emotions tying him down. Ninja's raised and brainwashed without...
  10. What's Your Favorite Bankai/Shikai?

    Re: What's your favorite Ban Kai ? Byakuya at the mo but ... hold your breaths peeps because it looks like Benihime is about to sing! The Ban kai I'm most looking forward to seeing though is Kenpachi's (assuming he ever attains one). p.s. Wasn't all that impressed by Hitsugaya's.
  11. Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: Post All "What Chapter / Episode...?" Questions Here Doubt they would leave it open for long though ... but that's a discussion best left for the - er - well, discussion section. Anyway thank you muchly Eileen-hime. Ja ne.
  12. Chapter 312 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 312 Predictions [Naruto] Me too ... hence why I placed a silly emoticom next to it :smile-big
  13. Chapter 312 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 312 Predictions [Naruto] Hmm ... some good suggestions in all (as to the training). The ones I ike the most are: Kakashi using Tsukyomi to condense many days training into a few hours. Limitations: Kakashi's health. Kakashi teaching Naruto the basics of Hiraishin. Limitations: Kakashi's...
  14. Discussion Who's the coolest good guy in Naruto?

    Re: Who's the Coolest Good Guy on Naruto? That would be me ... or at least one of the Kakashi's votes was :)
  15. Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: Post All "What Chapter / Episode...?" Questions Here Question concerning captains ... Thank yeh kindly one and all.