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  1. Psyren Volume 8 (ch063-071) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 67 Spoiler Thread I always had a sneaking suspicion that Ian was going to betray them and turn to the Wise. He always had that look to him, especially after healing Chika (that's also where I started to wonder if she was the future Star Commander) Guess we're likely to find out soon!
  2. Psyren Fanart Thread

    Pretty badass Q pic, nice!
  3. Psyren Volume Cover Thread

    Pretty sweet cover. I think vol 3 is still my favorite. I should order the rest of the vols, only have vol 3 at the moment since I found a sole copy at a Japanese bookstore I was at last year.
  4. Psyren Old Spoiler Thread

    Re: Psyren Spoiler Thread That sounds like a very reasonable chapter to me, but we'll see in a day or two! More siren tower action is always good ^^
  5. Favourite Psyren Character? (the poll results)

    Re: Favourite Psyren Character? I went with Oboro. Cool character, and I just know he's got his own hidden agenda. Makes me really want to see his further character developments :X
  6. Declaration of War

    I find it's best to think of it outside of real-world terms. If it's based on the real world, the content of the dvd would never change after they removed it from the future. The data was written to it, they removed it from the future, the data should never change. They'd have to return to an...
  7. Psyren Volume 7 (ch054-062) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 59 Discussion / 60 Prediction Thread I also don't think it'd be too soon. We've seen the impact their recent present-day actions had on the children vs. wise, I'm really curious to see if they had any impact on Psyren, or if everything after the children's defeat still followed...
  8. Psyren Volume 7 (ch054-062) Discussion

    Re: Psyren 59 Discussion / 60 Prediction Thread Essentially, within Psyren, time travel can function however Iwashiro wants it to. This makes for some fun theories, but I have a feeling (hope) that this trip to Psyren will help explain some things. *edit* oh yeah..I voted for someone else...
  9. Declaration of War

    I'm guessing the date of the events on the dvd may have changed, as some others have suggested. I know some people originally had red flags go up when the content of the dvd changed despite the fact that it's the same dvd (as in, they didn't get a new dvd from a now-altered Psyren future), this...
  10. Little Big Psyren [Now Online! First "Psyren" Video Game] VIDEO NOW ONLINE

    Oh nice, you finished it :D I'll have to fire up my LBP and run through it.
  11. Nemesis Q Thread

    Re: Psyren Spoiler Thread ^ I'd say that's on the mark. There'd be no point to his existence if he could do it himself. I find it interesting to think about the fact that whoever is the psychicer behind Q is also alive in present-day, so it's possible it's someone we already know...
  12. Psyren Old Spoiler Thread

    Re: Psyren Spoiler Thread I like to think this is what's going on. They're due for another Psyren trip, and this would be the perfect time to do it since it'd be an extremely frustrating end to Ageha's current plans for changing the future by saving Elmore (I'm saying it'd be frustrating to...
  13. Psyren Old Spoiler Thread

    Re: Psyren Spoiler Thread In regards to B: Seems kinda odd that Hiryuu would be there, considering they made a pretty big point out of how only Ageha and Oboro went since it was a two-seater car. Unless I'm missing something :X