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  1. Prediction for Next Big Boss

    i think jinbei
  2. Discussion Straw Hat's Crew Strength (Ranking)

    Re: Rank the Strawhats! i think 1. luffy 2. zoro 3. sanji 4. franky 5. robin 6. chopper 7. nami 8. usopp
  3. Predictions for the 7th shichibukai

    BB ( what's his name i forgot?) doesn't have an animal thame in his name. or, when someone join shicibukai, his been giving a new name with animal thame?
  4. The Search for Straw Hat's New Nakama...

    Re: the Search for Strawhat's New Nakama... i don't know what brooke ability ( i mean fighting ability), is his a swordman? but luffy has have got zoro, and zoro more powerfull compare with brooke. is he just musican ?