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    Assorted Cheesecake Scan needs some volunteers! [No test required/beginners are welcome]

    Cheesecake Scan needs some volunteers! we really need your help guys! No Test Required We are a newly group who wants to enjoy our hobby and to have fun but also respect one another! We are mainly doing some romance (shoujo) genres *for now* (we also accept recommendations) Affiliations with us...
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    Assorted Uprise Edited Manga needs some volunteers to help us :((

    Uprise need some help from others :< Uprise Scans needs some volunteers for these followings: > Korean Translator- High Demand (2 more URGENT) > Chinese Translator - High Demand (1 to 2 more) > Japanese Translator- High Demand (1 more) > Typesetters- High Demand (1 more experienced is must for...