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  1. Shounen Hajime no Ippo by Morikawa Jyoji

    Re: Your favourite Fight luffy vs leader of cp9.. this is NOT the One Piece section dude, we're talking about Hajime no Ippo here - Boff
  2. Akatsuki Mega Convo

    Re: Akatsuki Mega Convo!!! maybe yes and maybe not...
  3. Akatsuki Mega Convo

    Re: Who is the strongest in Akatsuki? must be a leader coz if he dont strong he cant be leader.. am i correct...?
  4. Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: Is Nell a Vasto Lorde? i think so.. maybe Nell is Vato LOrde..
  5. Naruto's Second Element

    Re: Naruto=wind+? i think might be water... coz water can defeat fire...
  6. Question What character will/should die in the war?

    Re: Next to die? i think kAkashi might die soon..
  7. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: will naruto ever make a new jutus yes... maybe fasten his speed like Yondaime..
  8. Discussion Naruto & Sasuke->Who's the strongest?

    Re: True Strength of Sasuke: vs. Naruto i think Naruto... Coz Nruto have lot of chakra than Sasuke.. this is mention by Yamato.. Naruto can carry Kyubii..
  9. Naruto and his Arsenal of Jutsu

    Re: Naruto the next YELLOW FLASH! i think from Gai.. coz Gai have good taijutsu...
  10. Discussion Most Powerful Move?

    What Is The Strongest Jutsu? Rasengan or Chidori? i think Rasengan is the strongest jutsu.. what bout you...? drop ur post here.. :smile-big
  11. The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: Futon: RasenShuriken Discussion Thread cant throw that new rasengan.. direct hit only..
  12. Akatsuki Mega Convo

    Re: Who is the strongest in Akatsuki? i think might be akatsuki leader coz he is a leader...:). someone who had chosen to be a leader must be the strongest..
  13. Shounen Muhyo To Rouji by Nishi Yoshiyuki

    Re: Muhyo To Rouji Edited Mangas by [Shiraku]: Chapter 19 HQ Released! good.. i like this manga..? where can i get this manga...? in my country malaysia its almost chpater 45 i think...
  14. Discussion Valentine's Day - Discussion Thread

    Re: Valentine's Day is coming! Do you have any plan? stay at home and reading comics....
  15. Fun Thread How many PMs do you have now?

    Re: The "How many PM's do you have?" Thread i have 2 only...:)