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  1. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] we could see oro failing to get sasuke's body he might get kabuto's body instead boy i would love to see that.
  2. Chapter 344 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 344 Predictions [Naruto] 344 prediction for me is 1 sasuke having a good fight with oro 2 naruto training 3 sasuke using the cursed seal level two pls note that oro is not an easy opponent and even naruto with 4 tails didnt even hurt him
  3. Chapter 343 Discussions [Naruto]

    my prediction for this coming chapter is: 1. naruto training again to perfect his new jutsu 2. more story about sasuke and oro 3. abit of akatsuki meeting
  4. Chapter 340 Discussions [Naruto]

    Re: 340 Predictions [Naruto] i guess naruto will use a little power from kyuubi because as you guys can see his eyes on page 15 from the previous chapter that is the sign that naruto is becoming more serious on fight unlike before.
  5. Chapter 339 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 339 Predictions [Naruto] well my prediction for 339 naruto manga is 1. hidan is dead 2 we would see a more matured and new fighting style from naruto
  6. Chapter 337 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 337 Predictions [Naruto] well my prediction for this coming 337 manga is hmmm....???? well i guess shikamaru wil manage to stop two more of his heart then kakuzu would try to stop hidan from killing him as for naruto probably two more episodes before he completes his new jutsu .[br]Posted...
  7. Chapter 336 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 336 Predictions [Naruto] simple prediction for me though shika will use the vile of blood taken from kakuzu using the raikiri of kakashi . then make hidan drink or taste kakuzu's blood and they will just kill each other hehehe