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  1. Bakuman Vol 13 (ch107-ch115) Discussion

    Re: Bakuman 110 Discussion / 111 Predictions I never really liked Shiratori... Sure, he's a cute and bubbly character but seriously, he pisses me off. He does have some touch circumstances though and I give him crops for facing them head on but I just really wished he didn't write a name that...
  2. Discussion The winner of the romance theme will be...

    Oh dear, I actually voted Eiji when I intended to vote for Mashiro :( I just really want Mashiro to win this, to show that he can handle two works at the same time and that he can manage independently. I hope his determination prevails in the end. Hiramaru might have a chance in winning...
  3. Discussion Favourite D.Gray-Man character?

    1. Allen, enough said :D 2. Lavi/Kanda 3. General Cross~ :D I don't really like Lenalee that much x__X
  4. Shounen The Prince of Tennis by Konomi Takeshi

    Re: Prince of Tennis OVA 16 omg. released?? i soooo want to watch it~!! PoT OVA is like a better version of PoT series xDD do you think the DVD is released in USA yet??
  5. Shoujo Love Monster by Miyagi Riko

    Re: Love Monster UWAHH~! i totally LOVE 'love monster'! great story & beautiful character illustrations! xDD Although I do want to see more of their romantic scenes, I like their action scenes too~! :D Doesn't make the story too lovey dovey and cute~ Heh xDD