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    Reborn! Anime Music info and poll

    Re: New opening and ending The point zero breakthrough scene was awesome, other than that I'm really disappointed about the so little Yama and Goku in it. But I did like the Lambo-Gokudera thing in it. And honestly the music is nice, I just HATE the singing, it's so annoying!:darn It ruins...
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    Which girl in KHR that you love ??

    Heh, me niether. Hibari's a loner, the only thing that seems to be really attached to him, is that bird of his. btw I just love those little captions, so funny! :D Well, she is yet to be seen in the anime, so maybe she'll surpass Chrome but I really doubt it. I've seen h rated pics of...
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    Who's your least favorite member of the Vongola 10th Famiglia?

    That just reminded me of the time I first saw him in the anime, I didn't know his name so I used to call him "Zoro Guy" because I though if he just dyed his hair green, he would look like Zoro from One Piece. lol If I chose the poll to be "Worst Reborn character" That would be too easy...
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    Who's your least favorite member of the Vongola 10th Famiglia?

    lol I guess I kinda know how you feel, when I first started watching/reading KHR, I wasn't really fond of Yamamoto. I though he was too naive and stupid and I'd only watch the show to see Gokudera and Ryohei. (They were my favorite characters back then) But later on as I started to really read...
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    Who's your least favorite member of the Vongola 10th Famiglia?

    It was pretty hard for me to choose too. It seems that Akira Amano-san has successfully made all the characters likable for the majority.
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    Who's your least favorite member of the Vongola 10th Famiglia?

    Sometimes I really hate it when he just defeats an opponent without a sweat, there's no mood because the fight finishes too quickly! And that sucks!
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    Who's your least favorite member of the Vongola 10th Famiglia?

    Seeing that there was another poll about who's your favorite member of the Vongola family, I though why not do a poll about who's your least favorite member? After all thing's are known by there opposites. And as much as a I think I'm gonna regret it, I vote for Hibari, Don't get me wrong, I...
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    Character Book Vongola 77 Info & Scans

    Re: Character Book news lol I totally agree with that Kokuyo statement you just said, really fucked. But I'm more disappointed about Mukuro's age, I really expected him to be older. This is just a educational guess but Hibari's probably 16 or 17.
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    [Poll]Whos your most favourite member of the 10th Vongola Famiglia?

    Re: [Poll]Whos your favourite Vongola Famiglia ?? lol I'm positive we wouldn't consider it EXTREME losing because I'm sure theres a lot of people who like him even if he's not a mega favorite. As for me my vote goes to Yamamoto, I just love his personality very aloof and clam and for some...
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    Tournament Discussion Thread

    Re: Fight 4: Dr. Shamal vs Lambo(+20) I vote for Lambo because he's not such a dim-witt anymore, and Shamal's techniques are more stealthy as Slahout said. Shamal's more of the type to laze around while his mosquitoes do the job. Lambo's more of a physical fighter. I also vote for Lambo...
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    The Obxist Thread

    Heh I ask her all the time, I don't think my mom cares if we know Indonesian or not.
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    Tournament Discussion Thread

    Re: Omake Fight: Kyoko vs Haru If it was a fight for Tsuna's love and not necessarily a catfight, I would of chosen Kyoko but in a catfight Haru wins hands down.
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    Other If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    I'd love to have the powers of flight or gravity, if not then probably some mind reading or possessing powers.
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    Travel Travel Abroad & Tour Guide

    Re: What Countries do you know and where else would you like to go? Well, in the U.S I've been to California, Florida and a few other places that I can't remember for the moment. I've been to Japan(Tokyo), Egypt (Cairo and a suburb called Rehab) , and Indonesia (Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung)...
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    The Obxist Thread

    Same here and what's worse is that my mom is from Indonesia and I can't even make a single bloody sentence in Indonesian! It's very frustrating since my heritage is from that country and because of this problem I can't even speak to some of my own cousins, aunts and uncles. Anyways back on...