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    What Information is in the Black Book of Kabuto?

    Well.. I want the black book to have info about Akatsuki.. , like When did they formed , who woke the kyuubi up.. everything that happend when kyuubi attacked Konha..
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    Hatake Kakashi Mega Convo

    Re: The Official Hatake Kakashi Thread I did not read all the post, but i will ignore it.. I guess all of you want to know what is the reason of kakashi" mask.. I guess he has a shrak teeth or like sugitsu.. lol..
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    Chapter 358 Discussion [Naruto]

    Re: 358 Predictions [Naruto] we will see deidara' hands ripped off ... by sasuke... Sasuke knows the source of the explosions.. , why not cutting Deidara hands... [hr] If Sasuke was able to take an Akatsuki pair .... Akatuski would lose my interest in them...
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    Chapter 355 Discussion [Naruto]

    I want to know... how did suigetsu knew who are kakzu banker >>??? i think behind sasuke are between those two.. sai or shino behind naruto and the others are karin or juugo...
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    Anime Naruto: Shippuden - EP 015

    Re: Naruto Shipuuden - EP 015 I liked the fight between itach and naruto-co.. better than kisame and gai-co.. I became happy when i saw itachi how he dodged the kurnei... while he used the kuton..