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    Long Running One Piece

    :XD :facepalm
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 807 Discussion / 808 Predictions

    Re: One Piece Chapter 807 Spoiler Discussion I don't thinks it a bad chapter, I think it's mediocre/okay. But people didn't create those expectations- Oda did. He ends the previous chapter on a cliffhanger with Nami crying about Sanji and then goes on hiatus for a week. This ones on Oda.
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    Chapter Nanatsu no Taizai 147 Discussion / 148 Predictions

    That's totally Escanor lol. NnT is on fire man. Also Garan is hilarious playing golf with boulders lol.
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 458 Discussion/ 459 Predictions

    It really bugs me how useless Jupiter was before his arc. Suddenly it's awesome when FT is using it. This fight......ehhhh. It's a much better ending than most of the fights Erza has participated in....but Mashima desperately needs to provide a reason for people to buy into the Spriggan 12 hype...
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    Chapter Bleach 648 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 648 Discussion / 649 Predictions It seems like Shunsui's Bankai might be impractical at the start of a battle until he takes damage. Unless there are several plays that his Bankai chooses just like his shikai, in which case he has no idea what's going to happen. This is possible...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 457 Discussion/ 458 Predictions

    If Azir goes out that way then that fight is pure garbage. Although it's not as bad as the fight against Kyouka. Kalim and Bakel being off-screened isn't particularly interesting or exciting either. If they had legitimately given them a hard time it would've hyped the Spriggan 12. Instead we...
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    Chapter Bleach 646 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 646 Discussion / 647 Predictions Lille Barro's intangibility isn't quite as cheap as everyone is making it sound. He can't attack when that eye is open. Not unless he opens it for the third time. The first two times your attack passes through him but his attacks pass through you as...
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    Chapter Toriko 342 Discussion/343 Predictions

    It really feels like Toriko is being rushed. Also Toriko suddenly being able to fight on par with the Eight Kings is BS. I doubt Shima intended on Toriko being able to do that at this point. It makes zero sense. Heracles killed him with a sneeze and Bambina was capable of similar feats. Another...
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    Theory The Royal Guard will be revived and turned against The Gotei 13 and more stuff.

    Not sure exactly what this post is saying but you are kidding yourself if you think the RG aren't coming back in some way. I mean, what did Ichibei not put on enough rapefaces for you or something?:blink ---------- Post added at 04:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:22 PM ---------- I...
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    Chapter Bleach 645 Chapter Discussion

    Re: Bleach 645 Chapter Discussion / 646 Predictions Enough with the disrespect for Yamamoto. Yamamoto's Bankai > any silly argument you could come up with for why he shouldn't be Captain Commander. You do not fuck with Yamamoto in a straightforward battle. He will toast your ass. Unless he...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 802 Discussion / 803 Prediction

    I think the issue isn't that anyone doubts Weeble's strong, I mean who would judge a book by appearances 800 chapters into One Piece? He's just kind of lame. Seems like a gag character. Hard to take him seriously.
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    Chapter Bleach 644 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 644 Discussion / 645 Predictions Dude. He smashed a meteor to pieces with one slash. No one's giving Zaraki shit. That trumps > almost everything any character has done in the entire manga. Even Ichigo hasn't pulled off a stunt like that. He didn't care about losing an arm. Gave no...
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    Chapter Fairy Tail 453 Discussion/ 454 Predictions

    This was one of those obligatory "everyone-gets-their-speech-moment" before the big battle starts chapters. It ends with Azir showing up with a fleet, so it's all good to me. I'm wondering if Azir decided to move out by himself like Grimmjow.
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    Chapter Bleach 643 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 643 Discussion / 644 Predictions This fight has been awesome but my god it needs to end. I've liked every chapter....but geez it's been like 8 chapters now. And I honestly don't think Pernida is dead. Too many unanswered questions behind Pernida, and even though Kubo has decided to...
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    Chapter Bleach 642 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 642 Spoiler Discussion Yes. And then it broke. :cheez This is Nemu using her life source. It's not her actual level of power. She very well might die next chapter.