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    Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    Re: Vagabond 258-260 Discussion / 261 Prediction Thread I'm kind of happy Ueda's ghost came back - I wonder what more he'll say. He's one of my favorite characters in the series, and I must be his only fangirl, truthfully. :eyeroll Poor Otsu, though. She doesn't really deserve his crappy love...
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    Fairy Tail Vol 14 (Chap 110-118) Discussion

    Re: Fairy Tail 112 Discussion / 113 Prediction Thread I have to say that Erza was pretty impressive in this chapter, design-wise. I mean, camo hunting armor on the spread and feet blades with nice movement? That warrants respect!
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    Chagecha Quickies

    Argh, I will regret posting these... And I emphasize the word quickies. No effort put in! Rainbow Hurtiness I hope they're okay, especially since I just scribbled those out while burned out studying for Calc a few weeks ago. :darn ...I can't draw the Rabbit. ._. And shaggy haired guy was...
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    Chapter Volume 34 (Chapters 297-306) Discussions

    Re: Berserk 299 Discussion Ah great. Sonia's gonna go fangirl mode. I just wish the story would get on with Guts and Caska. :amuse