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  1. Chapter One Piece 564 Discussion / 565 Prediction

    Re: One Piece 564 Spoiler Discussion Off topic question: Luffy and Ace aren't legit brothers right? Considering they have different parents and all, just brothers through a pact or something right?
  2. Chapter Bleach 382 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 382 Spoiler Discussion Maybe he's trying to imitate Toriyama when goku was running on snakeway for the longest time.
  3. Chapter One Piece 562 Discussion/563 Predictions

    Re: One Piece 562 Spoiler Discussion Thread I'm wondering who takes time to post up fake spoilers every week, when we get the real spoilers at roughly the same time.
  4. Chapter Bleach 379 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 379 Discussion/380 Predictions Thread Even though he took a fully powered GT to the neck without too much trouble? uhh what?
  5. Seinen Vagabond by Inoue Takehiko

    Re: Vagabond 280 - 281 Discussion / 282 Prediction Thread Longer sword means longer time to pull out of the sheath and swing. The sword would probably be blocked by the shoulder, too since it is longer and the tip would reach past behind the person if that makes sense.
  6. Chapter Bleach 376 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 376 Spoiler Discussion Love's quote in that page was actually a reference to a show in Japan by the name of Ultraman i think. The transformation for ultraman had a timer of 3 minutes so pretty much Love was screwing around with Stark.
  7. Chapter Bleach 372 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 372 Discussion/373 Predicitions Yup, deciding battle for the war between hollows and shinigami and everyone is in dicking around status, choosing not to go all out right from the start.
  8. Chapter Bleach 366 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 366 Discussion/367 Predictions Thread What does Kensei's shikai do? Make all his attacks blow up? Because in one of those pictures he's using his fist only to take on the menos. So unless his shikai enhances all his attacks, it might be some other ability that doesn't stem from his...
  9. Chapter Gantz 303 Discussion/304 Prediction Thread

    Anyone see the giant robot inside the ship? It's like a bigger version of the oka suit. I think we have the million point suit here ladies and gentlemen.
  10. Chapter Gantz 295 Discussion/296 Prediction Thread

    Yea i agree David>1000 arms Did people forget that 1000 arms was eating tons of X gun shots without even trying to dodge. It only survived because the blast radius of the shot didn't take off the regen disk together. H gun is the bane of 1000 arms since it's radius is big enough to destroy the...
  11. Chapter Gantz 280 Discussion/ 281 Prediction Thread

    If HS can store weapons and swords inside his body i don't think a head will be too difficult.
  12. Chapter Gantz 279 Discussion/ 280 Prediction Thread

    They need to have a suit or weapon that deflects or nullifies laser attacks. Penetrating the suit makes the power a lil too imba and makes wearing the suit almost pointless...
  13. Chapter Gantz 279 Discussion/ 280 Prediction Thread

    Katou looks disappointed when looking at his hands. Miss the H gun much? And you can tell there's surprise on old man and cherry's face. Something's wrong here i tell you.
  14. Chapter Gantz 278 Discussion/ 279 Prediction Thread

    Wow.... Katou blew the crap out of everything, the entire bridge is gone. At least he made sure Nuri is gone lol!
  15. Chapter Gantz 276 Discussion/ 277 Prediction Thread

    LMAO at Nuri's penis claw.