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    Theory Crazy Theories and Predictions

    Haven't posted in ages. My theory is that Gol D Roger is Katakuri's father. Katakuri has an insane observation haki and might have a suppressed conqueror's haki from serving under BM. BM has shown a tendency to beat and assault children she doesn't like or that remind her of something painful...
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    Chapter One Piece Chapter 805 Discussion / 806 Predictions

    I'm wondering if the fake SHs from Shaboady are about to make a reappearance as our "corpses" we never really learned their fate and at teh hands of Caribou and Caribou through his cover page story was captured by Kaidos crew
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    Whitebeard's lost division commander

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this before but I was thinking about all the powerful fighters Doflamingo has currently turned into toys and how screwed he's going to be when Sugar goes down. Think about it, the Whitebeard crew never says what happened to the previous 2nd division commander...
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    Chapter One Piece 730 Discussion / 731 Predictions

    I'm betting DD is after Momo because he knows what the samurai are up to. He was gonna Violet read a SH member's mind to find out their plans so I expect him to do the same with Kanjuro which might also explain why he didn't get turned into a toy and forgotten. DD has shown himself to be very...
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    This has been bothering me. If Tobirama had the FTG jutsu, even if it wasn't as advanced as Minato's, why didn't he use it to escape being killed by the Kinkaku Force where he stayed behind to save Sarutobi and the others?
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    Chapter One Piece 704 Discussion/ 705 Prediction

    After seeing the way he acts Cavendish would make the perfect Shichibukai. He has fame and an undying hatred of the supernovas. Only thing left is to see how powerful he is. Rebecca is interesting in her own way especially since only her and Luffy seem to care about Kyros's statue. I wonder if...
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    Chapter One Piece 701 Discussion/ 702 Predictions - No Chapter This Week (Author Illness)

    Re: One Piece 701 Discussion/ 702 Predictions What if Baby 5 is actually a Barbie doll? I wonder how Perona didn't hear about this island and go their to look for a real life Kumasy and other cute stuffed animals to be her pets. Also I'm guessing that DD must have done something to keep the...
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    Chapter One Piece 701 Discussion/ 702 Predictions - No Chapter This Week (Author Illness)

    Re: One Piece 701 Discussion/ 702 Predictions I'm thinking that the blind old man may possibly be a bounty hunter. We've been waiting for a strong one of those for a while now. Also its possible that the oldman is from a different faction of samurai on Wano thus Kinemon isn't familar with him...
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    Chapter One Piece 700 Discussion/ 701 Prediction

    We know that Oda bases alot of characters off of real people especially the admirals. What if Fujitora or purple tiger as some are saying it is translated as, is based off of the singer Prince? Purple Rain, Purple Tiger. I can imagine him and Django having dance offs at MH and basically...
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    Chapter One Piece 696 Discussion / 697 Predictions

    Since alot of people think Kaidou is going to be a lion zoan I think it would be hilarious if Oda made him some random peaceful cute animal like a penguin, mouse or a rabbit.
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    Chapter One Piece 695 Discussion/ 696 Predictions

    While I agree that the person at the end is most likely Aokiji, especially with the picture comparision a poster put up, how about the possiblity of it being Rockstar from Shanks crew? He's been shown to be a messenger for Shanks before, he could've been sent to deliver a message to Luffy for him.
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    Chapter One Piece 694 Discussion / 695 Predictions ~The chap will be out this week~

    Re: One Piece 694 Discussion / 695 Predictions I think it would've been hilarious if Baby 5 had fallen in love with Sanji's messed up wanted poster but when she sees him loses interest.
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    Chapter Naruto 615 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 615 Discussion / 616 Predictions I wish Naruto knew the whole story about Obito. It would grealy enhance his Talk no jutsu and might actually work. Someone needs to give Obito the plenty of fish in the sea talk as far as relationships go. I mean seriously dude, you had a crush when...
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    Chapter One Piece 693 Discussion / 694 Prediction

    All the more reason for Baby 5 to join the SH and be Ussopp's ten ton hammer. I'm hoping Crocodile makes an appearance and joins the Luffy Law alliance temporarily to depose Doflamingo. I can see Croc having his own underworld group. In real life cartels fight each other, and Croc may have been...
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    Chapter One Piece 690 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 690 Discussion / 691 Prediction I would very much like to see the process by which a weapon or other item "eats" a devil fruit. I woldn't be surprised to see that it is similar to the way Smiley was transfered to a nearby fruit. Also expecting to see Baby 5 and Buffalo sometime...