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    Your Thoughts On Unohana

    Actually...I'm fairly certain her superior abilities are officially recognized as being in the 'sword fighting' category. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. And Tsukisama, I would actually have to agree with you after what you wrote. It seems as though the Minazuki creature is, more than...
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    Your Thoughts On Unohana

    What if...The Minazuki creature we have seen is not her Shikai ability at all, but rather her Zanpakutou materialized. Similar to how we've seen Zabimaru (white babboon) and Zangetsu (man in cloak) materialized. Perhaps Unohana is to the level where she can materialize her Zanpakutou at will...
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    will bleach come to an end soon?

    I don't believe the importance of conviction or resolve is quite that drastic or dramatic. Although, it is helpful to throw things into a fight, besides power level, that help determine the outcome; things such as resolve/conviction, technique, and/or strategy (think: Ichigo, Kenpachi...
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    Bleach Gaiden Discussion Thread

    Re: Who Do You Want To See In The Gaiden Arc? This is going to sound really stupid, so please refrain from flaming, BUT... What interview was it in and how recently has he mentioned doing this "Gaiden Arc"? I'm apparently out of the loop. Also, is it going to be an anime-only filler...
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    Interviews with Kubo Tite

    Re: Any Word From Kubo??? ^^^ *Looks at Kazuma's username* Lol, riiight... I smell a Narutard. Personally, I wouldn't call Bleach's plot weak. Just because we've been, for a long time, in the wake of an enormous plot twist does not make the plot weak.
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    Interviews with Kubo Tite

    Re: Any Word From Kubo??? Thanks a lot for your help, this is some particularly interesting information you have. If you don't mind me asking, where are you getting these numbers from?
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    Interviews with Kubo Tite

    Re: Any Word From Kubo??? What about the information in the movie guide? It seems to be an interview, but I may be wrong. And, this might sound stupid, but is 7th a good ranking? Or is 7th a relatively low ranking compared to what is used to be. Or is it not a good ranking at all? I...
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    Interviews with Kubo Tite

    I'm not sure if anyone knows the answer to this, or if this is even the proper forum to post this thread, BUT... Have there been any recent interviews with Kubo or articles about him? Any news on his plans for Bleach or commentary on how the manga/anime series is doing? Anything at all? I...
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    Timeline error? Regarding Nel's departure from LasNoches...

    The time loop thing sounds most plausible, although I would very much like for this to be cleared up... However, I'm not sure it IS possible that he was controlling Hueco Mundo or the Arrancar from Soul Society, because right before he left for HC was when he pulled the Hougyoku out of Rukia...
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    Chapter Bleach 311 Discussions

    Look closely at the last double-page (18-19), particularly his facial expression, and you will notice what is probably happening... Someone is stopping his swing.
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    Bleach 158 Discussion

    ^^^ Aaaaaaaaaaaaand SPOILERS!!!
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    Bleach ep155 Discussion

    Re: Episode 155? P.S.: Dattebayo has ceased to sub new episodes of any anime (this includes Bleach) indefinitely due to the blatant disregard for their rules that individuals exhibit when they ignorantly butcher and upload their subbed work on streaming video sites like YouTube and Veoh...
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    Bleach ep148 Discussion

    ...A big "thank you" to notBowen for ridding this thread of its painful ignorance. I mean...Wow! As if Nel being an arrancar isn't obvious enough from her initial appearance in the anime. Not only is it very clearly stated, but a myriad of other things could have cued you in on it as well...
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    Bleach ep147 Discussion

    Please note that I was simply trying to account for the increased strength of the Hollows, and made no implications toward any other conclusion that can be derived from this (i.e. inreased strength of the Hollows relative to the increased strength of the other characters). It is also possible...
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    Bleach ep147 Discussion

    I'm fairly certain that the justification for this is the abnormally high concentration of spirit particles in Hueco Mundo, higher than that of even Soul Society's. The Hollows in Hueco Mundo feed on this abundance of spirit particles, as well as on other Hollows, and are subsequently...