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    Blank's Observations - Chapter 371

    Finally! I've been waiting on this review. And once again you came through and didn't disappoint. First things first, I applaud your seemingly impetuous use of alliteration, purely poetic. Ok, moving right along, I agree with your analysis of Karin, although she's good for measurement and...
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    The Official Naruto Thread

    Re: Naruto is a Genius? Is Naruto a genius? The answer is a resounding No. The so called "definition" you posted for genius was a stretch to say the least. A genius is one who is naturally and inexplicably gifted in a certain area. Shikamaru for example is a genius. His ability to...
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    The Death of Jiraiya - Will it change Naruto?

    It's clearly evident that Jiraiya will eventually die, but I'm not convinced that he's gonna die just yet. For some strange reason, although it's been set up so far like he's gonna die soon, I think he's gonna hang on a little longer. I can't really support my reasoning, and I very well could...
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    Re: THE HEROES THREAD: SEASON 2 STARTS 09/24/07 : Beware of SPOILERS!!! OOOH I can't wait for the new season! I'm an X-men fan so naturally I love Heroes, although initially I felt Heroes was a little too similar to X-men with regard to some of the concepts, and of course their powers...
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    Blank's Observations - Chapter 370

    You just moved into a dorm, cool, what's your major? I love your vocabulary, you even managed to teach me a new word (tangential) which is a wondrous feat in and of itself, as I'm quite the perspicacious one. :tem I'm far too engrossed in Naruto and I would even go so far as to say I'm an...
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    Blank's Observations - Chapter 370

    Actually I waited so long that I forgot the points I was going to make LOL! And plus since I've read the newest chapter my ideas will be shaped by new knowledge, but that just means I can't wait for your review of this latest chapter! I always wanted a place to thoroughly discuss the Naruto...
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    Blank's Observations - Chapter 370

    I'm a newbie, but I had to register just to say bravo at this review! I think you raised some very valid points, and your presentation was exceptional. I'll be back later to add a few points of my own, but for now, great job!