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    Naruto's weaknesses

    he has only a few powerfull attack, but now he has incredible speed in sage- and chakra-mode. yes he has weakness against genjutsu. but can anybody do something against sasukes genjutsu, he is a genius.i would say that genjutsu is a good counter against narutos speed. elsewise sasuke cant win...
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    Chapter Naruto 506 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 506 Discussion / 507 Prediction if you look @ kisames face u can see, he is not at his normal power. he seems like a litte faint. and you guys misinterpretation the first fight bee vs kisame. bee hold his power back because of his panda and the old man. i would say it was not a fair...
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    Discussion Naruto powering up too fast.

    the powerups are realy to fast, it´s like DBZ back than. the other char´s havn´t any chance againt naruto or sasuke. sasuke and naruto get´s to big powerups. sasuke has the best defense and a unbeliveable attack (the arrow) and know he gets a special ability. with naruto it´s the same, know he...
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    Chapter Naruto 502 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 502 Discussion / 503 Prediction its very interesting to see, which role the parents of sasuke play. i think itachi will get out the role of the parents and mabye thats the point he done all the thinks like this.
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    Chapter Naruto 492 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 492 Discussion / 493 Predictions naruto dont need the kyubi mode, he only need the red chakra around him + kyubi as a partner. then he can escape sasukes genjutsu. and remember how strong and fast BEE was in 8 tails chakra mode. he was wiping sasukes chest away. if any normal person...
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    Chapter Naruto 487 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 487 Discussion / 488 Predictions i think sasuke get some speed technic. because he cant keep up with naruto in sage mode and i think sasuke has enough technics do kill an enemy + best defense technic. i think naruto will get a lvl up of his time limit in sage mode, because he start...
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    Chapter Naruto 483 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 483 Discussion / 484 Predictions do you realy think sasuke will die? he is one of the main chars. and Kakashi is to important, so that i would say he cant die. the next chap. would show what kishi has planed.
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    Chapter Naruto 469 Discussion/470 Predictions - Part 1

    don´t forget, the 1. hokage retain bijuu's like pets. he must had a very strong technique. madara isn´t unbeatable, because all you must know is how do you beat his sunshine jutus and i think the 1. hokage had known this. and by the way, we dont know anything about the 1. hokage techniques...
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 440 Discussions / 441 Predictions - Part 1 but its more important, can naruto forgive pain the strike @ konoha? than he break the bond of hate. we will see what happen.
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 438 Discussion/439 Predictions Thread - Part 1 it is easy why naruto get the name of his mother, because if they dont married than the child get the surname of the mother.
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 437 Discussion/438 Predictions Thread - Part 1 shinra tensei isnt strong enough??????????????? a big hole in Konoha, but shinra tensei isnt strong enough. do u realy think this? he cast away the frogs!!!!! and broke there bones. if he want he cant kill he must only use shinra...
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    Class is in Session! Naruto 437 Review!

    i have on critical point. please use binktopia translation the are better than by sleepyfans. sleepyfans is fast, yes thats good but the translation by binktopia are better, they make more sence. and you make this great i read this since the last chap. i like the review by you, realy they are...
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 437 Discussion/438 Predictions Thread - Part 1 pain want die. for me it makes no sence, because madara needs pain to extract the bijuus. he said this infront of a few chap. after sasuke captured the 8-tails KB. look @ the manga could be 5 or 6 chaps ago. and pain said it by his own...
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 437 Spoiler Discussion Thread THAT is the point, we dont know if the translation right or wrong, because they are pending and we only saw one pic!!!!!!!! eat :ramen and all will be good. :-D
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    Naruto Volume 47 (ch. 433-442) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 436 Discussion/437 Predictions Thread - Part 1 pain cant die, because he is to important for madara. because they need pain to seal the tail beasts.