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    The Rasengan Mega-Convo

    Re: Can Naruto use Rasengan with one hand now? Chidori and Raikiri are the same. Wikipedia is crap. Look at the top of the page for every artible. You just have to make an account, sign in, and click 'Edit this Page' and put whatever you want. Naruto can use the Rasengan with one-hand now...
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    Discussion Who's the better Woman for Sasuke?

    Re: Who's the better Woman! Where's the none of the above option?
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    What Rank are Naruto and Sasuke Right Now?

    Re: Why is Naruto still a Genin!?? Gotta past the exam first. You can't skip ranks. Sure, he doesn't have the skills of a Genin anymore but he still needs to pass the exam. Academy Student Genin Chuunin Jounin Special Jounin ANBU Hokage
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    The Official Uzumaki Kushina Thread

    Re: [Theory] Naruto's Mother That's a load of pigcrap. Where in the anime or manga does it state that? No proof? That's what I thought.
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    Pain Mega Convo

    Re: pAin or pEin What do you mean? This is what you're saying, basically: Pein was supposed to be Pein. Kishi meant that Guy was supposed to be Gai. Pain and Guy have the correct spelling. Your statement doesn't make sense. Do you think it's supposed to be Pain and Guy or Pein and Gai? :eyeroll:
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    Pain Mega Convo

    Re: pAin or pEin It's not pEin or pAin it's Pein. Pein and Pain are pronounced the same way though.
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    Sharingan Mega Convo

    Re: New, and damn interesting theory *363 Spoilers* What's a teory?
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    The Official Uzumaki Kushina Thread

    Re: [Theory] Naruto's Mother Who said that? Tsunade's like 20 years older than Yondi
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    Info Naruto Names and Meanings

    There was a whole list of almost ever name meaning on NarutoCentral but I guess they took it off.
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    Sharingan Mega Convo

    Re: The Sharingan CANNOT... Yes it can, you just need to know HOW to distribute the chakra evenly between the bunshins. Ebisu dude taught Naruto some crap about it about how he wastes more chakra than Sasuke and Sakura and still makes less clones, with the chakra evenly distributed.
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    Discussion What Element Are You?

    Re: What Element Are You!? Fire according to my horoscope astrologically.
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    The Official Naruto Thread

    Re: Why does everybody think Naruto stinks? Naruto doesn't suck. He just doesn't have the brains to strategize and plan out his battles.
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    The Official Uchiha Sasuke Thread

    Re: Does Sasuke Have a Weakness? What is It? That's what a little 5 year old might think. Just like naruto and Sasuke skipping to the sunset back to Konoha.
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    Akatsuki Mega Convo

    Re: Deidera's first meeting with Akatsuki So Oro and Itachi weren't partners? Oro was just off after Itachi for his Sharingan?
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    Pain Mega Convo

    Re: Who do you think is AL? Vote here! Wow, this isn't about who's screenshots are better, stop arguing over nothing.