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    Re: Tsubasa RC 143 Predictions Thread As far as I understand, this is because he did have his own heart -- the one the RSyao gave to him. Though the heart was cloned, the feelings there were his own. He only became a bastard after he lost the heart he'd had since the beginning of the series.
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    Re: Tsubasa RC 143 Predictions Thread Oh, that would indeed be very Fay-like. And, I fear, exactly like something he would do. The question is, however, could he follow her? If the power Sakura seeks is to cross dimensions alone, she couldn't take Fay with her... And even with two eyes, Fay...
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    Re: Tsubasa 142 Discussion Thread ...I want to slap Sakura So. Much. Now. Kurogane's speech was, however, indeed a needed thing. I suspect, though, that he directed it more at Fay than Syaoran. XD Hopefully the daft mage will take a hint...
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    Re: xxxHolic 128 Discussion Thread ...Like you could truly expect one of Yuuko's tricks... I was suitably shocked, though. :blink Maybe next chapter, we'll see Doumeki again?
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    Re: Tsubasa 133 Discussion Thread I don't know if it's just me, but "Ashura took me out" sounds like Ashura first imprisoned Fay, like putting him in storage, then finally thought the time right and took him out -- thus gaining his gratitude. (Although I have to admit that the first time I...
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    Although I doubt anybody is interested, I can teach Finnish. I should hope I'm capable enogh, as it is my mother tongue... A basic note: Finnish has 29 alphabets, the 3 "extra" ones being å (like 'o' in 'horse'), ä (like 'a' in 'slap'), and ö (like... er... I canät remember any word in English...