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  1. Chapter One Piece Volume 55 (ch533-541) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 538 Discussion/539 Predictions Its because i think oda dont really want to intro a new character just randomly halfway through the arc and let him be the final enemy of the arc, Oda have something planned for this guy for sure.
  2. Chapter One Piece Volume 55 (ch533-541) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 538 Discussion/539 Predictions I wonder if anyone mentioned this but I believe Shiyuu of the Rain would join Blackbeard's crew. I got this idea when I saw Shiyuu's kantana. Its seem that Oda is trying to make Blackbeard the last enemy of the strawhat and there already parallels...
  3. Discussion How is Naruto Going to Save Sasuke?

    I foresee a sight where they both dont fight each other but a single enemy. Sasuke will fight someone first(Maybe madara or Pain) and lose badly. Then naruto took his place, with the same result but protecting sasuke by taking a hit, then thier friendship is patched.... Drama.
  4. Uchiha Bloodline Uncovered....

    I like your review. I think so too. Since they come from a same line, sharingan would have its normal techniques as well
  5. Gold Knight's Ten Comments (Naruto 413)

    Well, i had a sudden thought about karin's ability. Although this is a little sick but i think Karin's healing powers get more powerful when you bite her in different places. When sasuke was injured the first time, Karin only let him bit her arm but the second injury was much more serious and...
  6. Bleach FAQs and Simple Q&A's

    Re: What effect did gaining bankai have on Ichigo's inner hollow? I think the hollow side of him appeared to prevent Ichigo from getting killed. At that very moment, Ichigo's life was in danger. If the hollow did not take over, Ichigo would have dead and that would mean his death. I havent gave...
  7. Discussion Naruto is getting worse/boring/unattractive Thread

    Naruto complains Well, in recent weeks, i have seen alot and i mean alot of complains about how slow the manga moves and how boring the whole story is... In other forums, some of the people are even worse, seem to hope for fights after fights after fights. How is that going to make a good...
  8. A Confession by Gold Knight [Naruto 400-402]

    Nice confession=P I think his EMS is near-perfect, if you could get any better from the EMS. His EMS and MS is recieved at the same time, probably making it a perfect fusion, unlike Madara who had the MS for a long time before getting the EMS. Because Sasuke triggered the tap, the MS got...
  9. Discussion The Bleach Humor thread

    Re: Bleach Records I have to agreed, the ONKOed by Isshin on Grand Fisher was probably the best WTF moments along with Aizen's betrayal.
  10. Kidou discussion

    Nice post^ 1-99 shouldnt be the limited...If Urahara can invent something more, the kidou corps can do it too, just that they dont want to share it...Maybe its classfied as the forbidden spells.
  11. Secondary Elements Explanation

    I still think Sasuke main affinity is lighting... It makes sense. It only took him a month to be able to do chidori...Heck, it might be even in a day. Kakashi said that the month long exercise was to build up his speed so chidori can be more effective. Sasuke might have been late learning the...
  12. Uchiha clan - females

    Yup, not even in the flashback of madara was a girl shown.
  13. Jutsu Discussion Mega Convo Thread

    Re: What happened to the cursed seal? Yup, the MS for the curse seal, i know which i would choose. Both techniques damage your body so if i had a chioce, i would want the stronger one, the MS if both are damaging.
  14. Kakashi--Related to the Second Hokage?

    Possible but we cant say much based on appearance alone=)We dont want to start a Kakashi= Second Hokage=)
  15. Discussion Most Meaningful/Meaningless Death

    Re: The Death discussion Jiraya's death was the saddest...Almost shed some tears because of that.