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  1. Uchiha Itachi - What will he say to Sasuke?

    after seeing Sais "brother" going "I am happy now I go and disappear" the same could happen to sasuke and itachi. Itachi: Sasuke be a good boy. Sasuke: ok Itachi I will. Itachi: Ok I can now leave and don't have to battle you.
  2. Which clan was stronger senju or uchiha

    well unlike the uchicha they were not forced to live in one quarter of the village so they just mixed with the people. Tsunade is one of them. Or maybe the whole mix of the people were from the beginning the senju clan, so aburame clan + hyuga clan and so on..
  3. Chapter Naruto 484 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 484 Discussion / 485 Predictions or maybe his eyes just need a rest like after the bee fight back with madara and his team when tried to grab his drink from the table and failed. After some rest he was again able to see. So maybe just a temporary blindness after that he will see...
  4. Chapter Naruto 483 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 483 Discussion / 484 Predictions of course its weaker then itachis, even danzou said that when he was hit by it. Maybe later Sasuke will also be able to get that form that Itachi had but until then his tsukiyomi is weaker then itachis. With his Susano it was the same at first...
  5. Chapter Naruto 479 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 479 Spoiler Discussion I also don´t think it´s over before we see him unwrap his right eye. First his Arm --> more Power Then his Shoulder --> more Power And finally his right eye --> more Power :D
  6. Chapter Naruto 478 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 478 Discussion/479 Predictions what could be the reason why Madara vanished on one picture right before Sasuke used the full Susano.
  7. Chapter Naruto 467 Discussion / 468 Prediction

    Re: Naruto 467 Discussion / 468 Prediction- Part 1 It sounds stupid right, but this is how humans are. Just remember Hitler there were plenty of people bright and powerfull which fall for him and did what ever he wanted. That is just how humans are..
  8. Chapter Naruto 464 Discussion / 465 Predictions - Part 1

    You forgot Haku and Zabuza, they died, 6 of the biju hosts died (gara was saved but chiyo had to die for him). Asuma died, the third Hokage died..
  9. Anime Naruto Shippuuden ep 126 Discussion

    I also read the mange that is why I was wondering why they cut the itachi naruto talk. Wasn´t sure if the subbed episode was full or missing parts. :d
  10. Anime Naruto Shippuuden ep 126 Discussion

    the itachi naruto talk was cut?
  11. Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 460 Discussion/461 Predictions Well for me it kinda looks like the kyubi. In one of Naruto/Kyubi pictures it really looked like this the eyes and the teeths.
  12. Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 459 Spoiler Discussion if it would be that easy to deal with a jinchuuriki what would be the point in having them at all? And this is not just an random jinchuuriki this is the 9tails!
  13. Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 459 Spoiler Discussion Actually he did it twice! And then Sasuke was rescued by yugo and karin, without them he would be already dead. Well if Naruto goes Kyubimode there isn´t that much what they could do about it.
  14. Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 454 Discussion/455 Predictions - Part 1 Well that happend a long time ago when we saw the first big summoning, from then on everything just got crazier and crazier. But even if I loved the first episodes I kinda get used to the Naruto we see now.
  15. Naruto Volume 48 (Ch. 443-453) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 451 Discussion / 452 Predictions Evidence? isn´t that a the wrong word? Don´t you meant "hints" or Circumstantial? Well I am not 100% sure about the word Circumstantial but that was the translation of the german word Indizien so I hope the google Translator didn´t let me down...