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    Chapter Naruto 562 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 562 Discussion / 563 Predictions This is mostly unrelated, but something I just noticed was that the third Hiraishin user didn't really come from nowhere. He's been hanging around Genma and Raido for a while, or at least I'm fairly sure that the guy sitting between them here is the...
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    Chapter Naruto 539 Discussion

    Re: Naruto 539 Discussion / 540 Predictions I think it pretty much has to be a white Zetsu. Back in chapter 524 we were specifically shown Neji having his chakra sucked by a Zetsu: We know white Zetsu can mimic people down to their chakra. Plus...
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    Anime Naruto Shippuuden ep 118 Discussion

    This episode fails...Anko got the Cursed Seal at least 10-12 years before the current timeline (because that's when Orochimaru deserted), meaning Jugo must have been with Orochimaru prior to this. Likewise, when Jugo joined Orochimaru, he would have been about 5 or 6 years old, maybe younger, as...
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    Naruto Volume 49 (Ch. 545-463) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 456 Spoiler Discussion Thread These spoilers are pretty exciting...The Godaime Mizukage's words seem to imply that the Yondaime was Madara. That pretty much means that the first villain of the series, Zabuza, was labeled as a missing-nin because he tried to kill the biggest bad guy...
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    Anime Naruto Shippuuden 99

    The episode was pretty good, Guren vs Sanbi was fairly well done. And it was pretty funny to see Deidara and Tobi! Deidara wanted to see what was under Tobi's mask, just like Kakashi lol
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    Sharingan Mega Convo

    Re: Passing on the Eye of Obito? Well, Kakashi didn't receive Obito's Kekkei Genkai, just the Sharingan. If he'd somehow managed to get the Kekkei Genkai, he wouldn't get tired out from having it activated constantly. This is shown with Itachi, who did have the Kekkei Genkai, and was able to...
  7. Akatsuki's True Puppeteer!

    Akatsuki's True Puppeteer!

    Nagato's reappearance is inevitable, so here he is in full Akatsuki attire!
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    Complete List of all Characters' Elements

    As far as I can tell, in terms of affinities, any ninja is capable of using any element, with emphasis on the words "capable" and "using." An elemental affinity has been stated as allowing a ninja to use one specific element with more ease and with more power. Kakashi, for example, has an...
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    Anime Naruto Shippuuden 91

    I got the impression that Jiraiya simply used his normal chakra (like what is used for Rasengan) to perform the combination technique. He never actually said that he used nature manipulation when demonstrating it to Naruto. He even said that Naruto's use of Wind would make the technique more...
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    The Zetsu Mega Convo Thread

    Zetsu and his relation to Madara/Tobi This is something that's bothered me for a while. When Tobi is first introduced (when he and Zetsu are searching for Sasori's ring), Zetsu treats Tobi as a subordinate. Tobi wants a position in Akatsuki, and Zetsu argues with himself over the possibility...
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    Naruto Volume 46 (Ch. 423-432) Discussion

    Re: Naruto 428 Spoiler Discussion Thread I don't see any real problem with Konohamaru using Rasengan. He's been Naruto's "student" since very early on in the series, and he is the grandson of whom many consider to be the most skilled ninja in history. First Naruto taught him Oiroke, which he...
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    Bleach EP 186 Discussion

    It would seem 3rd squad doesn't have much luck with trustworthy captains. I suspected foul play from Amagai since his first appearance, when the dangai unexplicably went out of control and he saved the 3rd squad. That seemed too convenient a way to prove himself to them. But honestly, after...
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    Anime Naruto Shippuden ep.72

    The shadowed beast was definitely the Sanbi. However, since it has no host, I'd have to say that the shadowed man is the host of the Yonbi, as his appearence is similar. Overall, I'd give the episode a 7/10.
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    The Limits of Nature Manipulation...

    This has been a topic that has bothered me for quite some time now. More or less, my question is, could a ninja be able to use all five elemental manipulations? That is to say, while they have an affinity for a single element, they can still use the other four to a limited degree. Kakashi, for...
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    Naruto's next GOOD fight

    I'm pretty sure Naruto vs. Pein and Naruto vs. Sasuke are givens, so those should be pretty good. I guess Naruto vs. Zetsu could happen, but I have a feeling Zetsu will fight one of the lesser seen characters (just a feeling). And who knows, with Kirigakure getting involved, we may have some new...