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    Chapter One Piece 552 Discussion/553 Predictions Thread

    Re: One Piece 552 Discussion/ 553 Predictions Thread GUESS WHAT GuYS... U've all forgotten about 1 very prominent character... FIRE FIST ACE..!!!! We all saw, hes capabilities is equaled Jimbei Jimbei is the strongest of all shincibukais, therefore Ace can EASILY kik the 5...
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    Chapter One Piece Volume 53 (ch513-522) Discussion

    Re: One Piece 519 Discussion/520 Predictions Luffy go Gear 2 and WHOOP both UGLY SNAKE SISTERS ASSES... Oh I forgotten, the dont have one..
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    First Major Death in One Piece!!

    Holly crap, huge resemblence. Gin and Killer.
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    Discussion The Whitebeard Pirates vs The royal Shichibukai!!!

    I think Shanks crew will be on WB side. Very strong feel. Lolz
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    Who is Captain Monkey D. Luffy's Favorite Crew Member?

    Re: Who Is Captain Monkey D. Luffy Most Trusted Crew Member? No doubt its Zoro. It can be seen in many situations where, Luffy request zoro to do important task. Example : Saving Smooker in the casino Slicing the Ocean train into 2. Breaking the cage and freeing Hatchi Zoro never...
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    I want a preview of OP, what is the best fight?

    Zoro Vs Priest Oumu (Bald Guy on Sky Island) Best battle ever..!
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    Discussion Ultimate fights you wanna see

    I guess everyone forgotten on a battle which is yet to end. Luffy Vs Zoro (Part 2) Yea. I said it.!
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    Is Oda stretching himself too far?

    Re: One Piece length I couldn't agree more. One of the best manga ever. On par with Dragon BallZ and Slamdunk though.
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    Prediction of the Future Cover Story

    Re: Side stories cover project! Spandam is dead....Robin broke his spine. . Most likely on Cindry and thriller-bark characters.
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    Favorites Favorite One Piece characters

    Re: Favorite 3 characters (1) Zoro - No explanation required (2) Nami - Hot as Hell (3) Robin - Blardy hot (not as hot as Nami though)
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    What will happen when luffy meets his father?

    Re: What will happen when luff meets his father He knows how dragon looks like. They meet.U forgotten?
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    Which DF ability do you want the most?

    Re: what ability do you want the most Absalomsama ability of invisibility... What could be greater than that? Someone pls tell me!!
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    The most surprising moments in One Piece

    I am a huge fan of Zoro and Luffy.....but the part where Sanji developed his Fiery Leg (Red Leg Sanji) ability during the battle with Jabura was one of the best part. Not to mention on Zoros developing the ability of cutting through steel (during his battle in Alabasta)
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    What Stupid things you do for One Piece?

    I would whoop any of ur asses just to find out on the outcome of Ace, Blackbeard, Whitebeard and Shanks current encounter... I desperate or what...
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    What will happen when luffy meets his father?

    Re: What will happen when luff meets his father I hope both get enraged when the meet up. I want to see a fight..