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  1. Chapter Naruto 698 Discussion / 699/700 Predictions

    When we first saw this, I was thinking to myself: "So, what would stop Naruto from ripping out Obito's eyes, transplating Sharingan into someone, and then regenerating Obito a new set? Unlimited Sharingan factory." I know the logic of the universe doesn't work that way, but it was a funny...
  2. Chapter Naruto 698 Discussion / 699/700 Predictions

    Delbi, there was a moment when Naruto first starts using Kurama's chakra where plants start growing near him. It was like, a single panel and I don't remember what chapter. I took that as breathing life out of nothing, unless the plants were already there, and I don't think they were.
  3. Chapter Naruto 698 Discussion / 699/700 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 698 Spoiler Discussion I was doing a lot of late-night searching to see if I could find some spoilers. It seems like a lot of people are convinced Sasuke's arm winds up getting cut off? I'm kind of hoping it's more gruesome than just broken bones ;)
  4. Chapter Naruto 697 Discussion / 698 Predictions

    Which it would have, because that's what fire does. That's kind of the whole reason he chopped his arm off in the first place.
  5. Movie The Last: Naruto the Movie

    Yeah... could someone please link this supposed panel of someone watching the Kaguya fight?
  6. Chapter Naruto 697 Discussion / 698 Predictions

    I don't care who at this point, but I hope one of them dies simply for the sake of emotional height. I'd like one last tear-jerk before this ends, and I don't see it happening with TnJ, with a passive parting of ways, or anything else. Logic tells me that's not very likely, of course, but a...
  7. Chapter Naruto 696 Discussion / 697 Predictions

    Arguments over semantics are an unprecedented waste of time.
  8. Chapter Naruto 695 Discussion / 696 Predictions

    Just one more Thousand Years of Pain. Just one more.
  9. Chapter Naruto 692 Discussion / 693 Predictions | No Chapter Until ~25th

    Re: Naruto 692 Discussion / 693 Predictions All I can say is... thank god. Seriously, I was reading a lot of the discussion here about how people were feeling about the manga ending where it was and the next few chapters just closing out the story to an end without any further developments...
  10. Chapter Naruto 691 Discussion / 692 Predictions

    Is it any less acceptable than you instigating further hostility with comments like that? This is childish. People are entitled to their opinions.
  11. Chapter Naruto 689 Discussion / 690 Predictions

    That's what happens when you have people passionate about their preferred characters as well as a general difficulty for the human race as a whole to challenge their own perspectives. Open-mindedness, devil's advocacy, and a genuine willingness to challenge one's own perceptions is invaluable...
  12. Chapter Naruto 688 Discussion / 689 Predictions

    Re: Naruto 688 Discussion / 689 Predictions | No Chapter this Week He's talking about the fact that there was not a chapter of Naruto released last week.
  13. Discussion Where did Kakashi go wrong with his students?

    One thing that I wish I could use as a discussion piece here would be Iruka's comment about Kakashi in the very beginning of the series. Kakashi had never passed a single student; he failed all of them. In some light. this might suggest that some of Kakashi's fellow jounin / instructors could...
  14. Chapter Naruto 684 Discussion / 685 Predictions

    That's well and good. I want actual consistency in the story, myself. There's a big difference between wanting it and tricking myself into thinking it's there, though.
  15. Kaguya is actually an alien

    If it is to be believed that the Senju and the Uchiha actually share a bloodline with Hagoromo and Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke and all of their ancestry would also be aliens.