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  1. Chapter Fairy Tail 313 Discussion/ 314 Predictions

    I think the same thing. Not so sure about Sting because he took pleasure in the beating that Lucy got from Minerva, but it seems like Rogue will join Fairy Tail (though Gajeel beat up Levi and her group, so anything can happen). I think Mashima is setting Fairy Tail up to be the guild with all...
  2. Chapter One Piece 682 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 682 Discussion / 683 Predictions Don't know if it's mentioned earlier, but I think that Baby 5 may be connected to Law in some way, either as a love interest or a sibling and that's why she's attacking Doflamingo.
  3. Chapter One Piece 656 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 656 Discussion / 657 Prediction I think the guy with the legs was talking through the dragon because when he wasnt connected to the dragon(or possibly anything with a mouth), he was only using thought bubbles instead of speaking.
  4. Chapter One Piece 656 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 656 Discussion / 657 Prediction Didn't Oda say something about Buggy potentially being one of the strongest characters in OP if he'd only work on mastering his DF? I think I read a transcript of one of his interviews where he stated that. But, keeping with the whole gag...
  5. Chapter One Piece 651 Discussion

    Re: One Piece 651 Discussion / 652 Prediction - No chapter until around January 11th (read the OP!) Just noticed this, but I like how Zoro is smiling in the middle panel when Luffy answers the phone.
  6. Chapter One Piece 600 Discussion / 601 Prediction Thread

    How does zoro know that sanji was the 7th crew member to show up? Is this partially a sign that zoro has developed his COO? I'm not sure how far COO extends, but rayleigh knowing that Luffy's on the move kinda shows me that if it is more developed, you can sense people who are further away...
  7. Chapter Bleach 423 Discussion

    Re: Bleach 423 Spoiler Discussion I know the ending with Rukia was supposed to be sad, since Ichigo isn't going to see Rukia anymore, but she can just jump into a gigai and they can see eachother whenever she wants. Hopefully, Tite will give the Bleach gang a time skip, like after a few...
  8. Chapter One Piece 599 Discussion / 600 Prediction Thread

    Re: One Piece 599 Spoilers Discussion Thread Instead of all of this "Zoro has an eye", "no he doesn't" talk, why isn't anyone wondering why his neck is so thick now?
  9. Chapter One Piece 598 Discussion / 599 Prediction Thread

    Not sure if anyone else noticed, but it looks like Zoro is now wearing a samurai hakama. I think that's an awesome outfit upgrade for him.
  10. Chapter One Piece 582 Discussion / 583 Prediction

    Re: One Piece 582 Spoiler Discussion What if Jimbei and Hancock become associated with the Straw Hats, in a similar way to Whitebeard and the New World Pirates? So in a way, the Straw Hats will take over protecting Amazon Lilly and Fishman Island.
  11. Bakuman Vol 09 (ch071-ch79) Discussion

    Re: Bakuman 78 Discussion / 79 Prediction I don't know if it's already been stated here or not... But I'm pretty sure Nizuma Eiji will cancel Tanto, since Natural or Crow will become the #1 manga or he will be the number 1 mangaka, since he has 2 mangas, which means double the popularity.