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  1. Anime Eureka 7

    There are tons of people who loved E7. Your opinions about it aren't very uncommon at all. Hell I've heard a bunch of people list it as one of their favorite animes.
  2. Anime Eureka 7

    Re: Eureka 7, Neon Genesis Evangelion for a new generation. (a rant) Warning spoiler ridden post: Eureka seven wasn't about a war between the earth and the colonies. Besides giant robots and the fact that it is a coming of age story there aren't many similarities at all. First thing...
  3. Seinen Elfen Lied by Okamoto Lynn (v12)

    Re: Elfen Lied - Manga Anyone have another link to this? I don't get why this is so unpopular while mediocre junk like naruto gets scanlated dozens of times a week.
  4. Seinen Elfen Lied by Okamoto Lynn (v12)

    Re: Elfen Lied - Manga Man I just started reading the chapter. How is it so many people jump all over stuff like naruto leaving great stuff like this needing to be finished after the series is over? This series is great but it seems like it'll be a while before it finishes. Either way thanks...
  5. Discussion So what's the deal with manga scans anyway?

    I never quite understood why almost every scanlated ongoing series gets a LQ raw released before every other raw. For that matter why don't the scanners just release an HQ raw first? Is it because they have crappy scanners? That doesn't make much sense because the HQ raw eventually comes out...
  6. Discussion Gantz

    Yea the series is great, I just think they do a bit much with the sex scenes(especially Kei's girlfriend she looks so young). I really was surprised, at first it was just a moderatly entertaining but I got hooked.