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  1. Discussion Do You Get Flak For Being A Fan of Anime/Manga?

    I think more people would be surprised that I am a fan of Anime/Manga when they meet me. I usually get asked if I play football (American that is).
  2. General Amateur Manga Discussion/Hangout Thread

    Re: Amateur Manga: Hangout I certainly hope more people will flock to this area, as original ideas are what is most important in my mind. You can pay tribute to someone's work you like by drawing characters from their stories, or writing alternate stories based on their works, but only the...
  3. Offering Help with story ideas

    I mean helping people who are creating their own Manga, original work that isn't based on alternate versions of already created Manga. :)
  4. Howto become a American Mangaka?

    Re: The life of a manga Ka of america Though I'm not sure how much Marvel or DC is involved in promoting the Manga style, I think they would be foolish not to try to use their influence to promote a US based Manga movement, where they published American made Manga done in the traditional style...
  5. Offering Help with story ideas

    Since the main focus I've had for the past few years is story writing and all that entails, I'd be more than happy to offer assistance to anyone who's stuck on an idea or would like some suggestions. I figure I might as well make myself useful around here. :D
  6. Other If you could have ONE superpower, what would it be?

    The ability to create pocket universes or dimensions in which I have complete control over the physics of said places.
  7. PC Games Thread

    I got done playing Stronghold Crusader for a couple months straight. Age of Mythology was after that, and now I just played Rise of Nations a bunch. Looking forward to Diablo 3. I tried playing The SIMS awhile back and found it mind-numbingly boring. If there was actual dialog between...
  8. Your favorite video game category??

    I play mainly RPG or RTS. Action Adventure (Like Zelda) and Fighting are next, followed by Sports.
  9. Favorite Fighting Series?

    King of Fighters and then the crossover games like MvC or Capcom vs SNK.
  10. Discussion Little-Known Games That You Absolutely Love?

    I always enjoyed Ogre Battle 64, as well as Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2.
  11. Hangout The Music Thread

    Way too many bands to list in all. I listen to mainly metal and rock, but a good share are more experimental than the average band. I can't stand rap/hip hop/R&B/pop/dance music in general. Aborym Enslaved Hollenthon Limbonic Art Marty Robbins Johnny Cash Andres Segovia Vicente Amigo...
  12. Koi of the Emerald Sea

    Looks good. I've got a half dozen of those guys out back in the pond. :)
  13. How did you get your username?

    Kaziglu Bey is the name the Turks gave to Vlad Dracula AKA Vlad the Impaler.
  14. Movie Dragonball: Live Action Movie

    Re: Dragon Ball Z: Live Action Movie I predict this movie will fail miserably and shouldn't have been contemplated in the first place. A safer investment would be to create another season of the Anime and broadcast it on Cartoon Network for a couple years.
  15. Discussion Why do you read manga/comics?

    Male Age: 26 Favorite Manga - Berserk What do you like about it: Gritty, good story-telling, top of the line artwork, original ideas abound, non-formulaic. What do you look for in a Manga/Comic: I like originality, I like realistic interactions amongst characters, good action and a...