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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 96 Discussion/97 Predictions

    Pineapple-chan & Yumitsu Tomoe's conversation made no sense. You killed her master, kicked her in the uterus, and all of a sudden she's just going to follow Pineapple, and someone obviously close to him, just like that?!!! WTF?!!!
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 91 Discussion/92 Predictions

    It wouldn't make sense to me personally & the logic wouldn't make sense at all if Mutsuki can defeat Pineapple-san. Sure they're both half-Ghouls, but Pineapple-san has feasted immensely to have a kakuja strong enough to defeat both one of the strongest Ghouls in Aogiri Tree and at least 2...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 89 Discussion/90 Predictions

    There's a serious problem with your logic regarding the treatment of the new OEK compared to Pineapple-chan: CCG *knows* that the Kaneki was *forced* to be a ghoul right after a serious accident. They know he was reluctant to be a murder of living humans; they even know he had to cannibalize to...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 89 Discussion/90 Predictions

    I'm disappointed after all the epicness Takizawa was portrayed doing towards him killing Tatara and presumably his main subordinate (Little Bin-chan); Houji, & the rest of Houji, a sort-of cliché Shonen event has happened with the appearance of Amon cutting the arm of Pineapple-chan to conclude...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 87 Discussion/88 Predictions

    I think if Akira isn't dead, she'll be at least bleeding via her throat or permanently scarred. I mean before the panel showing Pineapple-kun, blood spill sound effects had occurred from his grip from Akira. He's not the type yet like Noro to get damage and just stand there and just say "What...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 85 Discussion/86 Predictions

    It seems more likely he ultimately killed Marude too late to save his father's life; after he killed him, he reports that an "unknown foe" killed Marude instead. His downfall will likely involve an investigation showing no signs that Marude killed himself or in defense of his now dead father...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 84 Discussion/85 Predictions

    She is not playing around; it seems an asspull if she doesn't have at least an SS in one of them in this final arc of :Re; ideally an SSS and gravely a precursor to at least another main character dying (they need to be more dire situations for the protagonists for goodness sake) It'd be...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 76 Discussion/ 77 Predictions

    Heh, I originally meant One-eyed King and even then I misread the original spoiler in a half-sleepy state; silly me. I'm deserving of so many face-palm GIFs for this mistake, lol…
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 76 Discussion/ 77 Predictions

    Furuta, the one-eyed owl? Makes this upcoming chapter after this really interesting why the act & why was he so associated with the garden if the OEK is supposed to be supporting Ghouls in a manner that would be associated with contradicting the supposed balance V is for & the elimination of...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 74 Discussion/75 Predictions (No Chapter on April 30)

    Hehe, I knew the author had no chill and was going to have Furuta show up as Touka, Ayato, Hinami, and others were just about to enter the "meat grinder" (if they haven't already). They probably were just about to enter; it's surprising Furuta has fellow V members with him. That's bold of them...
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    Chapter Bleach 670 Discussion

    It's disappointing how Zaraki's moment was greatly diminished in one chapter and doing something so predictable as with recent battles in Beach. I don't think Kubo threaded much from such predictability since Ichigo's battle with the #4 Espada. I hope this upcoming chapter bucks this thread by...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 72 Discussion/73 Predictions

    Yeah, it seems tragically predictable. If Ishida has no mind being predictable to an extent if he decides to go this route, it'll be in-between one or two pivotal characters on their way out with one of them sacrificing themselves to enable the other one out (LIkely Hinami & Ayato with Ayato...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 71 Discussion/72 Predictions

    IMO, there *has* to be others that are stronger than Arima in V. Otherwise, it wouldn't make sense he's not among the ones in charge.
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 71 Discussion/72 Predictions

    Yeah that seems very plausible, but daresay very predictable. It's simply suspect where are the other special class investigators at this point; it can be pretty understandable if they're guarding access to Eto. I can imagine at least one of them protecting the means to her cell since one or...
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    Chapter Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 70 Discussion/71 Predictions

    That doesn't make sense, it doesn't matter his sister is the Qunique, it doesn't give him any adaptability to its ability to kill him. I wouldn't be surprised Furuta mortally wounds Hinami from behind with the chainsaw latter on. Furuta showing no fight here is too suspicious.